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Markdown Challenge Cover

Welcome to the land of helpie! Where everything's a lesson, but the rewards are endless.😎

Today's Lesson:


Today's Goal:

To learn to use it like a boss.😎

Let's get started!

Many of you probably already know a bit about Markdown, and if you don't, check out this (old) link from one of our teachers @carrieallen . PIMP YOUR POST- A Beginner's Guide to Markdown

For now, we're going to learn a few simple things and then put them to good use. Keep reading, there could be rewards in your future.

Probably the most important/useful markdown code, if you've got nothing else up your sleeve, would be HEADINGS. Essentially, this is just making text different sizes. It's as easy as it gets.

Simply use the hashtag (#) and then a space followed by whatever you'd like to make a heading (or a different size). You can use 1-6 hashtags, 1 being the largest.

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6

Which turn out like this:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

What about italices, bold, & strike through ?🤔

To italicize just add a little asterisk BEFORE and AFTER the word or sentences.

To bold one more asterisk on each side. (Two total.)

To italicize bold, put 'em together! (So 3 asterisks on each side.)
***italicize bold***

To strike through, you'll need two tidles (or horizontal squigglies 😄)
~~strike through~~

Alrighty! Let's move on.


These are pretty easy. You literally only need to copy/paste a link into your post and it will automatically hyperlink it.
But what if you don't want the whole sloppy link showing?🤔

The click through

Use brackets [] around whatever text you'd like to be clickable, followed by your link in parenthesis ().

It will look like this:
[🌟Pimp Your Post🌟](

And come out like this:
🌟Pimp Your Post🌟

While you're practicing with brackets and parenthesis let's talk IMAGES.


This is exactly the same code as above with one tiny addition: an exclamation point at the very beginning. Added bonus, you don't really need a title, but you DO need the brackets.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • ![](
  • ![Memoji Stars](

Both are the same except I named the image Memoji Stars in the second example. They will render exactly the same. Like this:
Memoji Stars

Whew! You're doing great! Only a few more to go... and then the challenge!

Center, Lines and Lists

Now that we can size our text and insert images we can bring our posts to the next level with a litte CENTER action.


Place these nice little carrots <> and the word center at the beginning and end of whatever you'd like to center. Oh! Don't forget the backslash on the last one to properly end the code... Or you will be so sad that EVERYTHING is centered.😦

Exactly what it looks like:

<center>STUFF YOU WANNA CENTER</center>

Do you see that back slash? Remember it!

It ends up like this:


Just for fun, here's gif centered too:

I simply popped the link into the () and didn't worry about a title. Here it is!

Just for fun

Lines and Lists! That's all we've got left!

See that nice thin line up there? Don't you just love it and want it for your own? Well, today's your lucky day!

To create a line just pop in 3 asterists *** (or more, it doesn't seem to matter as long as there are three).
There it is! 👇

Want a few lines? Just add more rows with asterists.

And finally, one last thing with asterists *...


I kinda love being able to separate things with bullet points and that cute little star * does just that!
To build a list or bullet points you need to start the line with an asterist and a space. That's it. Here's the example:
* You've made it through the lesson!
* Keep reading for the challenge.
* It's almost time to practice!

Which will render like this:

  • You've made it through the lesson!
  • Keep reading for the challenge.
  • It's almost time to practice!

You did it

Congradulations! That was a LOT to learn! The best way to learn and retain something is to put it to use as soon as possible.

💥The Challenge💥

In the comment section of this post tell us two fun facts about yourself and use AT LEAST 3 different markdown codes shown in this lesson to pimp it up.

Those who follow directions will get super delicious upvotes from today's guest lecturer @carrieallen , and those who really show off their new (or old) skills may be rewarded more generously.

What are you waiting for?!

Do it


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Thanks for this!

  • I didn't know how to do any of this.
  • I will try to put this to good use
  • I just woke up from a dream about a shapeshifting squirrel

Yay! I'm glad it's helped. Just think how awesome your posts are gonna be now.

And about that shapeshifting squirrel.... Like whoa. 😲


I didn't know any of this either =) shapeshifts back into a squirrel

Muy util!, me gustaria saber como justificar los textos?, además de otros metodos para mejorar la apariencia de las publicaciones


Traducido con Google Translate.
Lo siento mucho. No hablo español completamente. Aquí está en inglés (¿es lo mismo?).

<div class="text-justify">

  • First off, This is a really great and easy to follow guide!

  • Second off, I would have loved to have this when I started to learn markdown HERE soooo... here's a centered GIF for you :)


Many of you probably already know a bit about Markdown, and if you don't, check out this (old) link from one of our teachers @carrieallen . PIMP YOUR POST- A Beginner's Guide to Markdown

Yes, but I still learned a lot with this post so thank you and @helpie for this!!!!


  • Third off, I forgot the facts about me!! here they are:

    • I have no hearing on my right side.
    • I watch the extended edition of the Lord of the rings trilogy once every year.
    • My cat is called Arwen after the elf princess in said trilogy.

I'm so glad you found this! I keep planning to do a more advanced tutorial, but have found a LOT are still learning the basics. I was happy to offer this lesson to the fabulous folks of @helpie !

Added bonus: I get to learn some fun things about everyone. 😍

Re: Your Facts:

  • Whoa. No hearing? Have you never had it? Or was it lost?
  • We also watch (and own) the LotR trilogy. That's some good sh*t.
  • We have no animals named from the show, but all are named from Shakespeare.

Thanks for playing!



  • Yep, no hearing, I've never had it hehe
  • Agreed
  • That's really cool!


  • facts
  • techniques
  • happiness
    bad habits
    cool! THANKYOU :)


One thing: You forgot to make a space between the asterists * on your list. You can edit (which DOES use some more of your bandwidth) and just add a space and the bullets shall appear! 🤩


aaaaaahhh yeah! thats better! haha. I didn't even notice....thanks :)


You did it!
Looks great!

Two Truths and a Lie

Space Stace Edition

  • I come from a military background

  • I write poetry

  • Nuggets disgust me



I think you LOVE nuggets! 🤣


You can't dislike nuggets! it's scientifically proven to be impossible! hahaha


This was awesome! Thanks for doing this! my future Curation posts and I thanks you! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


Is this a trap?



You are so welcome!
Pimp those posts up! 😎

  • I memorized almost every corny quote from "Commando" movie, like "You are a funny guy Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last."
  • I'm a huge fan of 80s music, and a big big fan of A-ha and Depeche Mode.
  • I eat green berets for breakfast, and right now I'm very hungry

80s movies, I love those ones! My favorite one is Dune.
I also like the Police Academy comedy movies. :-)


Hahah Mahoooooneyyyyyy!!!!


LOL! I love your facts!

I also love 80s music ... and movies. 🎶


Haha thank you Carrie! 80s Action movies are so awesome!

veckinon on veckinon

a brief collection of personal facts

stock photo from

  • I love me some video games
  • I no longer have a large intestine

Thanks for looking and best wishes


Great tutorial by the way. I was just trying to center a photo on a post a couple of days ago and couldn't get it to work for the life of me. I was totally forgetting the forward slash.


Excellent. Excellent.

You've intrigued me... No large intestine?

I have SO many questions (most of which I can Google)...

One for you: How (if at all) does it affect your life?


I have Crohn's disease (among a few other autoimmune and related conditions, my family has had really terrible luck as far as health is concerned), which is what caused me to lose my intestine and rectum about two and a half years ago. I now have an ileostomy. People often assume the worst about life with an ostomy, but in reality, it actually greatly improves the quality of life of many people. Since having my surgery I can participate in a lot more than I was able to before, i can eat many foods that I previously could not and I am in way less pain. There definitely are some challenges, but living with no large intestine is actually a lot better than living with one that doesn't work.


Hey a fellow ostomate! I had UC for a year and my bowel perforated soon after leaving me with a ileostomy. Three years later and twelve surgeries I got myself a barbie butt too. Life is much better with it as without it I would not be around to enjoy it. I recently wrote about it all How I got flipped Inside Out... For REAL!.

I've followed you now so, see you around.


Yayyyy! So great to see another ostomate here! I first became symptomatic as a teen and went just over fifteen years before surgery. My doctors had talked about it for quite a while before I actually had it though. I had a proctocolectomy, so the barbie but and ostomy were all done at the same time. I was scared to death about surgery for years but it got to the point where I really wasn't living much of a life and it was better to get the surgery before things became life threatening. I have been really happy with my decision though. I am going to check out your link now. Thanks for commenting!!


You are more than welcome, Life with an ostomy is heaps better than being sick but it takes us a while to get there as its a huge surgery and it is life changing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my story :-)


Whoa. That all sounds a little crazy. But I'm super glad that we have the capapbility to do it so your lives can be better.

I'm so happy this lesson was the catalist in your meeting! It's important to have others around who experience the same things as you. Makes us feel more normal.

Hugs to you both! 😍


Lol, google is king. I wrote a story about my journey from healthy to bowel-less and barbie butt. The link is below if your interested in how it can come about. So happy I found another ostomate. There is about 4 of us I've found now.

Tres cosas sobre mi

  • Soy un Músico viviendo en Buenos Aires Argentina, amante de viajar y hacer amigos.
  • La mayor parte de mi tiempo trabajando la invierto grabando, creando sesiones a distancia, y enseñando en mi estudio via Skype.
  • Tengo 24 años y espero poder compartir con todos mi experiencia como artista y músico independiente.

Aqui les adjunto mi post introductorio para los que no puedieron verlo

Three things about me

  • I am a musician living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a lover of traveling and making *friends.
  • Most of my time working on recording, creating remote sessions, and teaching in my studio through Skype.
  • I am 24 years old and I hope to share my experience as an artist and independent musician with everyone.

I enclosed my introductory post for those who could not see it.


Welcome to the community!

Your markdown is perfect!

3 facts about me

  • I take pictures and write stories about them
  • I have a border collie
  • I live in Canada

You asked for 2, I put 3 for good luck. I love this place. Thanks @helpie


Great job!

I also love this place! And @helpie is pretty awesome. 😍


I used the list feature in my post today. Didn't know how to do that before.


Woohoo! That's awesome!


Two fun Facts about me:

  1. Both of my cats are rescues:
    • One is named Dahlia and was rescued as a feral kitten
    • The other is named Compost and was rescued from a no kill shelter
  2. We have two pear trees we named after my late step-father Jack:
    • They are named Jack 1 and Jack 2 because he always talked about moving back to the country so he could grow pears.

Just L👀K at all that sexy markdown! Looooook at it!

Great job!

A kitty named Compost. I love it!


Thanks. Hehe. My post is not are pretty as all the other entries but I'm so enjoying this trivia tutorial!


I forgot the explain both Compost and Dahlia were named after garden elements. It started because Dahlia was living under my garden shelf outside. She was beautiful and dainty like my favorite flower Mystic Dahlia. I liked the garden theme. Because Compost was black with brownish speckles on his belly, that's how I choose his name. ( :


Hola soy kernelillo

Memoji Stars
💥El cheat es mi pasion💥
Me gusta hacer steaming de mis juegos

ahora estoy haciendo mas amigos en Steemit


Kernelillo, esta leccion no era sobre esto. Tienes que escribir 3 cosas sobre ti utilizando la forma de formatar los textos que esta leccion te ensenia. Puedes editar tu comentario y hacerlo bien.


de tipooo ya editado


¡Tu edición es genial!

Me encanta ese gif!

¿Qué plataforma usas para transmitir tus juegos?

Esto fue traducido usando Google Translate.


@carrieallen puedes usar OBS es gratis y se usa para transmitir pero el que yo uso es Xsplit y la capturadora que uso se llama ElGato game capture en ella puedo conectar todo tipo de consolas o aparatos que tengas salida hdmi


¡Guay! Me refiero a DONDE hospedas? ¿Youtube? Dtube? Pero ya me dijiste ayer en el chat. Dlive. 😍

Thank you Carrie for this tutorial!

Some facts about me:

  • I've already been using some of these commands in my post.
  • I still have trouble remembering how to use links in images and bottom lines
  • Last but not least, my english is not so fluid so time to time I have to use google's translator for my entries!

Thanks again!


You're welcome!

To do a link with an image (rather than words) do this:


Do you see what I did there?
An image is:

So I took that entire thing and made it the TITLE (so I put brackets [] around the entire code), and added the link to CLICKTHROUGH at the end in parenthesis ().




will render like this


And have a clickable link (to my recent Coffee Talk with Carrie Episode). 😎

If English isn't your first language- You're doing GREAT! I'm always impressed when I find this out about people. I only (kinda now) speak Sign Language... but is that really speaking? 🤔


Carrie thanks for this explanation! You are great! I'll keep this near for next post!

I used to think that sign language was universal, then someone told me that there are different signs for every language...

Cheers and nice to meet you!


Sign language IS pretty universal. The only differences are mostly regarding the order in which they are shown to produce thoughts.

I learned SEE (Sign Exact English) and ASL (American Sign Language). SEE was so when teaching children we could teach sentence structure for writing and reading. However, it's nearly impossible to use SEE all the time. Your hands and fingers would get so exhausted!

And ASL is the more useful conversation language. It's literally shaping your thoughts into being. This makes the most sense to me. I used to dream in sign language as a kid, so when I decided to take it in college it was just THERE. I was like a savant.

Oh! And I knew a tiny bit of French and Spanish at the time and looked in the French and Spanish versions of sign. VERY similar.

Sorry for the long explanation... that you didn't ask for. LOL!


Hey! Thanks for this info! It pretty much clarifies my ideas about Sign Language.

It is always welcome to learn something new!


Fun Facts

  • My username comes from the name of a mixtape.
  • A lot of people think I look like Snoop Dogg.
    I knew most of these codes, but still learnt something new.



Dude. Mixtapes. 😍

You appear to be MUCH younger than Snoop🐶.

I actually learned something too! Be sure to read through this comment section. There are at least (as of now) two more markdown codes. One of which I did NOT know...

Thanks for participating!


Haha, yeah I'm 26. I just got that snoop vibe I guess.
The justify text thing was awesome. I've been center aligning all my posts cause I couldn't get left aligned text to look good. Gotta give that a try sometime.


  • Se supone que en la universidad me enseñaron a usar los codigos pero no recuerdo nada porque tengo mala memoria
  • Me encanta comer chocolate con jugo de naranja

¡Gran trabajo!

¿Estás diciendo que NO amas el chocolate y el jugo de naranja porque usaste golpear?

¿O dónde estás usando el código genial?

Esto fue traducido usando Google Translate.


amo el chocolate pero me gusta comerlo y tomar jugo de naranja al mismo tiempo, lo tache porque la gente dice que es una combinacion extraña


Es un poco extraño COMER chocolate y BEBER jugo de naranja, pero aquí en los USA, tenemos sabor a chocolate y forma de naranja.

Personalmente, AMO el chocolate anaranjado también. 😍


wow que genial nunca lo habia vistoo!!!

Wowza, thank you for this excellent and info packed post :)

How do you add stars and emoji things?

  • I am so glad I've found Steemit
  • I love it here, and love meeting people as helpful and friendly as you :)

Also, I've never used strikethrough ;)
Now I have, wahoo!!
Take care


Nice! It's great learning new skills. 😍

I use and copy/paste them. You can also use them in your titles. 😎 Hint: Not many do this. It's a good way to stand out.

If you were talking about the big cartoon ME, that comes from . You first create your avatar. There are a LOT of options, so you can really make it look like you. Then, the addon/app supplies new Bitmojis using your avatar. It's so awesome.

I like love the Markdown Challenge :)

3 Fun (2+extra effort) facts about me

  • Still can't explain steemit to my friends without getting super confused myself
  • Laughing in public because of funny self dialouge in my head and making people confused by laughing for no apparent reason
  • Love diving into new topics online and sometimes loosing sense of time for 3-4 hrs straight

Keep these educational and engaging challenges coming,

  • Devin :)


Yes. Yes and YES!

  • For the first several months I could barely understand what I was doing, let alone communicate it to another being.
  • The dialog only gets more hilarious. All of the Shitty Comments, plus just hearing yourself think "I got curied!" 😆 (By the way, may the gods be in your favor to be found and curied. 😍 )
  • The time loss doesn't get better, BUT you do learn SO much. It's addictive.

That link goes to my Youtube channel (Colorado Carrie) and a song by my husband you may enjoy. 😎

This is Great

  • I always enjoy helping others on steemit
  • I also enjoy entering contests on steemit
    Click Here to see a contest that I am having.

Just to keep it simple for those who are lost I entered this contest by using 3 of the lessons taught I used a heading bullet points and a link.


Excellent markdown!

I also like both of those things!

I checked out your contest. I don't know if I have quite the skillset for that yet. I mean, I don't really CREATE my own drawings in anything. I grab things (legally) from here and there and create something new. I'm excited to get a tablet in the future I can use to draw my own graphics.


nice feel free to stop by once you get the tablet and check for that weeks contest and enter then no rush I try to hold some sort of contest once a week.

hihi three fun facts about me 😅 this is too easy! most of my life is funny but I'll try to short list it 😂:

  • I once got arrested with my cousin but I only stayed in Jail for few days. The funny part was, no matter how much the policemen tried to scare us, we'd look at each other's eyes and start laughing.
  • I found myself homeless in Istanbul one night when I was supposed to meet a tunisian friend in the very Taksim square where all istanbul was celebrating the failure of the military coup. So I just celebrated with them and when everyone went home, I remembered that I have nowhere to go.

that being said, I think you missed a very important tool ( well at least to me 😏)


Those can be copied and pasted from Here



Seems like you do well fitting right in. 😃

I had to save a few things for my next lesson. 😉

But, someone asked about emojis and I linked to it in the comments here.

Next challenge will be more advanced markdown (things that maybe aren't used as often) AND emojis AND Bitmojis.

But yes, emojis are VERY important. I feel they help convey emotions really well, when we don't have access to fonts that could help.


Seems like you do well attracting me 😃
I am alwys late but I guess better late than never 😉
you really are doing a great job making steemit even more fun !

3 Interesting Facts About Me:

  • I am Colombian but i’ve lived in Costa Rica for the last 17 years.


  • I am a Youtuber with over 8.000 followers, yet i only make around $5 a month with my videos .

You can check my channel here.

  • My biggest dream is to become a professional songs writer , also to become a travel blogger.

I am very confident that Steemit will help me achieve some of those goals.

Thanks a lot @helpie and everyone involved with this account! Super useful tips and trivia! Also thank you @carrieallen . You all rule!

Excellent markdown. I see a few things in there I didn't teach in this lesson. Very nice. 🤩

I watch a LOT of Youtube. I'll go check ya out. 😀

I agree. I think that Steemit is a place that can definitely help you achieve those dreams.

You're so welcome! I'm having fun being the guest teacher this week. I'll probably do it again, if they'll have me. 😉


Haha! I bet they would definitely have you again! And thanks a lot! I am glad you liked what i did!!
Thanks agan for everything!


  • This is cool stuff.
  • I'm going to have to try some of these things on my posts.
  • this could work pretty well.

my latest post

I had to add this

Figuring what to put spaces on and what not to is the tricky part for me. I had to edit this several times.


Remember, even if you're on a phone, just scroll down and there should be a new window showing you EXACTLY what your markdown will look like.

Each time you edit, you are using an equal amount of your bandwidth, so I try to keep that to a minimum.

You can also use in-browser markdown editors like, which will store your blogs automatically AND gives you the ability to view your work side by side, rather than scrolling down, which is a bummer.

To complete the challenge for upvotes I still need at least two facts about yourself. 😍

Your markdown looks great!

Since I got my domain name before it was cool to have on I was forced to learn a lot of this way back when :-) I must be getting old....reminds me like I tell my buddies, we're getting old, especially you :-)



But like fine, fine wine.


LOL well said!

  • thank you for sharing
  • I've follow you friend
  • I'll wait for your next guide

This is good post, there is no better way to learn than to write more articles and being creative about it.

Congratulations @helpie!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade for newcomers in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 4 with 68 comments

I also upvoted your post to increase its reward
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