[PLAY STEEM] Tutorial: Text To Speech (TTS) - Listen to a Post

Hi, @etainclub is here!


Recently, I have release the update of the app, check this out
[PLAY STEEM] Release v0.9.5

Today, I will explain a hidden feature of the app, which is Text To Speech (TTS).

You might say "it is TTS.. nothing important..."

But! It can be really helpful for someone like @edlili24. See how she is using the TTS.
Source: https://steemit.com/hive-108451/@edlili24/qq695u

Another use case will be listening to a post while walking or doing something. It will be handy!
I do use this TTS while walking!

Demo Video

Today's guest is @alexcote who describes incredible Balkan food! Let's listen to this. And another guest is @isaaclab.

How to Use TTS

  • Step 1. Click a post you want
  • Step 2. Click the speaker icon on top
  • Step 3. Select a language
    (optionally you can adjust the rate and the pitch)
  • Step 4. Listen to the TTS

Wanna try this? Go Ahead!

I will come back with a new cool feature of PLAY STEEM

It is time to PLAY STEEM!

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Nice feature!

Grettings Friends, the app has very useful features, as long as I can continue talking about it to the community friend!

@etainclub thanks for your mention!

thank you, too. I resolved some issues of TTS. it will be updated automatically silently.