The truth about steem-supporter

This is an explanation post about who is steem-supporter and why you should consider removing your witness vote from him.

First of all, @steem-supporter is not new on steem and the actual account he is using is just a new account made to take advantage of the hard fork split by becoming a witness and trying to gain some influence over the community.

One of his first accounts is @project-goblin, an account that he used to make some experiments and that he chose to move on hive when the split happened. He was supportive of hive but decided to create a new account on Steem as steem-supporter to become a witness. Note that he used that account (and a few others) to comment on his own post saying that he was doing great stuff.

I always had doubts about him but I also decided to help him whenever he needed help to develop things on Steem and this was until I notice who he is behind the scene.

Particularly when he told me this :
steem-supporter: "..well it's a long story short ...I made dporn ...I made a dporn token on bitshares ..and its sold ...later development phase I needed more money and I minted more tokens and sold ... And the few people's who got 1M token for free started telling I scammed ... I did not have the keys to the account as I partner with this American who was really cool for making communities .... They made is so realistic that I scammed .. however the project got stolen from me ...and I said to myself leave it and continue ..but they came after me ,,I did not do anything ...finally I had to change my identity to survive"

And then :
steem-supporter: "We used posting keys instead of steemconnet first. So I know that. But keys are changed now. I tried whale keys. Didn't worked."

So in short they were storing users keys, and he tried to login back into those accounts to steal the funds. Then it's not a coincidence if he started to miss use people's accounts with steemauto, voting and downvoting whom he wants without the consent of the users.

That guy lives in Nepal, and if you wonder why, here is his main reason:
steem-supporter: "You can drink and beat people you don't like can smoke grass ..even it's illegal ..a cop would be okay for $10"

Who would be happy to drink and beat people? Some sadist without humankind?

After cloning existing projects, he decided to make his own, but since he is not a developer he hired some guys to do it for himself. But he did want people to think that he's a dev and even asked me to hide it.

That's how open market appeared. When heimindanger told him the truth about his product he came to me and said that he shouldn't have made this publicly because he had investors in his discord.


His discord bot says : China made coronavirus, but this is not the only racist thing that he say obviously...

Note that I told him before anyone that his project was a non-sense and gave advice on how to improve it but he didn't care. And I guess investors needed also to know that they are getting scammed...

Obviously I have nothing against entrepreneurs and people who are hiring devs to make a product on Steem. I welcome them as I welcome any other users/builders. And I'm always happy to give and hand with any technical needs.

Few weeks later he started a side chain project and according to him, raised money for it. Until he noticed that a side chain is not simply cloning an existent project and that he could not do the same shit as open market... and he came to me to ask if I could code it. I could for sure, but who wants to deal with a scammer, liar, and racist? Definitely not me. So I told him that he's raising money for a project that he can barely understand...

When I publicly stated my concern about him a few weeks ago, he said that I was jealous because he got the posting key of a curation account from Steemit.
He even accused us to be part of a gang, I want to use this post to say that future.witness nor any futureshock members are part of a hidden sect on Steem.

Let's analyze what he did with the curation account and why he had to give back this account.

He promised that he would use his delegation for helping to promote developers on Steem. But this never happened. Instead, he started to spam and upvotes his spam/fake posts.

While getting witness rewards and telling me that he was rich in Nepal, he needed to spam and upvote himself every day to cover some fees. Worst of all he was upvoting himself to cover the service that he's offering on Steem but obviously, those services were not free too...

But that was not enough, so he made many other accounts, posted plagiarised content, and upvoted himself with the steemit curator account. When I asked him why he was voting for plagiarised posts, he just replied that he had no time to check for plagiarism, obviously, he had no intention to promote anything but simply use the curator account to vote for himself and his wife, using many accounts.

When he misused his delegation @bullionstacker started to downvote him. And the only thing that he could do is to create an anonymous account to make a post about him

At this time I told him that he was a bad example for others and he was doing terrible things as a witness. He did not dare to answer back

At the date of 14/07/2020 I said this :
"As a witness of Steem I make clear and make understand to people that they are at risk by using your services"

One year later this happened :

Being a witness on Steem (or any other chain) means being custodians of the blockchain and its users. We should be models for the community and try to pull up the ecosystem. Not trying to abuse, lie and cheat whenever we can because we have the power to do so.

Following this post and this statement, I am, as a top witness and builder on Steem, asking anyone supporting that guy, to think twice and remove your support.


Best regards,

All the rewards from this post are going to the null account!


A witness should not only contribute to the chain - but also has a good behavior e.g. set a good example/model to the community.

This guy @steem-supporter keeps telling the lies.


He lies systematically, he has always lied so I am not surprised. And I agree with you on that, as Witnesses, we need to set an example for the community.

And for blockchain contribution, the contribution should not be separated from the individual and their behaviors/actions. Otherwise anyone can contribute and do anything. Or anyone can look nice and do nothing.

In the case of steem-supporter, the contribution does not exist, on the contrary, the only thing he did was to take advantage of the trust of the community to satisfy his ego and downvote the people he did not like not, with user accounts.
As for his behavior, he lied on several occasions, he made horrible posts (which he edited), showed racism towards the European and Asian community, while harming the other witnesses by accusing them without any evidence, as in this example.

I refuse to accept this, and that's why I'm going to piss off everyone who supports it. I may not have a lot of power but I am a technician... and luckily (for me and for honest people in the community) we are in an ecosystem where technique is essential and can take over power at some point.

Indeed, your hard work for platform are not forgettable.

Hi @future.witness, thank you for this post and for the detailed explanation with supported links and snapshots of the conversation.

I agree, that there are many evidences that showing the behavior of @steem-supporter and I do not think that he should be in top 20 of witnesses or even a witness at all.

On other hand, I assume it was also one of the account that has relationship to you that sent the message to all users saying:


I can understand that you blame @steem-supporter as a scammer and liar but why you are attacking @xpilar and blaming him to be scammer, liar and racist. In that way I do not agree with you and find it not correct.

Hi @stef1,

@xpilar has been warned many times, by different people, and had the opportunity to stop supporting steemsupporter, whatever, he did not stop and defended him against all evidences, just because they are making business together.
If xpilar want to run a witness node, any of the top witnesses there would be happy to help him to set it up, starting by me (and for free), and even help to run it, same for woxauto, since there are no technical difficulties in those process.

That said you are right and it is clearly not correct to attack @xpilar, and whoever did it seems to have stopped fast.
I myself stopped my downvote trail and will not hurt his reputation for now and at least until he makes a clear statement regarding this situation. This is also the purpose of this post.

Hopefully, he will do it soon under this post. I have nothing personal against @xpilar and on the opposite, I appreciate their commitment and investment into steem.

But if he agrees with steemsupporter behaviors and continues to defend him we can assume that they are sharing the same values. In this case, everyone may understand that he has to assume this position and he may receive more blames and attacks from the community.

Hi @future.witness, thank you for your feedback and also I really appreciate it, it is nice to hear from you directly and know the position of you, Witnesses. I know that sometimes there are people who are extreme and take one of other side but at the end there is no win for anyone. We all just lose, people may withdraw their investment and go.

I am pleased to hear that you are offering help with the programs that currently running I think we all need a cool head and try to solve the problem. Because it is damaging everything and puts people off this blockchain. Such conflict made me to go between the Old witnesses and @slowwalker and to stay here on Steem, the same time I noticed that on Hive they still remember me as I was downvoted to Nil after trying to post :)

Nevertheless, I will have a chat w. @xpilar too.
By the way, I have shared the link to your post in our discord.

Xpilar is too LAZY ... He get his Pet to do all his works for him.
Auto votes suit him well.

We are watching Steem-supporters and All The Fake Witness he created
using funds2021 account and bribes people to vote theirs witnesses.

His Original witness account power4nepal start in 2018

Right his original account is @pranishg and he tried to be a witness earlier. That guy has so many alt accounts on Steem... and even on discord.
I did not want to go so far in the past I think it is not needed and apparently, some people are searching for Pranish Ghimire because of a scam. And I don't want to be responsible for anything related to this.

Notice that he did not change anything in his behaviour in 4 years, he is still lying or making false assumptions, mostly without understanding anything. One of the best example is this one:
He thought that esteem app took his steempower while they just had the posting authority over his account. Like he thinks now that we all witnesses are part of a sect.

Concerning xpilar I don't have too much to say, if he's lazy he can partner up with anyone with a good reputation. Or at least anyone who is not a scammer, liar and racist.

100% correct - top 20 witnesses take more than investors with 700 000 steem power - this is not correct at all.

This post has been upvoted by @italygame witness curation trail

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Hey mate please guide me on which topic i post blog and how i make it attractive

As I wrote to Justyy already on discord:

This conflict seem to never end. I think I will continue trying to be as neutral as possible.
It's surely bad for steem if you guys (top20 witnesses) are openly fighting.


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