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Never in my life had I eaten this way. Since I arrived in Chile, I have seen how to make roasts (in my country we call it Parrilla) it is an art for both Chileans and Argentines. As it was my day off, I talked with some nephews who live nearby and we organized something to eat and share. We call it "Comelona", which means an abundant meal for everyone. And when it comes to that, nobody is missing such a great event.

And they started arriving ...

Preparing and seasoning meats is a challenge; Everyone has a different opinion in terms of tastes but is always at ease of the one who prepares. The odyssey for me is to light the fire to roast. So far, I have not been able to do that as Chileans do.

It looks so easy to do but nothing to do with reality.

And as much as I try, it always goes out. However, for these emergency cases, I have the solution at hand: My secret incendiary weapon.

Lighting the fire, I set out to accommodate the arsenal of proteins, cholesterol, and saturated fats. It was not a breakfast like the one our friend @jaynie prepared, which seemed extremely delicious. This was for our lunch.

It was all laughs and fun. Eyes burning with smoke, but happy to be one more day sharing.

Everything is ready! Let's eat! And as if by magic, three characters appear from nowhere who had to help with everything from the beginning. This is the family, some punctual and collaborators, and others who want to be more cunning of all.

Since childhood, I liked to share everything. My toys, my bed, and clothes, among other things; Now a little adult, I like to share when I'm going to prepare a particular meal, when I make banana cake or any other type of food or desserts.

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A hug from a Venezuelan in Chile:
All photos were taken with my phone by me or by someone at the meeting at the time of indicating: Photo for Steemit!



I love to share my cooking as well @oneray! It's why I cook! Looks delicious :)

Everything was great.
Thanks for the comment :)

 29 days ago 

My secret incendiary weapon

Hahahaha! Love it! I was just thinking "You need some gas, man!"

You all look like you had the best time! Awesome!

It was a time to remember forever.

The family is the family.
Fast and Furious.
Thanks for the comment

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Thanks. You're very friendly

 25 days ago 

You look like quite the braai master @oneray ;)

Jajaja. I'm still learning this. In Chile, making roasts is an art.
Thanks for the comment; It is very kind of you

 24 days ago 

Well, I will have to make my way there at some point to do a taste test haha!

It just occurred to me that I need an incendiary weapon. :) The meal looks delicious, and everyone's having a good time! What kind of sausages are those? They look really good!

When he doesn't want to light, I look for my secret weapon, hahaha. For Chileans, it is somewhat offensive not to know how to light the fire to roast :)
These sausages are made with pork and other ingredients to improve their flavor. Chillán, a city in Chile, is famous for making the best sausages in all of Chile. In my country Venezuela, they are made different, in flavor and size and they are called "Chorizo"

Ah, chorizos they are. I've eaten them here in the states, and I like them a lot, but the ones made there are even better, I'm sure!

I was many years that I didn't eat any of that in Venezuela. Upon arriving in Chile and having tried them, I try to contain myself so as not to overeat, hahaha. They're delicious. Here they combine them with something called "Pebre", which is like a tomato, onion, paprika and Chilean chili salad.

 24 days ago 

Seeing your charcoal loaded up like that I thought how you ever going to get that started, obviously we all have hidden tricks....

Meat turned out looking simply delicious, great family day out sharing a meal together.


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Wow what a fantastic feast you had there. I love roasted food and that plate looks so inviting. I see you also have rice there to match the roasted meat. Here in our country we always have rice in our meals.

Hi @watersnake101. Everything was Ok.
I always eat rice lol. I'm from Venezuela.
The Chileans (I'm living in Chile now) don't eat rice when they make roasted food.
It's sacrilegious for them

Oh that is very interesting to know that Chileans don't eat rice. I am glad that you do, you could come over and visit our country. We will do roasting Philippine style lol.

lol. That would be great.

Excelente comida y lo más importante de todo es que fue en familia. Felicidades

Looks like you guys truly enjoyed. Thanks for sharing this with us

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Thank you. I feel very proud to be among you.
I hope to participate each day a little more.

Looks like a good time and great food! 😊

Looks like a great day

It looks like you had a great time. I don't remember the last time I prepared a barbeque. Thanks for sharing

In Venezuela, I did it every weekend. Then I couldn't do it anymore. Now I have begun to reunite the family through food.
A hug

Over here we call it a "Braai" my friend and we train our kids how to make a fire, even in the rain. I think it is a South African thing lol.
Your food looks great and take care with that secret weapon of yours that the can does not leak onto the flames.

LOL. Of course my dear. Always protected and willing to share. It's the best in life: Give what we have.
Thanks for the nice comment

A very good way to look at life my friend and our prayers are with you guys!

Many thanks.
I am sure that your prayers motivate the Creator to give us the strength we need.
Thanks again, @papilloncharity.

Sorry for the late reply my friend and all that I can say here is that there is power in prayer!
Our pleasure my friend!

Of that, I have no doubt.
Blessings, my dear @papilloncharity

Yummy @oneray 👍


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Thanks, buddy

What a feast fit for a king!! You surely know how to wield a barbeque grill! The variety served is super awesome! Something to make everyone happy! I am in favor of the chorizo!!! That is very popular here in the States.

As far as looks! Oh, if I could only lick the computer screen!

It looks delicious! Thank you for sharing your wonderful, family-filled day with us! Family is everything!


Thanks so much, @dswigle. If you lived here in Chile, I would surely invite you and to many steemians.
I appreciate your nice comment

I will be in Columbia next week!

Great! I hope that you can enjoy every second you stay there.
Be happy, laugh a lot and dream.

Thank you! It's another beautiful country.

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Hi @oneray. Family and Food. The most important combination to a happy outing. So you were delegated to the pit master's role? So glad everything turned out well for you. Have a great day, and take care.

I have always liked serving others; Take advantage of these meetings to attend everyone present and make them feel comfortable and well attended.
Thanks for the nice comment @justclickindiva.

That looks like quite a wonderful feast, @oneray! I hope everyone enjoyed it. It is wonderful for friends and family to all come together to share a meal.

It was a great feast. My other brothers couldn't come. Two of them, although they live about 25 km away, were working; My other sister lives near the capital, about 6 hours by bus and was also working. However, I am organizing a new event where we all live in Chile, we're present to, while I wait for the arrival of my daughters. One is in Venezuela and the other in Colombia.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a good comment.
I really appreciate that.
Thanks again

Howdy sir oneray! What a great meal, it looks wonderful and I love the concept of an abundant meal for everyone! Well done sir!

Thanks for your nice comment @janton.
We enjoy to the fullest.

You are very welcome, keep up the good work sir oneray!