Mango (Mangifera indica) Plant Photography 🌱 01 September 2021 by @astute

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The Mangifera indica is a binomial name of Mango plant, this plant is also known as King of Fruits in Bangladesh. There are 210 varieties of Mango available. This photo is taken from a nursery. These plants are grown well and are now ready for sale. The average price of this plant is 150-300 TK (BDT). I took these plant photos which I found beautiful. I hope you love this photo. Let me know in the comment section below:

Scientific classification

Species:M. indica



Mango (Mangifera indica) Plant Photography 🌱

Mango tree is important for us it is a fruit tree. It is with our fruits, we get vitamins by eating fruits. The life of American students is getting much longer, it can be seen in village and can be liberated from here. Can make an import in people, which carries their lives. The only thing that carries its own home is the workplace arrangements of a few people here. The nursery is staffed by different people and is remunerated.

Before the mango tree starts to come, the buds come here first. We get fruit from this mango bud. However, there are some problems such as when there is heavy snowfall in the rainy season, they damage the buds, which reduces mango production and mango farmers are affected, so the profit here depends on luck.

Mango damage is not only due to snowfall, it is also attacked by many types of insects and also various diseases which reduce the yield of mango. However, to get rid of these, you have to take the help of an agricultural officer. Talking to the Upazila Agriculture Officer, many things are known and it is possible to increase the production accordingly.

Photography Information

Camera makerOnePlus
Camera modelONEPLUS A6010
Exposure time1/33 sec.
ISO speedISO-320
Focal length4 mm
Max aperture1.53
Flash modeNo flash.

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when covid is like this, mango is very good for vitamins

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