🍽 #HealthyVeganIceCream Contest: 🍦 Winner Announcement Post 💲💲 🍑 🍒 🍓 🥝

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Dear ice cream lovers on Steemit,

I'ts Monday now, that means that the time to submit new entries is over.
I want to thank @ura-soul, a vegan Steem witness, for being the honorary guest judge and for supporting me with the difficult decision.

It was great fun - I am overwhelmed by the quality of your entries!

I am sure that this will not be the last #healthyveganicecream contest! I will certainly host another one, maybe in the summer. :)

Here are the delicious contest entries:

(ordered by posting date)

How winners have been chosen

As I do not want to choose the winners alone, I asked @ura-soul to support me as a vegan honorary guest judge. Gladly he agreed. Btw, @ura-soul is a Steemit witness and has been a vegan for many years. Thanks, @ura-soul, for your support!

So, both @ura-soul and I judged the postings independently from each other. The combination (averaging) of both of our rankings lead to the final winners.

And here are the glorious winners:

We have one #1, two #2s (ties) and a #3.

#1: Tropical Bliss @plantstoplanks

#2: Vegan Banana - Mango - Vanilla - Date Chunk Ice Cream @fruitdaddy

#2: Lemon Blueberry @birdsinparadise

#4: Mango Blood Orange Lassi Nice Cream by @popsoz

The prizes

As described in the main post, I planned to award 7 prizes in the following way:

1st prize: 45% of the SBD payout of the main post
2nd prize: 25% of the SBD payout of the main post
3rd prize: 10% of the SBD payout of the main post
4-7th prize: each 5% of the SBD payout of the main post

Let's look at the SBD payout of the main post:

SBD-Payout is 1.573 SBD. Therefore prizes would be:

1st prize: 0.707 SBD
2nd prize: 0.393 SBD
3rd prize: 0.157 SBD
4-7th prize: 0.078 SBD

However, if you ask me, these prizes should be larger. So I decided to add 0.5 SBD from my wallet to each of the prizes and to round them up to the next decimal.

Thus the final prizes are:
1st prize: 1.3 SBD
2nd prize: 0.9 SBD
3rd prize: 0.9 SBD
4th prize: 0.6 SBD

This looks better, doesn't it!?!

Prizes will be sent out to you shortly!

Also, independently from the prizes, each contestant got an upvote and a resteem from me.

Thanks for your contributions!




You are amazing Chris! Thank you, and congrats to all of the winners! @plantstoplanks, @fruitdaddy, and @popsoz . This was a fun challenge, I look forward to the next challenge!

Thanks for your awesome entry! You were the first one, I like that enthusiasm! :) haha CU, Chris

Just sent out the prizes. Have fun! :)

Cool - Thanks so much - Fun idea - I'll keep working on some new creations:)

Thank you for your entry, popsoz!!

Thanks so much for the prize! I think doing this again in the summer would be a great idea. I'm definitely going to try some more combinations. And thanks to @ura-soul for his support! 🤗 Good stuff everyone!

yeah, will certainly do it again in summer when it is hot. :) Good to see that you are planning to try out some more combinations. :) go for it! :)

I'll start practicing now so I can bring a really good entry to the next challenge. ;)

'Twas a pleasure. Thank you so much for your generosity.

The pleasure is all mine. ;)

Every winners are so worthy. I'm looking forward to the next challenge. I will make sure to make a contribution :)

Nice! Would love to see your entry! :)

Congrats to all fantastic winners!!