The origin of civilisation and purpose of pyramids - part 2

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This is the concluding part to my most extensive Steemit article to date which was too big to post as a single piece. In the previous part we covered the following subjects:

  • Recognised time-line (of human history)
  • The Sumerian version of human history
  • The Sumerian kings list
  • Ancient mines in South Africa
  • Evidence of giants
  • Fossil records
  • The work of Graham Hancock
  • Digging deeper
  • The Great Flood
  • Ice core evidence
  • Giza evidence
  • Pyramids everywhere
  • World grid theory
  • Pyramid orientation
  • The Chinese pyramids
  • Hiding in plain sight

Click HERE to read part 1.

We will cover the following subjects now in part 2:

  • Göbekli Tepe (Turkey)
  • Gunung Padang (Indonesia)
  • Geopolymer stone
  • Pyramid of the Sun (Bosnia)
  • Ultrasound
  • Quartz as a transducer
  • Electromagnetics
  • The true purpose of pyramids
  • Healing tunnels
  • Why are we being lied to?
  • How can we use this knowledge today?
  • Final thoughts

Part 2 estimated reading time: 20mins

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The way we currently determine the age of a site is with radiocarbon dating (also known as carbon dating) looking at organic materials found around the site or (ideally) embedded within the walls themselves.

The oldest dates that can be reliably measured by this process date to around 50,000 years ago. wiki

Göbekli Tepe (Turkey)

at least 12,000 years old

First uncovered in the 1960s, the significance was not understood until 1994. Only 5% of the total area of the site has so far been uncovered. It consists of over 20 of these circular temples which are thought to have looked something like this.

gobekli-tepe (1).jpg

Carbon dating puts the oldest organic remains at around 12,000 years and also indicates that the site was back-filled and abandoned for the last 9000 years.

The weight of the blocks present a big problem for archaeologists as do the intricate animal carvings made from the original blocks.


These carvings are significant because they would have been very difficult to achieve without modern tools and to reach this level of craftsmanship should have taken thousands of years from the days of hunter-gatherers, suggesting that humans had been around for a long time prior to this construction.

The weight is significant because we simply cannot understand how they transported the pillars (up to 60 metric tons) from the quarries, placing 10 ton head stones upon them.


Gunung Padang (Java, Indonesia)

at least 26,000 years old


First discovered in 1914 it was thought to be a natural hill with 2500 year-old megalithic structures on top of it and it wasn't until 2010 that geologist Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja started exploring it "using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, resistivity survey and other remote sensing techniques, as well as some direct excavations and deep core drilling." source


Dr Natawidjaja has confirmed that the pyramid shape was carved from the mountain with multiple layers of construction over it, each one dating to an earlier period. Just as it was at Gobekli Tepe one of the layers indicates it was intentionally covered over (to be hidden from us) around 9000 years ago.


Further to this, a deeply buried chamber has been discovered in the middle and even though the drill core samples have not yet reached this level, the organic material being found at their current level of progress (up to 11.3m) carbon dates to around 26,000 years old.


This is an artist impression of what it is thought to have looked like in the most recent phase of its development (Layer 1).


Geopolymer stone

The first excavated relic to emerge from the site has raised eyebrows because like many of the huge sandstone blocks found there and at other sites (including the Giza pyramids) it appears to be of synthetic origin, cast from rock forming minerals and iron particles to form a super strong conductive material. The first geopolymer cement was developed in the 1980s so this is a tough one to explain, but it gives us a very important clue as to what this tool (and site) were used for.


Designed with an ergonomic handle the tool has a high density of conductive particles that "significantly exceeds the density ranges of all natural basalt, andesite and diorite stones". source

This artificial stone manufacturing technology applies the piezoelectric properties of natural andesite, while fine ferromagnetic inclusions amplify EM field strength around the tool. source

There are no traces of abrasion or any other wear patterns, suggesting it was handled with special care and likely used in sophisticated qi healing practices at the site.

Blunt edges on the tool were likely used for applying acupressure along the meridians of the body during bioelectrical healing practices rooted in ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of the biophotonic 'rainbow body'. source

I will come back to the very important subject of healing.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

at least 30,000 years old

First noticed in 2005 by Dr Semir Osmanagić who believes it to be one of five pyramid structures in the region.

Huge geopolymer stone slabs are found as the first layer beneath the earth on the slopes of the Pyramid of the Sun.


Osmanagić has taken a fair old bashing since 2005 from those who believe it is nothing more than a natural formation. The description of this story on Wikipedia says it all in the way that it focuses only on those who don't agree with his theory and mentions nothing of the anomalies, concluding with an air of certainty "the hills are common natural formations known as flatirons with no signs of human construction".

If you spend a few hours looking into this you will quickly find the story to be bigger than Wikipedia would have us believe.

What of the inexplainable giant stone spheres found at the site, also made of a high metal content geopolyer cement?


What of the rock carving which provides an astronomical map showing skies as they were over 100,000 years ago?


What of the labyrinth of tunnels found nearby which appear to lead underneath the pyramid? Interesting to note here that these tunnels have been back filled (just like the other sites) thousands of years ago with the intention of stopping people from using them.


What of the standing water found in some of these dry wall tunnels which even after all these years is 100% clean "without any bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, or mud" source

What of the strange ceramic stones found in the tunnels?


What of the fossilised leaf found under one of the concrete slabs which carbon dates to an age of around 33,800 calendar years before present?


Last but not least, what of the energetic anomalies?


In 2012 an Italian anthropologist Paolo DeBertolis recorded ultrasound on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, accompanied by a ten member team.


With previous experience measuring ultrasound at ancient cites his results in Bosnia are significant.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is different from natural hills. Only the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun makes equal blocks of ultrasound waves, which tells that this pyramid is some type of a device. We have measured ultrasound in Italy, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but these results we did not find anywhere else but on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun DeBertolis

The ultrasound 'beam' has a radius of 10 meters and frequency of 28-33 kHz measured from the top of the pyramid. It is not consistent and will sometimes stop altogether for up to ten minutes.

Others have independently recorded the mysterious ultrasound, quickly becoming known as the 'voice' of the pyramid. If you want to hear Heikki Savolainen's recording of it, jump to 2.20 on this video.

Quartz as a transducer

It is thought that the presence of large amounts of quartz crystals within the granite slabs of the Bosnian pyramid itself plays a role here.

It should be noted that quartz has been found in the construction material of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Gunung Padang and many other pyramids due to the use of a particular kind of granite which contains 55% more quartz crystals than any other.

Since the beginning of the last century we have been perfecting the production and use of quartz in our technology because it was discovered to have a piezoelectric effect.

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals...) in response to applied mechanical pressure wiki


Quartz is commonly used in microchip technology today because it is a great transducer, turning one form of energy into another.

Coming back to the research of DeBertolis in Bosnia:

The quartz, when an electrical field is applied, generates an amount of internal mechanical strain within each individual crystal, causing it to vibrate at a frequency high enough to produce ultrasound. This phenomenon, known as the piezoelectric effect, is therefore a response to the electromagnetism that the pyramid is emitting. source


The electromagnetic presence at the pyramid has been measured by Slobodan Mizdrak, a physicist from Croatia.

He detected an electromagnetic beam shooting through the tip of the pyramid with a radius of 4.5 meters and frequency of 28 kHz, at intervals of 4.2 Khz.

On the top of the pyramid it is 1.9V. When measurements are taken 3 meters above the top of the pyramid, the intensity increases to 3.9 V. The measured beam is continuous and increases in strength as it moves up and away from the top of the pyramid. source

It is speculated to be some type of non-hertzian phenomena (first documented by Nikola Tesla)which contradicts today’s known physical laws.

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower is not commonly known today yet it was thought to have drawn on energy from the ionosphere (in a downward direction) 'broadcasting' it wirelessly to anyone with a receiver.

Providing free energy for all was not the intention of Tesla's investor J.P.Morgan who unsurprisingly turned against him and made sure the world did not learn of his invention.


Could there be a connection between Tesla's device and the pyramids around the world?

The energy beam

If we search for anomalous beams coming from the top of pyramids we will quickly get to this. The images were taken by a tourist at Chichen Itza, Mexico.


Motivated by this photograph (which appeared to be genuine when examined), Richard Hoagland went to Mexico with a group of researchers and found un-natural energies being emitting from the top of the pyramid, amplified during electrical storms.

Since then many more images have come forward. Those who are able to photograph these beams have all done so accidentally, for it is there only for one moment as if it were some kind of silent lightening bolt.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 08.12.40.png

If genuine, these images really just remind us of how little we actually understand. Or, as I have come to see in recent years, how much we are yet to remember.

The true purpose of pyramids

We can be in no doubt that ancient civilisations around the world all built pyramids (in their own style) and they built them in such a way that they were virtually indestructible. But why?

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in particular has done a fantastic job at offering the answer to this question. Unlike the pyramids in Giza we are able to stand on the summit in Bosnia and explore the endless tunnels where there can be found a measurable energy.

I propose that the Sumerian version of human history (see part 1) is correct and that we were gifted the art of pyramid building for the purpose of energy and health.


Pyramids were primarily used as energy generating devices, powering the advanced technology of an advanced civilisation.

Exactly how they worked we have not yet remembered, but many theories are being proposed now which feel like we are getting closer.


The naturally flowing water found beneath pyramids is thought to have played a crucial role in the creation of this energy.

If we look beyond energy generating pyramids to receiving devices it is proposed that the high quartz content granite obelisks served exactly this purpose.

Obelisks/monoliths are all over the word in various different forms and for the first time it is possible to see them in a new light.


The secondary and less talked about purpose of pyramids is healing & health. If we are to believe the ruling periods of the Kings of Sumer (see part 1) they were very good at somehow maintaining the health of their bodies and extending the length of their lives.

Healing tunnels

The Ravne tunnels in Bosnia are still being excavated and given the direction in which they are moving it does appear they run under the pyramid complex. These tunnels are fast becoming known as a place of healing.


There is a constant presence of beneficial electromagnetism within the Ravne tunnels as well as ultrasound measuring 28 kHz and the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz.

Further to this a high concentration of negative ions has been detected there, up to 60,000 per cubic centimetre, which is ten times the amount found in places we currently believe to be good for us, such as mountains or forests.

Last but not least there is a complete absence of cosmic rays and natural radiation in the tunnels. These conditions combined make it the perfect place for human cells to start the self-healing process of regeneration.

You will find a great list of testimonials here which include the following health improvements from those who have been there:

  • Increased white blood cell health

  • Increased lung capacity

  • Blood glucose level normalisation

  • Blood pressure notmalisation

  • Aura improvement

  • Energised feeling

Healing effects are being reported by those who enter even for the brief time of 15mins and the most common report is a feeling of having slept for 10 hours, accompanied by a sense of calmness. It has been observed that people who are sceptical of the healing powers or even the existence of a pyramid do not experience the same effects of those believe. The mind is a powerful tool when opened.

We are a long way from understanding the techniques of old (which most likely used items such as the geopolymer stone tool found at Gunung Padang to speed up the process and focus on specific areas) but we do at least still have access to the tunnels in Bosnia.

Check out a fellow Steemian's experience in these tunnels two years ago:

More and more volunteers are making their way to Bosnia each Summer to dig out the earth and experience the benefits. How long will it be I wonder before this becomes the next Lourdes?

Lourdes in France is famous for the healing miracles which take place there and it is interesting to note that like the Ravne tunnels, this site is famous for its caves & healing waters.


Why have we been lied to?

We may imagine this secret to have been hidden from us in recent times and whilst this might be true to a certain extent (in the form of a general reluctance to examine this hypothesis seriously) the truth is, these sites were hidden from us long before the rise of Ancient Mesopotania.

It is hard for many to see the lie because their life of work depends upon it being the truth and the unfortunate problem is that these same experts are relied upon when we need reassurance about new discoveries. But their story will only ever support their belief system.

For example, it was recently discovered that Egyptians may have had boats capable of sailing hundreds of miles, so it is now assumed (by these same experts) that the Egyptians must have sailed around the world teaching everyone how to build pyramids. This assumption fills in gaps which makes the current belief system viable, but it most certainly does not make it truth.

Power structure

It is no coincidence the power structure of the world is shaped like a pyramid. It is held together by basic principles which have been in place as long as we have been exchanging value tokens.


Energy and health are two of the biggest industries known to man and very much woven into the fabric of society. If we were to collectively remember that both are actually available for free, the power structure would be turned on its head, the control system would be broken and a number of very rich individuals would stop making so much money, which is unlikely to happen without their consent.

Just as it was hundreds of thousands of years ago this knowledge has been reserved for a select few only.

How can we use the knowledge today?

The true purpose of pyramids was once hidden from us but now we are re-discovering it. We are remembering. We are waking up! Some of us through past life regression, some of us through instinct.

I am writing these words from a boat on a river in the UK.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 13.05.45.png

Whilst I sit here putting the final touches to this article I am conscious now there is something magical about being above natural running water. Also, I have one (double terminated) quartz crystal in my pocket & another (single terminated) on my keyboard because I am going with the flow and using the information in the way that feels right to me.


More than this I chose to invest a month of my time into a Steemit post which is unlikely to reward me in the way a month of daily posts would have done, yet I felt instinctively drawn to do this, making sure as much information as possible was collected in one place.

Having focused on pyramids for the last month I see the shape all around me in nature and have even been seeing pyramids in my dreams!


I see the ancient giants of old working in harmony with the Earth to take from it what they need and I feel very much as if I would like to visit the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun where it is my intention to stand on the highest peak and watch the sunrise, before walking through the healing tunnels with my family.


Final thoughts

Whilst it is important to acknowledge the possibility that an advanced human race has been wiped from existence in the past (perhaps multiple times) our focus of attention would be better placed on the feeling of rediscovering the forgotten knowledge and sharing with others what we learn.

If you can imagine a world in which every last person has unlimited access to electricity and perfect health, you have already begun your journey towards this reality and the more of us who open our minds to encompass our ancient past, the faster we will progress as a collective consciousness.

We can follow in the footsteps of the great liberated archaeologists & researchers by visiting these numerous ancient sites ourselves and documenting what we discover there... or we can simply convert the findings of others to awesome Steemit posts! Even by simply resteeming this article, you are playing a part in the ever increasing awakening of the human species 😉

Thank you all for being a part of my own personal journey.

For further reading just click on the links & photos provided.

Click HERE to read part 1 of this article.

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@samstonehill - its a serendipity finding your posts here on steemit. I am fairly new here but making sure I take the time to go through your mega posts. Sumerian history, Anunnaki, the lost book of Enki, and the tales of Enlil and Anu has indeed been a subject of great interest for me and I do have few other books of Zecharia Sitchin lined up as well, in addition to your posts.

I have been keen on the topic of Geoengineering, and wrote a few posts here on the same topic. I have uncovered some lesser known aspects- I invite you to take a look at my posts and give me some feedback, at your convenience. Thanks in advance.

  1. How NEXRAD/Weather RADAR is manipulating weather

  2. How the water vapor is generated for artificial cloud formation

Steemit has a habit of pulling groups of like minded people together ;)

I had a look at your posts and I must congratulate you on some great work there! Sorry it didn't get more recognition. As you can see with this post, that is simply the way sometimes... even for those of us who have been posting for two years.

The important thing is that we keep an open mind and keep on sharing our truths.

Here in the South of France there has been a noticeable increase in chemtrails and seriously weird looking clouds. One of the films in your NEXRAD post got me thinking about focusing my time-lapse skills on these particular clouds more. I'm sure I've seen that rolling 'gravity wave' formation before.

That is an excellent suggestion.

If you want to start a daily competition on a submission like that, it would be amazing as well. We can have documentation on the blockchain of all the heinous weather manipulation.

And by the way your channel and the way you described your lifestyle is amazing and inspiring. I hope I can be that way and not get sucked back in the reductionist dehumanizing rat race we call getting a job! My best wishes for your wonderful family!!

I just found this Sam, what an informational post. Your information ties in with what I have long learned from many books on the subject. There indeed was an advanced civilization here before the Sumerians. We only hear the last echoes of them through myth and legend. But now, as we look into the earth, more pieces of the puzzle emerge.

Many ancient cultures describe "Sky People" that were here before they were. Also races that came from, or returned to their underground abode. If we look at the record of the Giants (Annunaki and assorted tribes ) it almost looks like something chased them out of the Middle East, throughout Europe, North America and possibly a last stand in South America and the Pacific.

The pyramid shape itself is very durable, and is exactly what one would use to last throughout the ages. There are too many hints of a "Golden Age" of advanced knowledge that has been lost to us (or hidden away) to be ignored.

I have not read part one of this work yet, so don't know if you have covered Shinkana and other locations like it around the world. (More references found under "Chinkana" known as "the place where one gets lost")


It seems more and more that we need to keep digging to find the answers To the questions of the past and spark a new Golden Age of our own.

Thanks for the Shinkana link. Was not aware of that one till now. There are so many things like this which all point to the ancient advanced civilisation theory. I feel like we are at the point now where we really must acknowledge this reality and as you say... get that Golden Age going again.

We surely can't be too far now!

Thank you so much for putting together this awesome information and sharing it with us.

My pleasure. It is a subject I will never be able to put down! Love it ;)

Thank you for taking the time to write this article. It was so good that I took the time to read it. This topic is worth looking into.

It is an amazing subject and well worth looking into. Humans have been here a long time!

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