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Ask and ye shall receive!

Recently @suziescorner requested that @papa-pepper make a video sharing some of his thoughts on what newer users on steemit can be doing to increase their potential on this platform. Never being one to turn away a request for assistance, @papa-pepper soon got to work.

Since there are no guarantees on steemit, just a whole lot more potential and opportunity than others are willing to give us, there is no actual rhyme or reason to truly "succeeding" on steemit or anyway to ensure "success." However, as a person who was a complete n00b just 10 months ago, I can certainly share a lot of my ideas and advice on things that newer users could be up to in order to increase their potential.

Since the realm of potentially valid points is nearly inexhaustible, I was in now way going to attempt to make one single comprehensive video post that covered all of the bases and variables. Therefore, I will be releasing this in a video series, and take a more laid-back, thought-sharing approach rather than "teaching a class" on How To Succeed on Steemit."


As I continue with this series, I sincerely aim to provide some solid advice and worthwhile food for thought. However, from my current position in the steemit community, I may have a very different perspective than some of the newer users. That said, since I do not want to waste your time or mine, please let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like my thoughts on. I cannot speak for everyone or for steemit inc, but I can share my thoughts with you and hope that they will be helpful.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully this series will be of some assistance and encouragement to you. If you enjoyed what you saw, make sure to thank @suziescorner for her excellent suggestion. Papa Out!

To begin to read some of my helpful posts about interacting on steemit, CLICK HERE.

Until next time…

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Papa, be sure that at some point, we will meet, face to face.


Looking forward to it. 15 years since I've been up to Canada, but I know a lot of people there these days!!!!

Nice to have a step by step. I know we all want to make a million overnight, but we have to remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Easy to get impatient and overlook the opportunity right in front of you.


Excellent (and appropriate) attitude @rangertx!

I'll keep them coming. Thank you.


A very funny movie to be sure!


"What About Bob?" is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time; it's awesome.

Thanks for the video Papa, Iam new to steemit. (about a week) really do not know that much about it. Learned a lot of good info from your video. You managed to put it in simple terms. I made the first mistake by not including a photo on my intro post. I have learned that you seem to get more upvotes and followers if you include a picture in every post. Thanks for the info and happy steeming.


Glad to hear it, and I am so glad that you found it to be helpful.


Thanks again, looking forward to the next video.


Maybe tomorrow...

Great first video. There is definitely a lot for us newbies to digest, so multiple posts are far better than one "eat-till-you-drop" buffet.


Right. Thanks for the encouragement once again Dad! I love you.

Great Share, Thanks for keeping it real and giving us newbs some practical steemit support. Respect :)

Steem On Brother!

Great video!
Love the chain


It was my Christmas present to myself.

Since there are guarantees on steemit

Did you mean to say there are "no guarantees"?


Good catch! Absolutely! I meant no guarantees.

Thanks for that @shayne.


Ok, good. I'm glad to have helped!

I'm watching the video now. Some really good advice.


Have you ever thought of teaming up for a video? I have a few ideas.

Hey Papa, Can you possibly check out my most recent post about a sun flare that just happened. It is an X class 10 earth facing and potentially bad situation. We really need to let people know about this. Even if you don't upvote that's fine, but you reach a larger audience and can resteem to get people aware there may be severe issues on the planet within a day or so. This is so people can contact families now. Please help on this. Thanks so much in advance. I posted on an old video so as not to be seen begging. I am not begging for myself though. Thanks and God Bless.

Thank you for the willingness to help the newer members. Steemit is making the human race a better race.


You are welcome!

Very well done. I forgot there was a contest tag.

Great content, useful information, thank you papa for helping us.
I can't waits for series 2


You are welcome.I may even work on it today.


It's a very informative video. I think it will help me as well as other new comers who want to do well. I like your advice on leaving comments! I am a person who likes to interact with people.

Like you said it's a good place to meet people. This is a special day for me not only because you made this video after my suggestion but my husband and I are celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary today.

I started not to say 47 years because you guys will think I'm old but my heart is young and I feel great.. I'm rambling now, I guess I'm a little giddy about life. Hey, I was a young bride! Lol


My wife and I are working on 10 years. Excellent example you are setting with a strong marriage that lasts. Congratulations!


This day and age 10 years is a long time. Believe me the years will race by, enjoy your wife and family each day that God gives you.!


Great initiative. Yes, Papa Pepper's always there when you need him!


Lol, I try to be!

@papa-pepper thank you so much for sharing your ideas on how to blog well on steemit. I am surprised how these ideas can be helpful for a newbie like me.


I am glad that you like them. There is more to come!

Papa-pepper I made this for you but I don't think you saw it so here is the link.


Thank you for the link.... I had missed it.

Yeah, that's an excellent approach!!!
It seems that we kind of had the same idea at the same point of time :-)

Your English is logically a WORLD better than mine, and you have a LOT more experience on steemit, so not comparing at all :-)

Resteemed, hoping that especially the new ones will find and start following you!

Thanks papa!
Interesting for a newbie like me!
Looking forward to more on this series!

Hey, when is the wife's due date? Getting excited I bet!


Supposedly the beginning of June, but we think it'll happen earlier.

Great post for us newbs - thanks!

Thanks so much, this helps!

Outstanding video. I think one of the most awesome things about steemit is that there is incentive to be courteous. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It is a market solution to social media platforms that are cluttered with ads and opinions clashing.


That may play a big factor. Good point!

Great initiative!


Thank you @malonmar. I think it was a great idea.

Thank you for the newbie advice. I have made a choice to focus on Steemit and am currently working on getting my account up and running.

Very cool papa-pepper. Nice delivery, calm, cool, collected and so helpful. I'm only on here day two! woo hoo! and quite enthusiastic.

Hi papa-pepper, thanks for inspiring me to complete my profile! I've actually been on since last August, and spent most of that time just learning how to do posts and incorporating my photos (while reading and commenting on other Steemers' great work). I have a done a few posts, and feel a more comfortable now that I've learned a bit. I want to get my posts somewhere equal to my comments! Thanks for your work! (love your wildlife stuff) - MH

awesome video :) now I am even more glad that I joined this beautiful community :)


Glad to hear it!

Great post, very informative

This is the most helpful advice I have seen for newbies! Thank you and I look forward to your other videos! God Bless!

Thanks for the honest advice @papa-pepper! Every new Steemer needs to hear this!

I really enjoy this peer to peer platform. By the Steemit Community. For the Steemit Community. Steem On!

Thank you papa, now i see my mistakes. I appreciate what you do. So thank you again.

Very good advice, Videos is quite easy to understand what are explained

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Love this! Thank you, and resteeming!

You are the man papa! Glad you are having success. You deserve it man. This will be the game-changer. I know you will continue to post even after the land because you are hooked like us all!


Yeah, I think I'll buy my land and post about, build my house and post about it, and then live my life.... and post about it.


Sounds good!

Thanks for taking the egfort yo lesrn and then to show the way. just passinh by but will look in more often to learn from you. I sm grateful!

Papa Pepper!!!
Great video ! You are sooo calm and cool in this video.
I want one of those chain steem necklaces some day.

I just started on this Steemit a week ago. It's such an exciting place to be.
I am staying focused on posting 1-2 times a day on AcroYoga content and tutorials. I hope you would be interested in checking it out.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I hope to be able to give advice to the newbies in the future!
Take care brother!


Thanks @acromott. Followed and best wishes mate!

Thank you papa ! :)


You are welcome @happyphoenix!

Inspiring post. Slowly learning about Steemit. Can't wait to watch the other videos. Thanks so much.

I have finished your series- started at you 13 /14 video and worked my way all the way backward. I guess I should be doing an introduction. Figured I have been posting before hand wasn't sure if was going to an #intro. Thank You - @suziecorner

Thank you for sharing the knowledge you've gained. As a steemit noob, this is very much appreciated!

@papa-pepper joining the ranks of the @mindhunter and @craig-grant - loving this one papa! Yo! more gangster than than the Grantster - sharper than da hunter! Ha ha! "MORE!!!"


Thanks Mate! I appreciate the encouragement!



Remember to try one without the glasses too [Just a hint!] ;)