Lojjaboti (Mimosa pudica) Leaf Photography 🌿 31 August 2021 by @astute

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The Mimosa pudica is a binomial name of Lojjaboti plant, this plant is also known as touch me not. There are 400 species of Mimoseae. This photo is taken from a roadside area. These plants are grown well in roadsides. I took this leaf photo which I found beautiful. I hope you love this photo. Let me know in the comment section below:

Scientific classification

Species:M. pudica



Lojjaboti (Mimosa pudica) Leaf Photography 🌿

Lajjabati plants are found everywhere in the village. Lajjapati is a flowering plant. However, its specialty is in the leaves rather than the flowers. The shy plant is called Touch Me Knot and it closes when touched, which is very interesting. I had a lot of fun touching its leaves as a child. It is very interesting to see such trees on the side of the road so when we go in the morning we touch the leaves and the leaves close. Kids do a lot of this kind of work. The leaves of Lajjabati are used to cure wound itching.

Lajjabati plant has more medicinal properties, which are very beneficial. Such trees are used to regain lost energy. It is a perennial medicinal plant much like tamarind leaves. Ojha of village treats various things with Lajjabati plant. At present its qualities are also scientifically tested and effective.

There are many benefits of Lajjabati plants to heal wounds. It is also very useful for those who have diarrhea. Constipation can be relieved with many of the main functions of Lajjabati.

Many people want to plant Lajjabati plants but lack space. So now there are different methods to plant these. Many people are planting them on the roofs of their homes. We should all do more research on this plant to find out its qualities and inform people. So that everyone can take advantage of it.

Photography Information

Camera makerOnePlus
Camera modelONEPLUS A6010
Exposure time1/50 sec.
ISO speedISO-1000
Focal length4 mm
Max aperture1.53
Flash modeNo flash.

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