The Interview Showcase #83 - Exclusive Talk With Korean witness/developer

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Hello people of Steem and Steemit,

Welcome to the 83rd edition of “The interview showcase...." and my 7th show for 2024.

If you are new to this page, this lifestyle program has many educational values. A weekly interview of users in the blog concerning some trending topics on the Steemit platform. And tips that can help other Steemians to progress positively and help boost the Steem’s growth.

It will help you to get to know more about Steemians around the globe and even Steem and Steemit itself.

I take time to look at some of the most important topics in the blockchain and have a chat/call with Steemians who have a greater idea about those topics.

They also share some tips that can help other users understand the blockchain and correctly use it. Sometimes they seek valuable suggestions here to help them solve some of their challenges.

In this week's edition, I had the privilege to feature the users behind the @h4lab. I bet, before now, most of you didn't know that it wasn't just one person who was handling this account, but now, you would know 😃. All the operators of this account are from Korea and most of them are investors. So, I would be talking with 4 different users who made up the @h4lab witness team. Join me as I start the show...

@h4labi's property

: It's my pleasure to welcome you guys to my show today, please tell me, who made up the h4lab project and their profession? @Ini4909, let me start with you.

🔶Ini4909: Hello, I'm @ini4909, the Project Leader of H4LAB. I brought together four friends, including myself, who love Steemit and to make it more enjoyable. After some meetings, h4lab was created. Here are the roles of our team members.

👉@ini4909 (Project Leader)
Oversees the selection and development of projects, setting the overall direction and roadmap for H4LAB, as well as guiding the Web3 Build Strategic.

👉@jejudomin(Asset Analyst)
Analyzing quantified data from the Steem blockchain, creating methodologies and policies for h4lab services. and managing H4LAB YouTube channel as well.

👉@lyh5926(Community Manager)
Communicate directly with customers, promptly addressing their needs. Plan events and brainstorm ideas for DApps to enhance customer experience.

👉@gogikr(Software Developer)
As a senior developer, responsible for developing both the front-end and back-end of H4LAB, turning envisioned concepts into reality.

The reason behind H4LAB is reflected in our slogan: Hype Market, Help Newbie, High Yield, Honest Witness, where we incorporated the first letter of each term, forming 'H4.' (Interestingly, all four members' names also include the letter 'H')

: You launched an interesting project few weeks ago, can you please tell us more about it?

🔶Ini4909 : Until now, H4LAB has played a role for offering statistics like 'haircut,' but its usage has been limited due to the absence of a posting function. Therefore, in 2024, we've decided to develop a new posting tool that integrates various existing functions.

The prototype is currently available on YouTube URL :

. Additionally, we plan to implement a feature on our website where new users can log in using SNS-based authentication, similar to using web2 services, and we'll share more details soon.

: What does your experience in steemit be like?

🔶Ini4909i : It's been over three years since I started Steemit. Unforgettable memories, such as the birth of my son, are posted on Steemit. The Steem blockchain records the joys and sorrows of people's lives, and I hope these records last for a very long time.

🔷lyh5926 : People, Communication, Community.

🟨jejudomin : As an Asset analyst, I think Steemit is a very attractive investment. As a social media-based platform, it’s a unique and interesting investments due to the point that interacting and communicating with other users

🟫gogikr : Steemit stands out by feeling more human compared to other blockchains. While most blockchains use fees to prevent misuse, Steemit takes a unique approach with downvoting instead of fees. As a developer, it's been an intriguing experience in the Steemit.

: What is h4lab all about, what is your clear mission?

🔶Ini4909i : We are a team that will bring a lot of enjoyable services to Steemit. The goal of this year is to bring a lot of new users to Steemit. so, we are planning to implement an SNS-based login service. we can also make a various DAPPs to make Steemit more fun.

: You just moved into the rank of the first 25 witnesses on steemit how does that makes you feel?

🔶Ini4909i : I want to express deep gratitude to our team. We've poured our hearts into various endeavors.
And also thanks to @UPVU team and @rme team, along with everyone who voted for us, for recognizing our efforts. Starting from the 90th position, we've climbed to 25th in about seven months, with just five steps left to become the main witness! We believe, with consistent efforts and successful execution of planned projects this year, we'll eventually become the main witness.

: Apart from the korean users, do you have any clear plans to assist other users different from that zone and how?

🔶Ini4909i : We already operate dashboard, statistics, and guide services in seven languages. All you have to do is enjoy Steemit easily and fun with us! If you need additional language support, please feel free to suggest it through our Discord so that we can add it after reviewing it. Since more people in other countries use mobiles rather than PCs, we're planning to make the front-end more mobile-friendly than PC.

: A lot of Koreans are investors which is not bad, however, users find it hard to communicate with them through their post as they don't respond, do you think this can strengthen the bond between the people of Steem and Steem growth? Do you think you can do something about it?

🔶H4lab team : Some users might be limited to communicating other users by language barriers, but the main issue seems to be the lack of a perceived need for communication.

We're thinking about ways to make it easier for new users to get started and considering improvements to language barriers. We're also looking into incentives based on activity and reputation.

: What has been your greatest achievements?

🔶H4lab team : The most significant achievement is the successful collaboration of the four of us in launching ‘h4lab’. Building a product involves various challenges like understanding relationships and managing people. Despite these difficulties, h4lab overcame and successfully launched.

: What advice do you have for both new steemians and those who are struggling to grow on the steemit platform? I would like each of you to say something here

🔶lyh5926 : Like other social media platforms, communication and followers matter on Steemit. However, with STEEM Coin, it can also be your personal diary for investment. I don't want to push one way or the other—it's a personal choice. But even if you use it for investment, I recommend communicating. Good communication only helps your profits and doesn't hurt.

🔷jejudomin : To new steemians, “please wait for a while, H4LAB is coming”😀

: What is one core reason people would invest much money to purchase Steem power both now and long term future?

🔶Ini4909: Steemit, a decentralized Web3 SNS with close to 2 million users. Runs on the sustained Steem blockchain for over seven years. With a decreasing inflation rate. sophisticated tokenomics consisting of Steem, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power. Listings on numerous high-volume centralized exchanges. Is there anything more to say?

🔶jejudomin: In my personal view, cryptocurrency has the potential to making up for the shortcomings of traditional currency systems. Among many cryptocurrencies, I believe that long-standing users and services of steemit proved its value.

: Who is your favorite author?

🔶@Ini4909, : My favorite author is @happycapital We are currently running a community called ‘H4LAB Research’ and now (1/31), we have 371 subscribers. Our research analyst, @happycapital, consistently provides high-quality reports on the crypto industry every day, offering valuable insights for many users. We appreciate the ongoing interest in H4LAB Research and look forward to continued support".

: How can we attract and retain developers here in the blog?

🔶gogikr : I believe it's crucial to lower entry barriers for developers by providing sample code. Once our planned services stabilize and we have the bandwidth, we also plan to maintain documentation specifically for developers😅.*

: What do you do in your leisure time?

🔶H4lab team : Since everyone has their own jobs, our free time naturally turns into H4LAB. We often think about how to make Steemit more fun and how we can bring those fun ideas to Steemit.

: What is your favourite music, can you sing it?

🔶Ini4909 : I like jazz, and I often sing R&B or ballads. But lately, it seems like I listen to children's songs the most—😀

🔶lyh5926 : My favorite music is ballad. but I am not good at singing 😊

🔶jejudomin : I enjoy listening to music from the 1990s. I can sing, but only do it when I'm alone

🔶gogikr : My favorite music genre is rock ballads. I often listen to them while coding, although I can't sing them very well.

: What is the most difficult thing you've ever attempted to learn?

🔶Ini4909 : I'm studying blockchain, but as I don't have a development background, some aspects are challenging to understand. The more I delve into Steem blockchain, the more complex it seems.

🔶lyh5926 : Humor.I like funny people, I think people with humor are born with it. No matter how much I tried to learn it, I didn't work.

: Where is one place that you've not yet traveled that is high on your list to visit?

🔶Ini4909: I'd like to visit Bangladesh if given the chance. Since the Steemit community is active there, I'd love to meet and communicate with Steemit users, I believe my team members would also choose the same as we have always have this goal.

: Which user or users will you like me to have on my next show?

🔶H4lab team: We would like to recommend @cjsdns. He's been diligently promoting Steemit in Korea and is actively engaged internationally. He used to serve as a witness for @zzan.witness. If he doesn't use Discord or Twitter, we could handle the contact on behalf of him.

: What initiative or development do you think can make Steemit stand out among the rest and how can this be implemented?

🔶H4lab : Considering that accessibility of new user is the primary issues with Steemit, we are planning a project for 2024 to solve these problems.

: Do you have any message for the Steemit team?

🔶Ini4909: @dev365's vote is an important factor in becoming a main witness. It would be helpful if they could share how the witness voting process works, and for teams like ours, knowing the proper steps to become a main witness would be great.

🔶lyh5926 : I would like to encourage the Steemit team to give attention to basic announcements, updates, and notifications for Steemit. They should consider swift maintenance of the site, and prompt feedback from users, etc.

🔶jejudomin: Please create incentives for Steemit developers.

: What can you say about the Interview Showcase, do you think it's a program I should continue in the future?

🔶H4lab team : Thank you so much for reaching out to the H4LAB team. For new teams like ours, it's challenging to get the word out and be noticed by a broader audience.
Is it possible for the interview showcase to have connections with the Steemit team? If so, I believe it's essential to have contacts with the foundation as a key point of connection.

We appreciate the interview request once again and hope you to continue discovering and interviewing people who have a positive influence on Steemit. We hope all Steemit users find happiness.

To my audience

I hope you enjoy the Show...? Do you think I am missing something? Please feel free to tell me, let's make this better daily. Share your suggestions with me, I'll so much appreciate it.

Do you have a particular topic you would like me to feature? Is there a user you would like me to feature? Please contact me (language) is not a barrier and all will be handled successfully.

If you are interested in being one of my guests, please don't hesitate to contact me any time soon through my details: Discord: ubongudofot#9499

Telegram: Contact Me

Please note that users/guest's privacy or confidentiality would be considered first before posting, thank you.

See you next week Thursday for another interesting show, don't miss it.

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Your latest edition is once again enjoyable. It was very interesting to find out more about the team.
I've already checked their site a few times to see if there's anything new. It's very pleasing that they want to continue to be active and still have a few ideas...

 4 months ago (edited)

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed this edition of my show.

They are trying their best to give the best, hopefully they still have more to unveil soon.

It's nice to get to know the team behind @h4lab better and read about @ini4909 @jejudomin @lyh5926 @gogikr and their plans for steem.

I wish you the best of luck, I'm sure we'll see a lot of good things from you in the future

 4 months ago 

I'm glad you could read that here, let's hope to see how some of their interesting plans comes to reality.

Thank you for your positive feedback.

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 4 months ago 

Thank you for your support.

I think H4LAB is the most trendy witnesses team on Steamit, now.
I support H4LAB's activities for Steemit. 👍

And thank you for the good interview, ubongudofot.🙂

 4 months ago 

That's great to hear about h4lab. It's good as you are also supporting them too. Supporting good thing bring good thing.

Thank you for your positive response.

oh !!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD !!

 4 months ago 

Thank you

Great!! GREAT!! ^~^//

 4 months ago 

Thank you for appreciating.

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 4 months ago 

Thank you for the support.

Thank you for the good interview, ubongudofot.
h4lab 화이팅!!

 4 months ago 

You are most welcome.

 4 months ago 

It's so wonderful to know that you're still going on with your interview showcase series. I read an interview after a very long time and it was refreshing. More success to you brother 💪

 4 months ago 

Hi, thank you very much for your kind words and best wishes.

I am still running the show weekly, it turns out to be one thing I enjoy doing alot here.

Good to see you again in the blog!

 4 months ago (edited)

Thank you

 4 months ago 

Thank you.

Please edit that last name, it's not suppose to be here.

 4 months ago 

Got it 👍

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