Lemon (Citrus limon) Fruit Photography 🍋 03 September 2021 by @astute

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The Citrus limon is a binomial name of Lemon plant, this plant is also known as Lebu in Bangladesh. I took these plant photos from a nursery which I found beautiful. I hope you love this photo. Let me know in the comment section below:

Scientific classification

Species:C. limon



Lemon (Citrus limon) Fruif Photography 🍋

Lemon fruit has many benefits. We eat lemons. It does a lot of work for our body. Protects us from dehydration. During the winter, when our body needs a lot of water, lemon fills it. Not only this, lemon helps us to maintain our skin quality. Many people are suffering from problems due to excess weight. Lemon juice is very useful for weight loss. After taking the advice of experts, they said to eat lemon juice, it is possible to lose weight.

Many are suffering from digestive problems. Food is not well digested after meals, so if we have to eat lemon juice for this, then our digestion will be facilitated. Many people have kidney stones. We can eat lemon juice to remove kidney stones. This way we will not have the possibility of kidney stones, so we can eat lemon juice regularly every morning.

Hearing the importance of lemon, many people will celebrate the planting of lemon trees. So everyone should plant lemon trees. There are empty spaces in all the places of our homes where we can plant lemon trees. Those who do not have a place to stay at home, those who live in the city can plant a lemon tree on the roof of the house. By doing this you will get adulterated free lemon fruit and you can eat it with your family.

Photography Information

Camera makerOnePlus
Camera modelONEPLUS A6010
Exposure time1/50 sec.
ISO speedISO-800
Focal length4 mm
Max aperture1.53
Flash modeNo flash.

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