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RE: Ethereum (ETH) News live ETHUSD Chart, Steem , Steem Dollar And Tron Daily News And Chart.

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Hello respected sir @booming01.
I hope you will be enjoying good health by the grace of Almighty Allah who is most merciful and kind to everyone.
I appreciate your and your whole team's work including @booming02 , @booming03 and @booming04 to support steemians . As you are supporting with your great planning by the community support program. It is really a hard work to do on the daily basis.

I know that there are some communities in which you and your team give votes on the daily basis like in the (CryptoDog ) and (Lifestyle) i also received some votes from there and i am very thankful to you and your other team.
But From last 3 days i am receiving nothing from cryptoDog as well as from Lifestyle.
MY Posts are given below:

LifeStyle Posts

CryptoDog Posts

Your Support is my power and i can not exist here without your support as it urges me to provide more quality content and to stay active in the whole steemit family as i am recruiting more people to steemit by showing my profile to them.

I am waiting for your kind response towards me and sorry for the inconvenience.


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