Contest Alert: If votes were guaranteed in steemit

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Am very happy to create my 11th contest in this wonderful community. My previous contest was very nice, few steemians participated and I was glad I have received more than 5 entries at least. My birthday was a good one and steemians really said good things about me which made me feel loved and happy, I saw the gifts they would have given me if they were capable of doing so and I love them all.

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Contest Theme

This week contest is about votes in steemit. You and I fully know that votes aren't guaranteed here in steemit and we are not fully ok with this but hope for a new development to come in soon, so that alot of steemians can be happy here in steemit, I believe things will be better in steemit in the next few years to come and I will still be an active steemian to experience this development by God's grace. Below are few questions you guys can answer.

  • How often do you get support from steemcurator03-08 and also booming?

  • How will steemit look like if votes were guaranteed?

  • Steemians are much and is impossible to vote everyone, what development do you think can change this in other for vote to reach everyone?

  • Just like the way steemians get votes in their first dolphin post, do you think everyone should create a post of their birthday which is once a year for steemcurator01 to vote it?How do you see my idea?

Contest Rules

  • This contest is recommended for every steemian.
  • Your post must be in Hot News Community
  • Your title must be "If votes were guaranteed in steemit".
  • Your post must be minimum of 300 words.
  • Plagiarism is highly prohibited.
  • Upvote and resteem this post then drop your entry at the comment section of this post.
  • Use the hashtags #saintkelvin-c11, #guaranteed #yourclub, #steemexclusive #yourcountry, #creativewriting,
  • Post your entry in any language.
  • Invite 3 steemians at least, to participate in this contest.
  • Set beneficiary to our official account (optional)
  • Make sure you share your entry in Twitter and add the tags #steemit #steem $steem.

Prize For Winners

Immediately I finished my discussion with hotnews team, I came up with a conclusion for the winner's prize.

7 steem power
5 steem power
3 steem power

Contest ends once this post payout


@radjasalman, @heriadi, @fantvwiki, @saintkelvin17 and @abdullahw2


Cc: @disconnect, @pennsif, @stephenkendal.

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Some how funny but interesting.

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