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  • We have reached over 40 000 SP (exactly 40 211 SP)! 11 430 SP was gained by the community account and the rest comes from you - our delegators. Thank you very much for every single delegation. Thanks to you, we are able to reward you with higher upvotes. Our next goal is 45 000 SP which we are dreaming to achieve before the march. How do you think, will be able to do it?

  • The steemcurator04-08 accounts are already in the hands of the newly selected teams. Remember to use hashtags related to the topic to get the extra upvotes worth... up to 6 USD! More about the hashtags you can read in THIS POST

  • We have currently 3 active contests organized by our community: Photo contest 19th Edition - The Perfect Day!, 15th Comment Contest and Travel contest 19th edition - Traveling for love

  • Please, read THIS POST where we explained what topics can be used in the Steem-Travelers community. Mentioned publication may inspire you to become more active in our group and can help you to increase the chance for booming support. If you are a new user or if you are not sure how to increase the chances for success, check also OUR TUTORIAL



We would like to welcome the user who have made the verification process on Steem-Travelers in the last 24 hours - @fahmiam

We hope you will feel in our community like at home. Comment, read, publish and simply enjoy your stay here :)



Club100 Traveling To a Beautiful Lake

by @ripon0603
Club75 Visiting Lake Toba with Family

by @anisilyana09
Club75 My visit to Makkah

by @suboohi
Club75 Panorama of Mount Burni Telong from Airport Road

by @ponpase
Club75 Palace Valley "Lingkok Kuwieng" As A Classy Destination

by @abdul.ellyazhar
Club5050 Travel Diaries : Five most beautiful countries to visit if you are having low budget issues

by @shahidchoudary
Club5050 The charm of the Suku Pane Waterfall, Aceh Tamiang with its natural beauty

by @realworld23
Club5050 (ESP) Concurso de fotografía momento perfecto: Las Cocuizas

by @maya03
Club5050 Traveling on a motorcycle with friends

by @siam7
Club5050 My trip to Nguroje market

by @prince4icon

PS: Remember that mentioning on this list does not guarantee SC votes, neither booming support

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Awesome selection of your community posts.

Greetings @hive-111293 and my friend @ponpase

I've delegated 100 sp please update my label. Thanks.


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thank you! The label is updated

Muchas gracias por la mención amigos

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