PowerHouseCreatives Contest | The World At Our Feet (Contest Details)

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

It's Feet for Days

One of the first few contests that were ever hosted by @jaynie and me when back in the days we were still known as the #steemitbloggers. This contest idea originated from @jaynie and as you all know, from the title, she has something for feet.

The Powerhousecreatives community has people scattered all over the world and so we have decided to create a photographic contest where the members will capture the “world at their feet” in the most CREATIVE way they can think of.

Here are some examples by our @jaynie tootsies:


All photos taken by @jaynie.

Contest Example

THE WORLD AT OUR FEET - @zen-art goes to Istria... Again...

The World At Our Feet


Criteria :

  1. Your photo (which MUST be taken specifically for this contest)

  2. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd :)

  3. Add a nice title to your entry. (Extra points for nice titles)

  4. A brief explanation of the inspiration and/or creative thought behind the photo and also where in the world it was taken.

  5. Include the above contest explanation (so the rest of Steemit understands why they are suddenly seeing feet all over their feeds haha)


Submission :

  1. Your Entries(Steemit Post)are to be posted here in the 'community-contest' Channel.

  2. One entry is allowed per participant.

  3. This contest must be done as a Steemit Post.

  4. Post title must include 'PowerHouseCreatives Contest' but with your own title.

5. This contest is created only for the members of #powerhousecreatives.


Rewards :

There will be Top 3 Favourites (1 Steem Each + 1 selected rank perk)



will be able to win extra reward prizes according to their current rankings. Applicable only to first prize winners unless stated otherwise.

THE PEEPS ✩ : Normal Prize

ENTHUSIASTS ✩✩ : +1 Steem

BRONZE MEMBERS ✩✩✩ : +1.5 Steem

SILVER MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩ : +2 Steem

GOLD MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩✩ : +3 Steem


Deadline :

Sunday Night, 23/02/2020, 5.59PM (Cape Town)

Happy Contest-ing!~

Thank you for supporting this contest every week and I hope to read many more interesting entries this coming week! Week after week, I am amazed by the quality entries you peeps have sent in and I'm sure this week would be a blast.

Happy Contest-ing.

Thank You

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Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189

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A soldier's feet are his most important asset.

The feet mark territory and leave traces of life traveled. Let's see what comes of this. 😅

Sounds like a fun contest! I'll be looking at my feet and see what i can come up with!

 last month 

Looking forward to it!

Thank goodness I love spa pedicure sessions ...



@xiaoyuanwmm 村凤 迎着闪电 骑着熊熊 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

Oh, wow! But what a creative and fun contest.
It is a shame not to have found out before (what I am sure my feet appreciate since they have scenic panic)hahahaha