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all bugs have been successfully patched.

Said no dev ever :p


True. There's no bug-free software. Bugs are always there. Some are just not yet discovered (uncovered), while some are too small that they are just overlooked and labelled as "won't fix".

Although in this context, they're referring to the bugs they previously reported.

Before the internet most software was in fact bug free. Because you had to physically ship it

I see that Partiko is not updating....Looks like it stoped one hour ago.....

You can use eSteem to Surf Steem, better than Partiko. It has both mobile and PC 💻 apps.

Yes, I agree with this. I am currently using (and writing this comment with/from) eSteem Surfer 2.2.0.

I like surfer .... it is good to make long posts :)

Great! Don't forget to check out the mobile 📱 app while the web version is in work

Think dev has been MIA for some time, but not sure and not relevant here really.

They should have wrote "all currently known bugs have been successfully patched".
That would be completely correct.
Because you can't know how much undiscovered bugs are there in a software.
Or how much new bugs may you create by fixing the known bugs.

All agree, I think everyone understood it like this, my comment was not intended to be serious ;)

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