Question With Answer About Turbine And Compressor In Process Industries 02.

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Let us today discuss some of the issues related to compressors and turbines that I have shared with you some of the knowledge I have gained from working on compressors and turbines that I have seen in real life.

The turbine is a mechanical device or mechanical mechanism that converts thermal energy to mechanical/kinetic energy. In Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power Generation, Ammonia, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing Industries, the steam turbine is used as the driving system or driver. Such as a steam turbine used to drive a power generator in the power plant.
A compressor is a mechanical device through which increased the pressure and density of a gas or vapor. Many types of compressors are used in the field especially in the industry, Such as; Compressor Rotary, Compressor, Compression System, The Air Compressor, AC Compressor, Air Dryer Compressor, Refrigeration Compressor, etc.
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