Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Leaf Photography 🌱 04 September 2021 by @astute

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The Colocasia esculenta is a binomial name of Taro plant, this plant is also known as Kachu in Bangladesh. I took these plant photos from a roadside which I found beautiful. I hope you love this photo. Let me know in the comment section below:

Scientific classification

Species:C. esculenta



Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Leaf Photography 🌱

Kachu plants are all around us. It grows in different places including roads. Many people eat it as a vegetable. Kachu mash is also a very popular dish in Gramegonj. Kachu contains a lot of vitamins. The calcium in kachu helps us to build bones. Many of us have brittle hair. Kachu is very useful for cutting hair fragility. Kachu also contains a lot of iron.

Kachu contains a lot of vitamin A, we know that vitamin A helps in curing night blindness. In addition, if you want to avoid cataracts, you have to eat kachu regularly.

Kachu usually grows in damp places. However, in addition to this, many people cultivate kachu. At present the demand for it is increasing day by day.

We should all eat kachu. It has many nutritional properties. Kachu is a good food and helps in curing constipation.

The price of kachu is much lower. So anyone can eat. At different times it is seen that poor people can eat less vitamin food due to lack of money. Kachu is very beneficial for them and they can get vitamins from it at low cost. Patients suffering from anemia get many benefits by playing kachu regularly. The body needs to eat plenty of kachu to make up for the lack of water. Patients with high blood pressure can eat ole kachu, they will benefit a lot. In a word, kachu has many benefits which cannot be overstated so we all have to eat it.

Photography Information

Camera makerOnePlus
Camera modelONEPLUS A6010
Exposure time1/50 sec.
ISO speedISO-250
Focal length4 mm
Max aperture1.53
Flash modeNo flash.

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This cocoyam is beautiful

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