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I am still concerned on how my voting power remuneration dropped down from 1.35 to 85 cents.... it is a big change considering the value of STEEM always on 16 17 cents. Any reason why? Thanks for your answer


It's a much bigger drop than expected. The explanations I have seen so far point to HF21 reducing author rewards from 75% to 50%, and all posts/comments that would get under 20 STEEM get further reduced, while those that would get over 20 STEEM receive an extra bonus.
My upvotes went from just under 5 cents, to just over 2 cents. I can barely make posts pay out without help... I had read all the announcements but was still unprepared for the drastic drop in author payouts.

For someone like me who has maybe $100 worth of Steem Power...
What's the point of even bothering to post content?
I thought the idea was decentralization, or did I misunderstand the reason for this platform to exist?
Instead they're just basically giving free reign to whales and shitting on new users?
That will definitely grow the platform...

My account was once worth over $7,700... until a certain whale shit on me. I lost my value over time as the price of Steem tumbled and during the time which it took me to power down. I chose to reduce myself to minnow sperm and migrate away from this sad platform which once held great promise.

steem price still going down you will see soon your vote power going to 0 if market still falling like this.

so unfair :(

thanks @vikisecrets :( it is so unfair :(

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