Its Feel Like An Addiction, Need Solution Asap

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Greetings Dear Friends, This is SHOHANA From #Bangladesh


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Suffering for making the mistake last night. I didn’t plan, it just happen and happened past few days. Just had a coffee and took a nap of half an hour. Skip afternoon walk for the bad headache. This is the result of last night's mistake! These days I feel sleepy in the morning so after performing my morning prayer. The bad addiction is late night short video scrolling on YouTube and its addictive.

I just watch and watch, I tell myself one more and the one more become thousands of videos that I scroll and watch. But the quality I like about myself is that, I've control over things that can make me addicted so tonight I aim to sleep after 10 pm or before 11 pm. But must before 12 am. I want to overcome the addiction and need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'll silent my phone before sleeping and will active ringtone mood in the morning when I'll be ready to attend any call.

I need to wake up at 4:15 am to perform my morning prayer and that's the thing make my each day complete and good. If I ever miss my prayers in the morning I perform them later but the regret of missing prayer time make me upset for all day long. Before I had a well routine lifestyle but sometimes I bring some good and bad change in it.

The addiction will get back to normal in next few days if I keep practicing good habit of early to bed and early to rise. I may watch movies in the afternoon rest time and morning is the time for practicing art that going to help me earn money soon. A good move is always great and I'm glad that I'm taking this step earlier.

I've spoiled my nights past few days and it time to have some good change. The solution I need is just in my hand so I'm working on it with my full dedication. I'm going to sleep after publishing this. Its already 10:40 pm now. My bed is ready and I'm ready too. Hope for a better tomorrow! Take care!


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