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Hi Dear Members!


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Hello ! How are you all ? Happy Ramadan to All ✨. This is the holy month of Ramadan. There is a special contest for all of you. Today , I'm here with a new amazing and funny contest. Topic is Best Home-Cooked Meal. If you are a passionate home cook or love experimenting with new ingredients to make delicious and visually appealing dishes. If so, then we invite you to participate in our Best Home-Cooked Meal contest.


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Contest Tips

  • To participate in this contest. You have to simply prepare a home-cooked meal that showcases your cooking skills and creativity.

  • Take a photo of your dish and submit it along with the recipe and a brief description of your cooking process.

  • Show your image with dish so we can judge easily. (You can take a page and write the contest name and username and share with us, if you are not willing to show your face).

Our panel of judges will evaluate the submissions based on criteria such as presentation, and creativity.

Please don't mention curators @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02 in your post.

Rewards for Winners 🏆

The prize pool of this contest is 200 TRX that is follow as,

PlacePrize (15 TRX)
1st50 TRX
2nd40 TRX
3rd30 TRX
4th30 TRX
5th20 TRX
6th20 TRX
7th10 TRX
This is the Holy month of Ramadan we are rewarding 200trx to win this time and for everyone who participates even if they don't win 5trx and 30% upvote from CCS Trail

The reason is that rewards always encourage us. So must take part in this contest. And enjoy with us.


  • Subscribe our community and invite 3 friends to Subscribe our CSS Community.

  • Post must be written in CSS Community.

  • Plagiarism will not be supported. (Content must be steemexclusive).

  • The Title of the Post should be "CSS Contest -Share Your Home-Cooked Meal | Your Title....".

  • The tags is, #ccs-contest3, #ccs, #home-cooked #food others tags are like #yourcountry as mine pakistan, #clubstatus as mine club100 and #steemexclusive.

  • Mention my username @aaliarubab once in your post.

  • Invite your three friends for participating in this contest. Re-steem & comment this post .

  • Drop a link to your post in the comment section of this post.

Result will announce After 14 days.

If you have any questions about this, contact us on Discord

Authorized by @aaliarubab

@disconnect, @stephenkendal,

Community leaders
@hive-109690 CCS Owner
@visionaer3003 CCS Witnesses ❤️
@ponpase CCS Administrator Staff ⭐️
@aaliarubab CCS MOD Community Manager ⭐️
@campingclub CCS MOD

With that in mind, happy blogging

Home is where your heart is !❤️


 last year 

I wish you all a blessed month of Ramadan

 last year 

Same to you my dear friend ✨. Thanks.

here my contest post..

Resteemd!!! and commendet
i Invite @erkan, @arzum, @mesafe for participating in this contest.
Good Luck

 last year 

Thanks for Participation.

Entry 2

 last year 

I'm a girl by the way ,my brother.
Thanks for Participation.

Entry 6

Thank you sister @aaliarubab

 last year 


Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

 last year 

What a nice contest dear friend

 last year 

Thank you my dear.

 last year 

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 last year 

Thank you very much.


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 last year 

Thank you very much my dear friend.

Happy Ramadan

 last year 

Happy Ramadan to you as well.

Happy Ramadan

 last year 

Happy Ramadan! Great tasty contest! I have already made my meal. I'm glad that we combine the useful with the pleasant!

 last year 

Happy Ramadan! My dear brother share your link here. So I can approved your entry. I'm sure this time you write at least 300 words. ⭐


Mashallah sister!!
I'm coming with my entry

 last year 

Most Welcome Brother.

Best of luck.

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