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RE: What the heck is happening with steemit? I’ve been gone four months and just returned today. Help!

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@swissclive I will advice you to power up while you can.
Since the price of steem is lower than a dollar, you can use Other crypto to buy, steem smt will be out next year, so its going to be a great year for steem.

The hard fork has probably messed up a lot of things lately, but I think its getting better now compared to yesterday.

Since you have been out for quite a long time, Ned powered down and haejin reputation have blown up high...I still dont know what he post about... is up and running and too, you can register while you can, almost same clone of steemit.

Hope you doing fine, and welcome back.


Thanks for the updates. Ned powering down is a dissapointment. I guess that explains the low price of steem. I wonder how Haejin got his reputation so high.


@ned powering has nothing to do with Steem's price. It is overall crypto bear market, Steem just got crushed along with other altcoins. @ned is moving his Steem from strategic reasons, it would be extremely stupid to sell in this bear market. In bear market all negativity blows out of proportion, same as euphoria during the bull market.

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