The Impact of Steem on My Life & Why I would recommend it to everyone !

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This is my entry to the initiative of @theycallmedan How Has Steem Impacted My Life

In this video I talked about the impact of steem on my life and why I would !

I talked about a lot of things, including how I joined steem and everything that happened in my steem journey.

I kind already wrote about that in this post in case you want to read My first video about steemit !

Also, I said about how steem is important in my life and it was always important all the time being on it and that's more than 2 years and 7 months. I mentioned how steem helped me to support my family and my sick mother. How it changed me for the best. How many things I learned from steem and how awesome it is !

I talked about how I started in steemit and what I did in the first year and how many steemians I followed.

I talked about how I joined @dtube and then left it and created a collaboration like this one :

I talked about how I joined @threespeak and how many videos I created and how I promoted the platform and steem.

I talked about @dcooperation and the collaborations I created, like this one :

Or this one about @threespeak :

I talked about the applications, the communities and the tools created on it. I explained a bit how steem work and how people are supporting each other here. I talked about how many kind of people we have here and how we can find almost anything we want.

I talked about the people I followed and still following and how we are all working together to make steem the best platform to be in. Despite the price, despite trolls, despite anything we don't like happening here, we still promote this blockchain to the world and never give up on it !

I also mentioned the work i do in my real like and the youtube channels I have. For example I mentioned this youtube channel, Арабский язык с носителем языка where i teach Arabic to Russians and why I don't have so many clients now. So, steem is helping me to survive with that.

I also shared a bit about the work I'm doing sometimes, like translating a videos from Russia to Arabic and I would like to show you the video with my work and cool funny voice :

I talked also about how I promote steem and how I'm joining now all social media I can and even crypto communities to promote steem.

So, steem is really great and I would recommend it to everyone to give it a try !

Enjoy watching !


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You're welcome.