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With over 9000 earned steem power, 800 followers, and a reputation of 69, @papa-pepper has been “succeeding” on steemit, and for that I am very thankful to all of you.

In three easy to comprehend sections, I would like to share the BASICS, RHYME, and REASON on how to make your posts pay on steemit.

I’ll try to keep this one short(er) and simple for you.


Quality, Originality, and Interaction are the keys to building up a following and setting yourself up for long-term success on steemit. When you show up, most likely you’re nobody. It’ll take work to get noticed and stay noticed, but these simple tips should help.

  • QUALITY – Do your best to put out the highest quality work that you can do. From the best grammar and sentence structure that you are capable of to quality images, make your posts look professional.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Learn new skills and improve your writing, styling, and appeal. Much of what you see @papa-pepper doing in his posts is because of new skills that I have learned in the past months.
  • ORIGINALITY – Be original and be yourself. Create your own content and don’t steal from others.
  • CONSISTENCY – Post as often as you can without compromising the quality of your posts. You’ll get penalized in payouts if you post more than four times a day, but try to post on a consistent basis. Personally, I usually limit myself to once per day, but I still strive for daily posts so that there is always something for my followers and others to check out.
  • VOTING – Check out the posts that others are making, and upvote the ones that you enjoy.
  • COMMENTING – Votes can quickly become buried on posts that do well, so leave comments when you want to as well. A good comment can get noticed by more users than just the author, and may stir up some more attention for you. Also, comments encourage interaction, and interaction is necessary for building relationships and community.
  • RESPOND – When someone replies to you, respond to them. It’s polite and also helps users “get to know one other.”
  • IMAGES – Like any good book, your post should have some pictures. I take and make my own images, but there are also many places online to get images to use. Use ones that make sense and apply to your text.


Using rhyme, I will attempt to share some of what I have learned about what you can do to guarantee that your post will get a good payout.

When you post on steemit,
Make sure you take your time,
Proofreading and editing,
And using words that work well together.

Many other users,
All tryin to get seen,
So do your very best,
If you know what I am talking about.

With every comment,
And with every post,
You have the opportunity,
To make something from it.

Do not get discouraged,
Yes, please persevere,
Hopefully my rhymes helped,
To make things more understandable for you.


In this final educational section I will be using reason to explain how to be absolutely sure that your posts on steemit will payout.

When you submit your post, it like eating nachos in a field of mature dandelion plants. Perhaps a few of the floating seeds may even get in your cheese dip. Squirrels may fight one another over acorns, so the ants might show up at a picnic. The crunching of fall leaves on the forest floor when you walk on the make a lot more noise than swimming underwater. A taco has no tadpoles but my pockets are still full. I can’t smell my computer.


Honestly, other than the basics, those are the best examples of the rhyme and reason of steemit when it comes to how you can be sure to make your posts pay.


Awesome Handcrafted @papa-pepper logo kindly donated by @vlad - Thank you!!

OPERATION TRANSLATION logo provided by @oecp85.

(click link above for more info on Operation Translation)


Good Lord you put out some of the best stuff ever LOL!!! It is funny, and truthful and honestly I want to know who else breathed a sigh of relief at the last part --- with @papa-pepper the whale to most of us minnows basically saying he does not have the answer as to what really makes sense and success of a post - lol, I appreciated that a lot. As always I have shared and UV and RS your post --- TY very much!!!!! A loyal tiny minnow.

A GIFT for you, if you want it... just copy and paste the address and put it at the end of your posts if you want.

BROTHER thank you, I have no idea how to do that fancy stuff - as you can likely tell -- I just shared that onto a few of my SM accounts and RS and UV it also into the feed here--- it has your name attached so hopefully it helps you also!!!! TY SO MUCH!!! (:

You're welcome.

I'll be doing a post on how I make my posts soon.

The Kim Walker song with Jesus Culture that melts me every time. EVERY time. Watch her on stage - her anointing is something else. I tear up every time. EVERY time

GIF T --- I did notice that BTW, I was just very excited at the time seeing your investment in me. (:

I was just experimenting and having a little fun...

I saw you are getting ready to teach on how you do some of your stuff -- last nite, I already made a note of it! I am waiting. Have a good wkend and TY again.

Should be in the next couple days...

I'll let you know.



I am really surprised at how much people are enjoying this one!

Love your works, and I agree the is really no rhyme or reason why one post does good and the next one does not. I agree like you said the best way is to just keep posting, and take pride in your achievements but don't count the losses, they may not have been released at the right time for people who would be interested in reading them to follow.

Absolutely the appropriate understanding of the situation and the proper viewpoint to have!!!

I'll follow you for that comment alone and go check out what I've been missing!

Your various ways of summing this up was both clear and witty. Funny bc @smysullivan and myself met online earlier and we just discussed this!!

Interesting, I was just enjoying some of what @smysullivan has to offer.

Thanks, and I'm glad that you liked it.

We just discussed this elsewhere lol. Beauty

Handcrafted, just for you!

Thank you very much, now I need to learn formatting like you have, and see about learning to add the cool image to my posts. I will defiantly start to use it.

Right click on the gif and select copy image address.

Paste that information in a word document or at the end of your post.

Some that I use on every post I'll just recopy from the previous post and add to the next one.

Try replying to me with that logo.

Cool, I already copied the img link to a word document. Also save the img to the HD so not to lose it lol.

img by @papa-pepper

Excellent - Great Work, It looks nice to me!!!

I'm working on a How to post, lol so if you see me stop following you, and then start a few times it is just for the screen shots.


Thanks for the heads up, not that I am the type to unfollow you over it and then not follow you back!!!!

Maybe it has something to do with specialized home grown organic peppers? Lol nice post, I'm currently still reading it in its entirety but I wholeheartedly agree, originality, consistency and creativity are key to staying relevant in terms of quality, and also engaging interaction with other quality members of the community. Easy Upvote

Just wait for the Rhyme and Reason section...

That was hilarious lol I won't give a spoiler but what a brilliant way to tackle such a tough topic people ponder so long about

I was hoping that it might help the reach a specific perspective.

Fine lines between sarcasm and rhetoric. I like it!

We do walk a fine line, don't we?

Must have been a nice comment there, it made more than some of your posts.... LOL!

Yeah I know right, pretty hilarious and ironic. But that's life in steemit :)

How much time do you spend on styling your posts? I found this guide: . But I am just starting to learn programing so it is a very slow process at the moment.

Also do you style your posts first in Word or a Note Pad and then just copy and past the text to Steemit when ready?

A GIFT for you, if you want it (Just copy and paste the image address.)

Thanks. I will be following you for more styling suggestions.

Cool, thanks.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll post a good one on that on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday.. but soon.

I type all my posts in word, styling as I go. There is a lot more left to learn about markdown, but what I have learned I apply when appropriate. I am planning on sharing a "how-to" about how I make my posts and images, gifs, and styling soon, so keep your eye out for that post soon!

If you didn't notice, my point was that is no guaranteed key to success here, and that steemit has no rhyme or reason if you try to evaluate what you need to do in order to guarantee the success of your posts.

Have fun, be creative, and interact, but there are no promises or guarantees, only the possibility and opportunity.


I pass the goid tidings from the fest. Cheers! :-D

Thanks for that @xanoxt!!

Good to hear from you and tell everyone that Papa says hi!

Great info! I definitely have a lot to learn, especially about images. Can you please point out some good image resources online? Keep up the great work!

You know, since I am actually more of internet roadkill myself and make all of my own images, I have no idea.

However, if you wanted to send me your text or describe a few image ideas to me on I would make you some images to use for a post. Sort of a steemit collaboration. Obviously, I couldn't do it every time, but I would help out every once in a while.

You have such interesting posts, I would have a lot of fun with it!

Wow! Fantastic! I'll think it over and try to come up with some image ideas to match my upcoming posts in the next couple of weeks. I would learn how to make images myself, but even if I knew how, I don't know where I'd find the time. I teach English full time and barely have enough time to write as it is. Anyway, as soon as I have some image ideas I'll send them your way! Thanks so much! Cheers

Sounds Great, also, for my 10,000 Steem Power post I will be doing a How-To on how @papa-pepper makes his posts, with images, styling, and gifs!!

I look forward to it! Cheers! By the way, what's your steemit chat name?

Never mind, I found the chat name. Had a typo and didn't come up before.

Good. I'll be ready when you are.

GIFT for you!

so good of you to help us all. That is why I went back and made the 2nd reply about your 2020 campaign lol. Good on ya.

Oh, I thought that you were trying to get me assassinated so that you could take over the account.

LONG LIVE @papa-pepper!!!

Good advice and well done on your success :)

I have had the most crazy success here, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thanks @karenb54!

You have worked for it. Well done

Amen to that, and thanks!

I also want to own GIFT!How can it be obtained?

I am doing a how-to post soon, but I can probably make you one tomorrow if you want.

Any suggestions or colors?


Glad to see you are able to use it!!!

It looks fine to me that size, but if you want to reduce, I do not know how.

I could try remaking it smaller tonight when I get home, but I'm not sure if it will work.

I have no problem trying for you though.

Thank you,@papa-pepper!Yes,can be any color and suggestions)

How's that?

I can adjust the speed.

Also, can you reply back with it, so I can make sure that you know how to use it?

Thanks again for logo! I need to save it as a file?

You can save it, but also, once you use it, you can always copy it from there too!

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it's gonna be lit!!!

wifi back up, this was the idea, in one speed.

Thanks a MILLION @papa-pepper... It looks real cool. I owe you big time!!!!

If you follow me and upvote what you like, you'll pay me back!

Enjoy it, and I'm glad that you like it!

Just right click on the gif and copy the image address, then, repaste that address, and your personalized gif will show up.

Can you reply to me with that image just to make sure?

I will definitely follow and upvote your content. Here it is, in all it's Once again Thank You for making this.

Good, I would hate to give you a gift without you knowing how to use it!

I've got one ready to make, but the wifi is down...

I'll see if I can get it up now otherwise it will happen (hopefully) in the am.

Can't do it off the mobile, wifi still down for the big one.

Try in am...

That's fine @papa-pepper take your time bro :)

This is a slightly slower one.

If you'd rather have something else, just let me know.

I was just trying to do something new that I had not done before...

There both great, I like the fast one better. It grabs the eye quicker for that Steemit love... Your the best bro, a real asset to the Steemit community for real.


Thanks for saying so!

Agreed, many of us are seeing you as a big asset here.

Hopefully I can be a good example!

Great post. What I wanna know is how do you create those images. I would love to learn how, thanks :D

Keep an eye on me, I'm working on some how-to posts about creating those images and other things that I have been up to for making some nice posts.

(Yes, I'm about to reveal my secrets...)

Would it be too much to ask if you could maybe whip me up one of those fine banners my friend?

Not at all, anything special that you would like included or any favorite colors?

Anything is cool I trust your judgement my friend, go crazy :D

Cool, I had an idea for you anyway...

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Cool, I'll go check it out!

My mind is spinning full of ideas for posts, but I tend to avoid posting daily because I don't want to clog up Steemit. Plus, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a photo that corresponds to the text in my posts. Some topics really stand alone and do not need a photo, but I refuse to make a post without a photo, so I get stalled in that regard.

Yeah, when some people are posting four (or more) posts a day, there can be a lot of activity on steemit. I used to do three or four daily when I was first starting out, but cut back to about one a day.

Images are always tricky, and I take all my own photos, so I've got a lot of partial posts at the moment waiting to be finished.

Me, too. I try to avoid using any images from the internet and seek my own photos for posts. It is good advice for any user.

It just makes the post that much more original!

I really like your point about interaction. Without it, steemit becomes just a bulletin board! Keep it up!

Fully agreed! - A "bulletin board" is all that it would be.

There is rhyme and reason why people follow you. Great post, great interaction, you are generous and original. You have a new fan, minnow as I may be at the moment, but I'm growing.

Wow, I love my flashy button, thank you, I shall sport it with pride!

Glad to hear!

Enjoy it!

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Thanks for the info!

Hey! Watch it with that talk, I'm not trying to get assassinated!

This article is a keeper :)

Thanks, I was not sure how it would be received, but people seem to be getting the point and like it so far.

Thanks again for helping me get back into chat @steemitqa!

You're welcome!!!

This blog was more than a great reminder of why I started following you in the first place!
Love it!

This comment was a great reminder to follow you back! = Thanks for that!

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