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RE: Contribute to a cooperative cryptocurrency for mass adoption

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Thanks for sharing! I became a Faircoop/Faircoin enthusiast since I went to a workshop (I posted about it) here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I just sent you 2 SBD in exchange for Faircoins as you proposed. Thanks and good luck again!


Hi @wagnertamanaha, it's nice to read that more people are hearing about this project! Thank you for reading the post and supporting this movement. I sent you 5.44 FAIRs based on the 2 SBDs I received (attached you the tx hash) Greetings! Do you have a discord or telegram user? I would like to talk with you about the ecosystem and include you to the telegram groups!


I just mentioned your post in the Telegram Faircoop group called Multicurrency Ecosystem, I said I bought some Faircoins here and this way could be the first step to integrate both platforms. As the original SBD role as a stable currency for commerce did not work yet maybe the Faircoin can fill this gap plus promoting the fair and circular economy. Thanks and good luck again!

I checked the wallet and everything is ok, thank you very much again! My username on Telegram is Wagner Tamanaha (where I have already joined many Faircoop groups) and on Discord is wagnertamanaha.

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