This is relevant information thanks for sharing.
I have a bunch of timed "full-spectrum" lights in my home to make sure I don't just sleep forever or never wake up or turn into a vampire or something... I still do the night snacking though, sometimes...


Ah really? I think you're the first person I've ever met who actually thinks about his lighting ( slightly exaggerating here ). I think if you build enough of a routine, sleeping forever / turning into a vampire won't happen but yeah I'm not saying it's easy.

P.S. After a week into this, I already enjoy the meals that I'm having more.


Turning on and off the light at certain times helps, also trying to have your living room area lit up with daylight/full-spectrum lights help a lot. Sleeping forever, once I slept for like 48 hours after taking some stupid allergy medication...😇



I sure believe that ( the light thing ) I am certainly trying to get rid of a lot of these 'nasty' but kind of normal habits. Since yesterday afternoon, I got a fireplace / wood burner to look at it. That's pretty hypnotizing too. Alright, it's now time to do some more screenstaring ( a movie or series on my laptop ) and then a different kind of screen staring, kinder to my eyes ( reading on my kindle ) before bed.

Talking about screenstaring, check out my latest post, if you haven't already ;>)

"Screen staring", thats smart to move from computer to kindle like that before bed... I have been having a outdoorsy weekend, it's been fun, nice to get away I will check out your post!


I also suffered from headaches and various symptoms until 3 years ago…
However, I succeeded in changing food contents and time, trying various things and making all improvements.
Now I am 1 or 2 eat a one day and I do not eat anything for about 19 hours everyday.
I mimicked the lifestyle of the people of times when there was no disease in the past.
And I found that it has very good effect🙂

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Hi Ryo,

1 or 2 meals and a 5 hour eating window? That's pretty impressive!
I am a week in. These days I'm eating in between 9am and 7 PM - three meals a day and that already isn't easy for me ) but I feel I'm already changing.

I am glad to hear that you feel it has benefitted you.

Thanks for sharing this with me :>)

P.S. I still have to work on staring less at screens and to stop doing that just before bed. I guess that's the toughest.

Yes, 5hour in 1or 2 meals.
And 1 meals like tea time, so I do not eat too much.
I mainly eat at 11 am and 3 pm.

I think that 3 meals a day are not good…
For mammals adults, only human beings eat 3 meals a day…
It becomes overdose of energy and gastrointestinal always becomes tired😵

But since you are doing various challenges, I can not force my proposal😓
Please value your lifestyle and your physical condition🙂

Thank you for me too😉

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