Day 28 Water Fast Update.

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Me at all time high of 235lbs. I started water fast at 215lbs

Long week. I had pretty much a healing crisis for the entire week. I started feeling nauseous on Saturday and throwing up bile about once a day. Just did it again writing about it right now lol. What is good about this is this statement from Herbert Shelton (water fast expert) Shelton quote of which I'll highlight some key points here:

"The liver, among other things, is an organ of elimination. The products it takes from the blood are made into bile and poured out as such. When the sick man fasts the liver greatly increases the production of bile and this is poured into the intestine. The quantity and character of bile secreted during a fast as well as its degrees of alkalinity or possible acidity seem to be dependent upon the toxic overload under which the patient is struggling. Habitual hearty eaters, particularly those who consume large quantities of proteins and carbohydrates, produce the most bile and suffer most discomfort as a result.

Observations upon thousands of fasting cases have convinced me that the sooner the "over-production" of bile commences, after the cessation of eating, and the more bile is thrown off, the more rapidly the patient recovers his or her health. The patient is cleaning out. It is doubtful if such bile would have much value as a digestive fluid. In many cases, at least, its alkalinity is greatly reduced and it may even be slightly acid at times. When vomited it ranges in color from almost that of water, having but little bile pigment in it, to very dark. It often has a very offensive odor, not an odor of decay, and is commonly mixed with large amounts of mucus, this latter coming largely from the stomach, no doubt. Such bile must be considered as almost wholly a product of the excretory function of the liver. The secretory function is probably at rest like that of the glands which secrete digestive juices."

So in Shelton's view, the bile is an excretion from the liver of the rubbish that the liver extracts from the blood which is dumped into the intestine but often winds up getting into the stomach from which it is vomited out.

My weight is at 177lbs currently from a starting point of 215 ish. I have done myself no favors in my previous lifestyle, heavy drinking, drugs, over eating, lack of exercise you name it my body took a beating thanks to me. I really am moving towards a mostly raw food diet maybe 80% 20% , there are thing I enjoy that are cooked that I am not yet willing to think of giving up. Who knows maybe one day.

Up to this week everything was very smooth, this week tested me a little but I think (and hope) the worst is over. I do not want to discourage anyone from water fasting when I mention how difficult this week was, this information is to make you aware that you are not dying when you feel sick while fasting and to continue on because the sick feeling will go away and leave you FAR healthier. Sorry for the short post and I will update on my final 40th day hopefully with a video. PEACE


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Holy smokes man!!!! You’re my hero! I’m doing a juice fast and I thought it was tough. My dream is a 40 day water fast. How long are you going for?

Great job!!! I’m proud of you.🙏🏼😌

Here is a link to my progress pic at 9 day’s juice fast. Today is day 12 for me.💪🏼😅


Healing can be an ordeal but its outcomes are so worth it! It has been a while since I voluntarily did any fasting but In the past year I have caught myself forgetting to eat for a few days. I'll have to give the water/ juice type fasts a look they seem like an interesting approach. @zoomtruth do you add meditation along with your fasting?

I have been too tired this past week to do anything, even tv is too much. I think it is difficult for me because I was so polluted for so long. I may be through the worst, I have puked every day for the last 7 days but today I am feeling quite a bit less nausaus. I am sure I am healing myself which is very exciting.

TV is always to much. The Brainwashing becomes extra toxic during a fast. :) I'm proud of you Brother.

Thats awesome! Your healing journey will reach a well earned conclusion. Keep up the good work and stay strong.

How are you feeling today?

Hey Anthony, I love to hear that you are taking control of your health also! In my mind it is easier to stop eating altogether, as you know I am sure, when you stop eating your digestion turns off pretty much completely. I am POSITIVE I am no stronger than anyone who wants to get healthy.

I want to go 40 days and it looks like I will at this point. They say that the most amount of healing occurs in the last 10 days of a 40 day water fast (if you need it), so we will see soon!

Stay strong on your juice fast, you WILL BE REWARDED! And remember- we cannot go back to the poison that got us here! PEACE- Dave

I will stay strong thank you! I’m glad to have come across your post. Thank you for sharing and for the great information!! Now I’m thinking my 30 day water fast can easily turn into 40. Please keep posting progress and updates! The world needs to know all about fasting and the healing that comes with it. You are a shining of example of what is possible.💪🏼🤩⭐️

Thanks, seriously everyone here is so kind and inspiring I am not sure I would have made it without posting.

I’m loving Steemit!!! The positivity here is out of this world. It’s a whole different energy here. I posted my fasting post, hoping to connect with more powerful people like yourself and BOOM. Blockchain magic✨

Following @anthonygigital1

I am so proud! 😊

Although most people commented on the weight loss, there are tremendous health benefits that you will derive from this.
Keep it up!

100%. That i why I really want to go 40 days, MAXIMIZE the entire body CLEANOUT! (including my brain!)

Well, I think the sick feeling one gets while fasting is due to a lack of energy gotten from food. Water is a good purifier and it should be taken with a whole lot of generosity. Keep living healthy because good health is the wealth you need to enjoy wealth.

First - let me just say the Cheez-it's on the refrigerator in the first picture made me crack up. Second - Wow - I'm so impressed by your commitment! Third - Please listen to your body. You've done some amazing healing thus far, please don't put your health at risk - vomiting makes me worry. You can always re-feed (healthfully) then fast again after a few weeks of re-feeding. I'll be following your journey! In Peace, Love and Health - T

@tamala Thanks for all your concern. Everything is going fine and vomiting bile is part of the process for sick people such as myself. Sorry for the late response, I have been exhausted for last few days. Feeling better today though so fingers crossed puking part is OVER!

Glad you're feeling better! Fingers crossed!

Wow! Are you going through a lot emotionally? I have fasted for up to 36 hours, and it makes me look at everything so differently!

Very cool, it has done the same for me- no more more milk, cheese or fat for me!

Much respect my man! Stick with it, you got this. It’s not easy but focus on your plan and keep the course.

We all support you.

Thanks and you are correct, I just stay focused! Peace-Dave

OMG That is great! My friend just did a 20 day water fast and really transformed inside and out.. Makes me want to try it myself but Im too into fitness right now

have u considered intermittent fasting? its great if you are constantly working out!

@cyb3rcrypto I have done intermittent but my eating was not right. I am moving to 80% raw when finished I hope.

May god help you..

He inspires me.

Watch some vids on youtube when you are ready, lots of knowledgeable people. Also check out distilled water (andrew webber), very very important, I think.

This requires lots of discipline. Keep it up, David!

@mirella Thanks! First few weeks were not hard, this last week was a bit of a test bt I made it! Everyone here really helps inspire me, AMAZING!

I really like this post zoomtruth! keep it up!

Great to see more and more truthers sharing content! Hope your fast goes well, I'll check back on it soon. Here's something for the people that don't know why they are eating the way they do. FB_IMG_1500009019680.jpg

LOVE the CHART! I just watched "what the health?" on Amazon I think maybe netflix and it shows how american cancer societiy and diabities also are COMPLETE and TOTAL SCAMS like almost EVERYTHING else huh! American Cancer is donated to by Cargill, meat producers, Milk industry you name it, bunch of SCUM keeping people sick so they can milk us dry of money and health, scary FLAT EARTH!

is that a lion under the "omnivore"?

Wow! I respect your dedication and that you are really trying to improve your health. I really want you to succeed and I'm praying for you and the strength you need to complete your task. Life will be so much better for your when you get all those toxins out of your body and start living that better life you want. Be strong!

Thank you @thatwoman, I can tell you that BEAUTIFUL people like you have kept me going through some of these tough days, maybe some day I can be like you!

you've eaten no food for 28 days?

correct! Check out herbert Shelton!

Hey @ zoomtruth congrats on your new lifestyle. If you do decided to go to an 80% raw food diet please post updates down the road. I'd be interested in getting your thoughts on the experience and what changes you notice in how your body works. I like to focus on the positives but if you do experience any downsides with such a diet please let us know. Thanks.

@nandibear I will for sure give an update in the months ahead, I really am feeling a PROFOUND change in what foods I am interested in eating now. Too much work put in to poison myself again. Thanks

I gatta give it to you, you did pretty great for real

Not done yet but thank you. This is not as hard as it sounds!

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

Good job, aye bro (crunches on sandwich) m send me that bisquick box on your fridge, im all out and i need pancakes to help my steem power lol

and shood, throw me some cheez its too while you at it im starving hahaha

all in humor, followed

@truce, lol, we had just started tearing apart our kitchen for remodel and YES that shit was how I ate! processed foods will kill us for sure. please look up Herbert Shelton and give him a read, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I am a avid vegetarian and eat super healthy, i just be joking around lol congrats on your improvment

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Much respect to you. While I have never fasted(I have dieted).. The mental battles you have I'm sure are intense. Good luck to you on finishing this fast. Here is to good health!

In my opinion water fasting FAR easier than any diet I ever tried. Now I am just going to eat mostly raw.

Good job brother keep it up! I too lost about 20 lbs over 1 month eating an EARLY breakfast, only drinking water light lunch and dinner before 6pm, not much exercise required but recommended!

@crankyfingers247 LOVE to hear it! Our health is so important, I was feeling so miserable it drove me to do this!

Wow congrats and keep up the great job. I have struggled with weight my whole life. I have also lost a significant amount of weight. I have combined a low carb regiment with exercise. I commend you.

Thanks, check out Herbert Shelton and Andrew Norton Webber, there is so much too UNLEARN!

Mad props, man! I'm interested in more info and wonder how one can function in the workplace without easily available energy (food)? I have a high stress job (at times) and wonder if it would affect my focus.

I do not think I would try and work on this long of a water fast. Even shorter water fasts the benefit you get from resting allows your body to heal. Check out Herbert Shelton, Andrew Norton Webber and watch youtube vids until you get a feel for the TRUTH, LOTS of BAD info out there, I will answer any questions you have if I can myself-PEACE (and be VERY careful with that HIGH stress job!) I quit my family business over stress and have never been happier. I still have not started working a "job" but spend my time remodeling my house and learning all the lies we have been told! Earth is Flat !

I did a 29 day water/urine fast last year. The tricky part was breaking the fast, I moved to a Buddhist style 18 hour a day fasting regime.
But still my appetites were kinda outa control. I did stick to raw foods mostly.

This year I'm planning to do a 60 day water/urine fast, with more focus on the aged urine body rubs. Will try to do it three times a day like the Hindu yogis. Not easy!

Way to go man, persistence pays off, and keep up the good work!

Thank You, I agree you gotta work for it!

OMG this is amazing. You are Such an inspiration for me. I don't know nothing about the water fast but I will keep watching you. And maybe I will try. I am always YES FOR DETOX , healthy and happy lifestyle. Good luck and all the best 😊😉👊👍

Thanks @valensia! Watch a bunch of youtube vids on water fasting and it really is inspiring. Also distilled water with Andrew Norton Webber i really important I think. Very tired sorry for late response. Peace

Thank you so much, I will watch them ;) Take care :)

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@zoomtruth visit my blog if you have a time please and support me in this steemit

Love to hear it! I hope you are still on a path of healthiness and much respect to you too, super accomplishment brother!

Great job, and good luck to the rest of the journey! I'll follow you for more content in the future - great that someone is exposing the benefits and alternative of water fasting.

Thanks fruitarianism! Lots on youtube who helped me! It is CHANGING MY LIFE! So many freaking lies we were told it is WRONG!

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You are basically starving yourself and that comes with huge health risks.
The main issue with the diet is that it’s being referred to as a 'cleanse' on social media. This language is so misleading as ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ are completely meaningless terms. They have a positive feel to them and have a health halo but actually it’s a complete myth. A healthy balanced diet is called a healthy balanced diet because it is healthy and balanced. This is neither. Nutritionist and eating disorder specialists agree that the "water fasting" diet is fundamentally synonymous with starvation. Given such an unhealthy relationship with food, starvation dieters are likely to end up gaining weight in the long run. Everyone knows that. This is because when you deny the body the calories it needs, your metabolism slows in an effort to conserve caloric fuel and may be disturbed despite regaining normal eating habits. Ultimately, these kind of diets will lead to severe nutritional deficiencies and possibly a loss of skeletal muscle. Do whatever you think is good for you, just putting in my opinion.

Read Herbert Shelton, you have been lied too. Watch "What the health?" on amazon or netflix, did you know that the american cancer society is funded by cargill, meat producers, milk producers? The ONLY things we should be eating are plants, PERIOD. This is NOT my opinion, these are facts that the powers that be HIDE from us. I used to count up on protein and carbs and and lift weights and do all that bullshit, it was KILLING me. Eat plants = get HEALTHY, please , please , please, watch that video what the health!

I saw it. Doesnt say to starve and only drink water :)

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Hey mate, good on you!!...I did intermittent fasting for 2 months and it was great. I experienced many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits but lost a bit to much weight so i had to get off it. How's the mind state going if you don't mind me asking?

@cyb3rcrypto Sorry for delay, I have been super tired and puking bile! Weeee! Up until puking began I was good, now I am EXHAUSTED!

wow! interesting post!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Good luck on your journey!

Your picture initially startled me into freight...I recovered though...keep up the good work ol chap.

Yeah, I agree-when you feel like shit you just do not care about anything. Thanks for your HONEST and KIND words!

Thanks! I had a pretty strong healing crisis and was sick the last 10 days, I stopped my water fast tuesday night at 4 am, I was throwing up for 8 days and could not take it anymore, took me all week to recover! (i was super ill and TOXIC!). I just started watching john Rose on juicing and raw food and that is the path I am on now, I am feeling stronger everyday.

Please check out rose if you have never watched him, I believe he is correct on many points (he is wrong about the earth-Its Flat and it does MATTER!) but the health of everyone could free us from so much EVIL! Peace and thanks for the mention!

Hey thank you so much. I will watch him now 😉👍

I love your post, steemeducation 👏👏👏

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Plant only diet. Intermittent fasting. Juice daily (mostly veggies). No processed foods. Organics as much as your budget permits. Adjustments for body-specific needs (eg: Celiac et al). Exercise 3-4 times per week. Mindful meditation every day (or your preferred mechanism of stress reduction). Wash, rinse, repeat. This is a change of lifestyle, not some flash-in-the-pan diet (those are short term and easy and provide short term, temporary results) 3% of the population will follow this sort of methodical, healthy lifestyle. The rest of the population will not and die younger than they should from avoidable diseases. IMHO.

A good post David. I am following you on this journey to wellness.

@zoomtruth good workout you got the better result stay health good luck. Thank you for sharing

I've been really considering doing the water fasting diet too as i really don't eat very healthy... i just have to be brave enough like you are to start it... at least posting your updates on here is a great way as you feel less inclined to quit as its already out there and people are already cheering you on hehe :) goodluck i know it must be very difficult x