Helpie's Fine Art Curation Report Week #10 - by helpie curator @art-mess.

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Week 10

Hey Steemians, we are back with the 10th edition of @Helpie 's Fine Art Curation Report. This will be a weekly report where we will feature some great content coming out of the Fine Art community. Our goal is to find those individuals that are producing quality content, and raise them up to help them grow. We will do this by featuring 4 talented Steemians and their posts each week. Also, because the goal is to help them grow on the platform, the rewards payout of this report will be paid to the featured artists. The idea is to find those hidden gems that are not getting the recognition they deserve, and lift them in any way we can.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for great content! We want to reward those individuals that are taking their time and energy to add value to the platform through their high quality content. That’s it, think quality over quantity. We will be collecting them through the week and posting our top 4 here each Week.

First Things First: What is Helpie?


Helpie is a new and unique educational community within Steemit, designed to help users that are creating quality content grow on the platform. We do this through a variety of ways including;

    • Lessons designed to help users navigate the steemit network and teach them how to get the most out of it. (ex. GINAbot Tutorial, Growing Your Following On Steemit, and Markdown Challenge
    • Daily Steemit related trivia and contests
    • Mentorship from established Steemit users in all different categories
    • A place to discuss ideas, collaborate with other members, and build your personal community
    • Daily upvote from Helpie for members
    • Weekly Curation of great quality content

Helpie is an invite only community, but anyone can participate in the daily trivia questions. You are not required to up-vote Helpie’s posts to participate. This initiative is not meant to be a vote for vote operation, it’s an educational tool only.

If you would like to be considered to join Helpie as a minnow in training, please consider joining PALnet/MSPand participating in the community. We have scouts constantly looking for the right minnows to support, and they will reach out with a private invitation.

If You Haven't Already, Check Out This Week's Homesteading Curation Report by @llfarms

I'm going to say almost nothing, because if an artist has made it into this curation then their work speaks for itself.

Here are the artists in the spotlight for @Helpie 's 10th Fine Art Curation:

Original Art Series Part 29


Go Show @dill3166 Some Love



Go Show @carolineschell Some Love



Go Show @dalekeogh Some Love

Daily Drawing Challenge #9 / Get 50% of rewards for this post


Go Show @cookiespooky Some Love


If you love what @helpie is all about, and you are ready to contribute by delegating then here are some links to make that a little easier:

|50 SP| 75 SP| 100 SP| 150 SP| 200 SP| 250 SP| 300 SP| 400 SP| 500 SP| 600 SP| 700 SP| 800 SP| 900 SP| 1,000 SP| 2,500 SP| 5,000 SP| 10,000 SP| 20,000 SP| 50,000 SP| 100,000 SP |

Make Sure You Have Plenty of SteemPower. Just Click the Amount You Want to Delegate Above. Then Adjust the URL As Shown Below.

After refreshing the page your avatar will replace the little generic character, and you will need to log into steemconnect with your active key once you hit submit. Be sure you are on SteemConnect and not something else.

Want to Get Curated?

What Are We Looking For?

If you want to get your art curated by Helpie then you need to keep these things in mind


    ......I know how to use Google's Image Search.......Just putting that out there

  • It must be clear that the artwork is your own
    • If I find you have posted a really great piece of artwork, but when I click on the post I can't tell if it is yours I'm probably not going to stay very long. I'm not saying that you have to write a book about the art you post, but a quick exclamation of ownership and maybe a short backstory. The problem is that there are just too many people out there sharing other people's art and just saying a few words without giving any credit to the artist for the image they are using. It is just too difficult to sort through all of it all the time.
  • Extra Points for showing your process- Not only does it make it easier to verify the work is original, I am also very intrigued by watching the process of other artists and I think it benefits the art community here on Steemit.
  • No Digital Works, No Photography - Nothing against the two. That just isn't what this curation is about.

Do You Know an Artist That Deserves More Attention? If So Drop Their Name in the Comments. We Love Finding New Talented Steemians Here at Helpie!

Tired of Seeing Stolen Art All Over the Place?

If you are tired of seeing stolen art clogging all the feeds in every art related tag the come find me, @art-mess, on discord in the msp/pal server. I have the same username and avatar there. Shoot me a message. Let's come together to make this space support hard working original content creators.

Helpie Logo By @ankapolo

Curation Report By @art-mess


Some of my favorite artists here @art-mess! Dalekeogh is one that I have been in awe of. His works are so unique, and beautiful... with just enough crazy to make it work haha. Really great job showcasing such amazing talent! They really do deserve more love ❤️

Thanks @llfarms. I just ran across his work yesterday. So awesome

man... i hope you get some of these peeps to join us... awesome stuff

Wow! Really amazing work from @dalekeogh. The "tall" art is extraordinary!

Yes, next level

All great artists here art-mess. Doing wonderful work for our art community. Best wishes to you.

Thank you @zeitlini. Do you have discord?

No What is it?

Discord is the backstage to Steemit basically. In short it is a voice and text chat app, and this is where everyone links up. It is a very strong and supportive network of awesome people working together to all win on Steemit.

I would love for you to come to discord and get involved in some of the projects going on. I just started working on an art community project within @helpie that I think is going to be great for the Artists of the platform.

If you are interested then download the discord app and come find me on the Pal/MSP I have the same username and avatar there.

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