What the heck is happening with steemit? I’ve been gone four months and just returned today. Help!

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So today I return after 4 months absence and find steemit is awash with comments about Hard Fork 20 (HF20) and Resource Credits (RCs). What are these? Do I have any? Are they any use? How do I use them? What happened? Does HF20 stop spammers?

So tell me, what have I missed over the last 4 months?

Should I power-up, or power down?

Is there any point in buying votes now?

I will vote all helpful answers.

Thanks in advace


I like you is unsure what their purpose is, hoping in the long run, it will stop the spamming, not sure how, but we will see. I haven't been buying votes because in my opinion you're losing out if your buying from the bots,

@swissclive I will advice you to power up while you can.
Since the price of steem is lower than a dollar, you can use Other crypto to buy, steem smt will be out next year, so its going to be a great year for steem.

The hard fork has probably messed up a lot of things lately, but I think its getting better now compared to yesterday.

Since you have been out for quite a long time, Ned powered down and haejin reputation have blown up high...I still dont know what he post about...

Whaleshares.io is up and running and smoke.io too, you can register while you can, almost same clone of steemit.

Hope you doing fine, and welcome back.

Thanks for the updates. Ned powering down is a dissapointment. I guess that explains the low price of steem. I wonder how Haejin got his reputation so high.


@ned powering has nothing to do with Steem's price. It is overall crypto bear market, Steem just got crushed along with other altcoins. @ned is moving his Steem from strategic reasons, it would be extremely stupid to sell in this bear market. In bear market all negativity blows out of proportion, same as euphoria during the bull market.

We as minnows might be in trouble since sometimes the only upvote we receive come from us upvoting our own post, and from what I am undetstanding somewhat. is that we're paying to post, and that it may be more costly to upvote someone's post, I need clarity on what this avtually is doing, I see some of the bigger investor's are leaving, I wish someone would just tell the truth about the intention of HF20 , because right now to me. it's look as if they are the true spammers.

I think the best thing you can do is come back after another 4 months 😜😂

I guess that some people already explained how things work after HF20. So it won't be useful if I do that again. The only question that remains is if you should stick around and power up? Or better get the hell out of here?

On one hand I would say that Steem could be going down quite slowly in the coming months or years. HF20 could have caused to fasten this process. But perhaps the negative trend will turn around pretty soon...?

But even if it won't turn around I would say there is not much to sell given the very low Steem price. So even if things would look worse then they are now, why would you sell any Steem for fiat?
Yes there could be one reason. If you desperately need the money.

Welcome back

Welcome back @swissclive, nice to have you back..
Still yet to find out my self dear, i haven't been able to post or comment this week, but i guess its getting back to normal, my voting power was drained if i made and upvote so i decided to hold on.
Hope you good, nice to have you back.

The draining of your VM was a bug of steemworld. To keep it short: nearly everyone’s VM was drained to 0 so the low VM had to regenerate

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@swissclive, you are welcome back. A lot has happened during your absence.

As you can see, the value of steel has gone down to less than $1 . . .
The most recent development is the switch over to HF20 some days ago which make the platform a bit unstable but that God things are getting back to normal.

To know now about the hardfork 20, you can visit @steemitblog

Once again, welcome back

Well seems like you got all the information you needed!
Welcome back

Welcome back sire, I was also away for almost four months as well, and from the look of things a lot have changed, can't really say what's the way forward, but I suggest you take a few days and observe before making any decision. Once again welcome back, and I have missed you.

Hello @swissclive. Welcome back. This hardfork thing started on the 25th, thats about 4 days ago.
Permit me to help with these few tips

-You can now comment every 3 seconds (previously 20 seconds)
-You can call back delegated Steem Power in 5 days (previously 7 days)
-The "curation window" is now 15 minutes (previously 30 minutes)
-Unlimited timeframe to edit post
-Self voting (voting on your own post) is now harder to abuse
-SBD debt ratio is changing. "Steem Blockchain Dollars" are designed to be pegged to the value of $1.00 USD. This new logic will assist in making SBD more stable.

Most importantly...

You no longer need to delegate Steem Power to generate new accounts. (Previously you needed to delegate ~ 14 Steem Power to generate an account). A new system called Resource Credits was just implemented, allowing accounts to use credits to mint new usernames."

Good and bad news.

Steemit has been successfully forked. Now, Resource credits and Manna determines a lot in your steemit journey. The number of Steem power you have play a big role in your interaction on the platform. A newly created account with 15SP can only give 3 comments, 9 votes and 11 transfers/powerups.

They are trying to reduce spamming and make people invest in steem power. You can now check the number of comments, upvotes or transfers you can do on steemd.com

Happy New Steemit.

@oredebby that’s a great summary. Thanks so much. Self-voting is harder? I think I just voted myself. What about voting bots? It looks like they may be disabled?

Awww well I'm not too sure, but I don't think it stops bots from doing their work.

welcome back, i will be happy if you can give me a little steem.

HF20 was a huge debacle. Now there is a new system for VP called Voting Mana. The change was buggy but it should work very similar to VP.

The bandwidth is now called RC-Mana. After the Fork nearly nobody could do something on the chain. After some patches we are now able to post, vote ...

There are costs for posting, voting ... . These costs reduce your RC Mana like Voting reduces your VP/VM. And your RC Mana can also regenerate like VP/VM. You can check your Manas on steemd.com.

The time will show us is Steem is trustworthy. And the new system will do the job.

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Hmmm, it will be very interesting to learn what this “manna” thing is all about. Is it the same as the old voting power? Is the amount dependent on how many SP I have?

Voting Mana is nearly the same as Voting Power. But the max RC Mana depends on your SP.

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Hi @swissclive, i think you should power up, its going to save you alot of money once the market gain stability.

And welcome back.

Nothing much changed just daily norms, payout changed from sbd to steem, steemcleaners are more effective, but still haven't find a way to stop spammers..
Nice to have you back @swissclive.

Thanks @steemjetbank. Good to hear from you. I must buy steem right away. I didn’t notice how cheap it has become.

Sad to hear spammers are still here... well thats the internet.

Hardfork comes with some advancements on what we had before but it is somehow more complex now.

For better understanding of these details, read posts by @dragosroua. He explains some of the technicalities in his posts.

Thanks for the guidance @tolustx. I will check out the posts by @dragosroua

I think you have already been informed well. Resource Credits is a kind of voting power but for publications/comments/votes/transfers, and in steemd in the RC box you can see the amount of comments, publications, etc., that you can make.

But in general there is a lot of confusion, the best thing you can do is to see @steemitblog 's latest publication.

And on the price of Steem, it dropped to $0.50 and then with the HF20 it went up to $1, although Steem transactions are now paralyzed in several exchanges like Bittrex or HitBTC.

Thanks @vieira. NI’m not sure what the full path is for steemd. Is it a dot com? I just bought some steem on Bittrex with no problem. What do you mean by paralyzed?

Yes, here is the link.


Yes, you can buy and sell Steem / SBD in Bittrex, but you can not make withdrawals or deposits, that's what I mean, that locked-in capital may have to do with the price.

See www.steem.supply/@swissclive You can see everything for your accounte

@dobartim, I am glad you are still here old friend. I will try this www.steem.supply/@swissclive link now.

I just got a warning about the link saying it could be impersonating another site. I could not go there. Are you sure the link is correct?

Yes I am sure - See my screen

Welcome back. Nobody really knows anything. After the release of hardcore 4 times corrected errors. I think that now it's time to have patience and wait. The last fix significantly improved the mood for STEEM I advise you to reread the last 3 articles @steemitblog.

Hi @cranium, good to see you are hangining in here! I will be off to read @steemitblog. Cheers, Helen !

From an independent thinker

Typical software upgrade with a few bugs.
Seems to be running fine now.


Welcome back

Thank you for your contributions!
Good fortune
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Greetings dear friend, today after several months I have entered to leave the good news about my absence, like you have been away for a few months, the reason and you know it, I need to update on all the news of steemit but now I do not have long time. I'm very happy to know you're fine, thanks for your support. Hugs and blessings for your baby. I hope this translation has been understood

Miss you @swissclive, where are you these days.
HF20 hopefully can solve the spamming issue to some extent and mostly the curation looks attractive with HF20.
In 2nd Q of 2019, we will see many happenings in steemit and steem blockchain for the much awaited SMT.
I may or may not say to invest in steem but I will definitely say that if you have already invested then keep that money and wait till March 2019, hopefully we can see steem again at 3 or 4 usd.
How is your baby by the way?
Thank you.

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