[PLAY STEEM] iPhone Test App Release!

Hi @etainclub is here.

I am happy to announce that PLAY STEEM app is now available for iPhone users.



You can download the app in the official homepage:

Please visit this homepage and go to the download page. Then click iphone button as below:

If the TestFlight app is installed on your device, the PLAY STEEM app will be installed. If not, you have to install TestFlight app first. Then Install the PLAY STEEM app.

After login, you might have to re-start the app to apply default settings. I recommend you restart the app after the first login.


This is a test version. Thus there might be errors and malfunctions. Please bear with this situation.

Key Features

  • Choosing Working RPC Automatically
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Translation
  • In-App Text to Speech
  • In-App Account Creation using Resource Credits(need SP delegation)
  • Switching Accounts
  • Setting Beneficiary
  • Easy Mentioning
  • Bookmarking posts
  • Collecting Favorite Authors Privately
  • In-App Transfer
  • One Time Password
  • Saving Draft
  • Auto complete tags

For more details about the app, please refer to the previous post.

[PLAY STEEM] Release of Android App (APK) for Steemit

The source code is open in the following site. If you have an issue about this app, please register the issue there. Or you can reply one of posts.

Please Support and Resteem This Project

There are still many people who have not heard of this app. Please resteem this post and follow @etainclub and @playsteemit which is the official account of the app.

The resteems will get this post voted by the foundation. Thank you for your support.

@steemcurator06 (I had a dream in which you number 6 voted me 100%)


can I translate this post in URDU language for all Pakistani steemians?
BTW great initiative you have taken as we were missing a mobile application like this

yes please. thank you.

I have made a translation post of this in Urdu.
kindly have a look.

It is very lucky for Iphoners now because they can play steem. I am going to download it for my Android, let's play steem. Thanks for infornmation.

thank you! Let's Play STEEM!

Help! I can’t login.

Did you try the posting key? Let's wait for the final update.

great I will try it, a good mobile application is what we were missing.

thanks. go ahead and share your iimpressions with community.

IPhone users are so lucky to get such wonderful application early on. Let's have a fun by using steem in mobile phone and tablet

android app is also available. yeah let's have a fun with the app.

Thank you for sharing Manga Dogs, a completely free movie watching application, good anime movies used by a lot of people. I believe you will like it.

Hi, I have a problem with an emulator called nox player because it won't let me install it. I want to have installed the app play tv geh and I get an error, I do not know if it is because it is not compatible version.

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