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Hi @rony098963

I can see you are publishing good posts. But I guess you are not aware of a few things.

To give a good start for earning, I would like to suggest a few things which might help you understand more about the Steemit ecosystem

  • You can make your blog/post in any community or relevant community but one blog/post in only one community.

  • Please do not post the same in different communities because the Steemit community doesn't support such activity and see that as spamming.

  • Keep sharing only ORIGINAL content on Steemit, It will help you to get more rewards/upvotes. You are working for a good cause and original content may get an upvote from @steemcurator01 and Steemit team.

  • PLAGIARISM isn't supported on Steemit.

There is a set of achievements prepared by @cryptokannon for newcomers.

  • First go to New Comers Community

  • Read this summary about achievements.

  • First achievement is an self introduction and this is a rule for the post.

  • Same way, you can do all achievements. You can learn about steemit related things while rewarding.

Your will get good amount of vote on completing each achievement

Best OF Luck, See You Soon.

Thank You.


#twopercent #india #affable


Can I post my Daily Diary post in hindi .?

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