The U.S. CPI(YoY) will be released soon.

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The 🇺🇸 CPI(Consumer Price Index) (YoY, Year of Year) will be released soon. The Cons(Consensus) is 3.4%. If the actual figure is less than the forecast, the crypto market will be likely bullish again.


Source: FRED

The U.S. M2 started increasing again. The FED will start decreasing the size of the QT(Quantitative Teasing) in June. I expect this summer, the M2 will be more than now. Then, it will affect the BTC(Bitcoin) price in positive.


Source: BofA Global Research, Bloomberg

Let's see the monthly average returns of S&P 500 in presidential years. Jun to Aug has shown better performance rather than others. If the U.S. stock market follows this trend, this summer will be good for the crypto market as well. So, I'm looking forward to this summer rally 📈


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