Our ongoing quest for the origin of civilisation & the purpose of pyramids

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This is the culmination of a month of research, covering the basics on a wide range of topics.

Part 1 estimated reading time: 20mins

I propose that cataclysmic events dramatically ended an advanced human civilisation which predates recorded history by thousands of years.

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Göbekli Tepe, Gunung Padang & the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are three of the largest structures currently forcing us to re-evaluate our understanding of human history, but more importantly they are part of a much larger group of structures which bring up the same question over and over: how did they achieve this so long ago?



Table of Contents

  • Recognised time-line
  • The Sumerian version of human history
  • The Sumerian kings list
  • Ancient mines in South Africa
  • Evidence of giants
  • Fossil records
  • The work of Graham Hancock
  • Digging deeper
  • The Great Flood
  • Ice core evidence
  • Giza evidence
  • Pyramids everywhere
  • World grid theory
  • Pyramid orientation
  • The Chinese pyramids
  • Hiding in plain sight
  • Underwater pyramids
  • Pyramid mountains

Part 2

  • Göbekli Tepe (Turkey)
  • Gunung Padang (Indonesia)
  • Geopolymer stone
  • Pyramid of the Sun (Bosnia)
  • Ultrasound
  • Quartz as a transducer
  • Electromagnetics
  • The true purpose of pyramids
  • Healing tunnels
  • Why are we being lied to?
  • How can we use this knowledge today?
  • Final thoughts

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"The model used for dating the origin of human civilisation is bound to the presupposition that human history has progressed in a linear fashion from the time of tribal hunter-gatherers." David Wilcock

Recognised time-line

We are told the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotania were the first organised civilisation, situated in modern-day southern Iraq, yet it is impossible to explain how out of no where this civilsation were able to master so many aspects of modern life:

Writing, arithmetic, geometry, monumental architecture, irrigation systems and large scale farming (mono-crops), sewage systems, schools, dictionaries, literature, realistic human portraiture, business accounting, the division of labor, and professional armies. Jerald Jack Starr


Above is an artist reconstruction of the Sumerian city of Ur


Prior to this recognised time-line we were thought to be simple stone age hunter-gatherers.

The Sumerian version of human history

Inscribed on clay tablets (written in cuneiform) this is the oldest version of history we have. Discovered in 1849 the texts have been successfully translated a number of times since the 1960s, most recently in 2017 by Oxford scholars who (like all the others) confirm the story of Enki, Nibiru & the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to earth came).


The Anunnaki

Here is a summary of what is written. If you don't know this story already, take a deep breath...

445,000 years ago the Anunnaki came to Earth (from Nibiru) to mine gold. It was desired in large quantity to repair breaches in their atmosphere. In need of a labour force they set about experimenting with the DNA of Earth animals. Many unique creatures were made before they finally created us by crossing their own DNA with homo erectus. The first homo sapiens were sterile but as the demand for gold grew, they were forced to re-engineer us with the ability to reproduce, leading quickly to over population & the banishment of many humans from the safety of the cities.
They gifted homo sapiens education, social skills & technology and as humans advanced, some of the Anunnaki leaders interbred with their creations giving birth to giants. These forbidden unions enraged many Anunnaki and when it became known that Earth was about to undergo catastrophic change most of them left us to our fate, but through the kindness of one known as Enki, a small group of selected humans survived by building boats.

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The Sumerian Kings List

One of the tablets, known as the Sumerian Kings List shows a record of the kings of Sumer, the length of their reign and the locations of the kingship.

Eight kings are listed before the very clear statement "then the flood swept over" and we can see that the pre flood rulers lived life-spans unimaginable to us now.


The post flood rulers (who continued to receive guidance from Enki) experienced shorter and shorter ruling periods until the modern day. Academics are in agreement with the last part of the kings list but the earlier kings are shrugged off as "presumably mythical predynastic rulers". wiki

Ancient mines in South Afrcia

Finding archaeological evidence for the story I have described may seem impossible but if you search for 'ancient gold mines' you will quickly come across the work of South African author, scientist, explorer Michael Tellinger who has discovered a vast array of sites which may just give us that proof we are looking for.

Adam's Calendar

Discovered in South Africa by Johan Heine in 2003 a circular arrangement of huge stones on the edge of a cliff was identified by Tellinger as an astronomical calendar.


It is aligned with the movements of the sun, solstices and equinoxes, and we can still mark every day of the year by the movement of the shadows cast on the flat surface of the calendar stone at the centre of the site. Tellinger

It is important to note that the north, south, east, west alignment is out by 3 degrees, so either the architects made an error or the poles have shifted since it was built, making it far older than we can imagine. I will come back to this point in the chapter entitled pyramid orientation.

Tellinger was lucky during his investigations to meet Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa who told him that he was initiated at the site in 1937 as a young shaman:

This site is known to African knowledge keepers as Inzalo Ye Langa, or “Birthplace of The Sun”, where “heaven mated with mother earth” and where humanity was created by the gods. Credo Mutwa

Stone circles & channels

Adam's calendar is not far from some of the countless stone circles found "scattered in large clusters throughout the entire sub-continent that includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and parts of Mozambique" Tellinger


The number of circular formations is estimated to be well over 100,000 and with no doors or entrance ways they are unlikely to have been dwellings.

Modern historians have no definitive answer and usually refer to them as cattle enclosures of little historic importance.


Tellinger hypothesises that these were energy generating devices which used the natural sound emanating from the surface of the Earth, creating amplified electromagnetic fields.

Standing in the circles one is able to measure the frequency.

Some of the sound frequencies go into the extremely high Giga hertz levels (over 380 Giga hertz) which are unheard of on Earth today in any normal application. Tellinger

Each group of circles is connected by stone channels, creating giant energy generating grids which Tellinger says were most likely used in some way for the mining and processing of gold on a scale unimaginable to us today.

Evidence of mines

How is he connecting energy generating stone circles to gold mining you may be asking?

Aside from the fact this region of the world is well known for its gold mining, he tells us that early explorers write about thousands of ancient mine shafts found in close proximity to the stone circles.

In my personal experience and research I have found at least 25 ancient mine shafts in gold-rich areas and been told about dozens more by farmers all over South Africa Tellinger

With no record of gold mining before Westerners arrived in South Africa, could these be the ancient mines of the Anunnaki?

Evidence of giants

The Sumerians spoke of giants, the hybrid offspring of Anunnaki leaders who interbred with homo sapiens. If indeed there were giants we should be able to find evidence of this, even if their blood-line had slowly been diluted over time. Looking at modern humans we can be in no doubt that very tall people have been living among us for years. This is Robert Wadlow (1918/1940)


He is said to have been strong enough to carry his father up the stairs at the age of 9 and grew to a height of 8 ft 11.1in (2.72m). He died at age 22 from an infection on his leg and there was "no indication of an end to his growth even at the time of his death" source.

Like many of the giants from our recent history, Wadlow grew this way due to a 'disorder' (or connection to an ancient bloodline) which over stimulates production of the human growth hormone. Having seen this we can be sure the human body does have the capacity to keep growing the older it gets, if only we knew how to live longer.

The Bible is not the only religious text to specifically mention how tall people were a long time ago.


In Genesis we are told this:

In those days, and even later (than the flood), there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago. (Good News Translation)

Fossil records

Fossils which do not directly threaten our understanding of human history can be found in great number all over the world and from these we can tell that small creatures were much larger in the past.


The air is thought to have contained more oxygen than it does today which could explain why smaller creatures were much bigger, but wouldn't this have affected ALL the animals including humans?


It is difficult today to know fact from fiction in photo evidence and I am highly sceptical of all the images of giant human skeletons being unearthed from the ground (of which there are many) but less sceptical of the giant footprints because these places can be visited today to verify their authenticity.






As hard as it may be to accept, the most logical explanation is that these footprints really did belong to enormous people.

Even Tellinger himself has discovered one of these prints not far from the mysterious stone circles in South Africa.


The work of Graham Hancock


After reading Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods five years ago I became fascinated by this subject and was lucky to attend one of his lectures in Bali last year after which I was even able to meet him and the lead archeologist at Gunung Padang (thanks to the awesome contacts of @jockey).

Hancock has been unearthing evidence around the world for decades, all of which points to the existence of not only organised but extremely advanced cultures with an intimate understanding of the stars and their connection to Mother Earth.

Digging deeper

Hancock notes two important factors relating to many of the sites he has investigated:

  • At some point in history the older monuments were intentionally hidden from us, blocked up with rocks, buried over with earth and built upon by the more recent cultures.

  • The older the culture, the bigger the blocks used for construction.

Looking at this example in Italy we can see the division of two cultures clearly in the middle.


The sites we are unearthing now are often much older than they appear because we dig up the most recent cultures first, sometimes leading us to misidentify their significance.

In some places we can see building blocks which even by today's standards would be a challenge. This is Baalbek in Lebanon.

The older they get the more impossible it is to imagine how they did it.

We can be in no doubt this megalithic block (also in Baalbek) was cut & transported, but with what and by whom?

It makes me wonder what sized construction blocks we are yet to unearth?

And brings us to the inevitable question...

Where did these advanced civilisions go?


The Great Flood

Many different traditions speak of a time when the earth was cleansed by a deluge, survived by only a handful of people.

Flood myths are common across a wide range of cultures, extending back into Bronze Age and Neolithic prehistory. These accounts depict a flood, sometimes global in scale, usually sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution. wiki

Byron_C_Nelson_The Deluge Story In Stone-1931-indexed64-5m.png

Looking at the huge list of countries & cultures above it is immediately evident that almost all of them agree on our destruction by water.

Ice core evidence


We have been drilling ice cores since the early 20th century, labelling and analysing the snow for information about our past climate. Between 1989 and 1993 scientists pulled up ice cores in Greenland and found that at the height of the last ice age the sea level was at least 394 feet lower than it is now.

More importantly they found spikes of ammonium which they believe were caused by a giant comet impact towards the end of the last ice age.

The largest impact crater we know of is 186 miles wide and found in Vredefort, South Africa. The asteroid responsible was thought to be 6 miles in diameter, striking the Earth two billion years ago.


It is assumed the impact of our comet in question was at sea, creating a catastrophic tidal wave, shooting dust into the atmosphere, submerging us into a long period of darkness.


The ice core samples confirm the impact coincides with the start of the Younger Dryas, a millennium-long cold spell which began suddenly just as the ice age was loosing its grip.

Giza evidence

In the early 90’s, Dr. Robert M. Schloch suggested that the Sphinx was thousands of years older than archaeologists believed, dating back to 5000-9000 BC. His research indicated an erosion pattern of water found on the monuments and surrounding rocks.


The discovery of a fossilised sea creature found attached to a 2nd level temple block confirms that the construction pre-dates the flood.

It appears to be an echinoid (sea urchin) which are marine creatures that live in relatively shallow waters. Archaeologist Sherif El Morsi


Pyramids everywhere

There are pyramids all over the world built by different civilisations at different times, separated by vast distances, yet we are told they were completely unknown to each other. More than this, they all managed to build them in such a way that they would last an incredibly long period of time... perhaps forever if it weren't for the occasional cataclysm!


World grid theory

The idea of the Earth being a geometric shape goes back to the time of Plato (around 300 BC) but it wasn't until 1970 that Ivan Sanderson noticed there were "12 areas, equally spaced over the globe, in which magnetic anomalies and other energy aberrations were linked to a full spectrum of strange physical phenomena." source

He proposed that we have heard of only the Bermuda Triangle because it has the busiest air/sea traffic of the 12 locations.

Christopher Bird took the theory further suggesting that our globe used to be a giant spinning crystal with angular dimensions and the boundaries of the former crystal now lie buried within the body of our planet.

Nikolai Goncharov found geometric regularity when he marked on a globe all the areas of earliest human culture and quickly the idea of a world grid grew in popularity.

The Earth [is] really a living crystal being with a geometric skeleton that could be mapped in its patterns of energy flows... in ocean currents, the winds, river systems, and distributions of precious minerals. It even seemed that ancient humans had known this sacred, hidden body of the Earth, and sited their civilizations to take advantages of her very visceral powers. Bethe Hagens

I mention this subject because at the intersecting points of the grid there are ancient monuments on land (often pyramids) and energetic anomalies at sea.


Along these grid lines (also known as ley lines) sit ancient tombs, temples, monuments & shrines all of them placed with precision in order to receive the natural flow of energy.


Our ancestors had an understanding of how to work in harmony with Mother Earth to achieve their goals and it is worth thinking for a moment about the idea that this 'consciousness grid' could be activated in some way for the benefit of the Earth and those who live upon it... a task which some believe to be our ultimate purpose here.

The true scope of the original grid may never be fully realised due to the fast encroaching modern world which is content to put profit before the protection of ancient sites. To give you an example, take a look at this pyramid found in France, photographed in 1975.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 14.21.37.png

Today it looks like this.


Pyramid orientation

I recently came across some amazing research entitled Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages which examines the orientation of 552 ancient pyramids and temples.

Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact. The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very powerful mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth. source

The inescapable truth is that most ancient monuments are hundreds of thousands of years old and built in perfect alignment with the geographic poles of their time.

It is true that buildings, monuments or observatories of significance such as "the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican" are built in alignment with our current geographic poles, so it seems logical enough the ancients would do the same.

We know now that the North pole shifts a little every 26,000 years and we are even able to measure by how much it shifted. So, if a pyramid always faces North we can therefore calculate which 26,000 year period its construction fits into.


While we have all been conditioned to think in terms of a few thousand years, here we are in fact considering a period of over 350,000 years. The pyramids of Giza belong to the youngest ancient structures on this planet. They are the crown on the works of very advanced civilizations that once spanned the entire planet. source

You may imagine these results to be a fluke, but the researchers tell us the mathematical likelihood of this happening by chance are 1 in 750,000.

The Chinese Pyramids

We are still discovering pyramids today yet most of these sites are not being widely publicised due to the way in which they challenge our conventional thinking. How many people are aware of the 100s of pyramids in China for example?


This is a complex of pyramids in the Shanxi province.

The first Westerner to document them in 1912 asked his guide (a local monk) how old they were and his response was this:

In our old books which were written 5 thousand years ago, these pyramids are mentioned as ancient, built before the ancient emperors, who said that they come from the sons of the Heavens who descended on Earth with their fiery, iron dragons. source

One of the few Chinese research groups to be granted permission to investigate this region came to the conclusion that "12,000 years ago, an interstellar supreme alien race used much of the northern and central Chinese regions as massive Earth bases" source.

No big surprise that today it is forbidden to do any further excavation on Chinese pyramids, punishable by death and many have now had trees planted on them.


Hiding in plain sight

On the isolated Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic we are hard pushed to write off this formation as natural. Notice how it looks as if the shape has been carved from the mountain.

This 'formation' is on Easter Island, isolated in the South Pacific (3600 miles from Chile) South America

Another 'mountain' on the Faroe Islands, Europe

Walshs Pyramid, Cairns, Australia

The Amazon rainforest, Peru, South America

Sà Phìn, Vietnam, Asia

Rtanj, Serbia, Europe

Underwater pyramids

The rise in sea level swallowed up huge areas of coastal land so if we are to prove the Sumerian version of history we must also prove the existence of submerged cities built in the same style.

Low and behold, it turns out there are many such examples.

This is Cuba, South America
Pyramids found off the coast of Cuba about a mile underwater.jpg

Western Japan, off the coast of Yonaguni Island

Azores islands near Portugal

When we understand the poles have shifted, the climate has changed and that mountains can be carved into pyramids, the list of potential ancient structures just goes on and on.

How far are you willing to open your mind to the possibilities?

Pyramid mountains


Kharut Pyramid, Pakistan

K2, Pakistan

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash is particularly interesting because it is located at the heart of six mountain ranges and is revered as supremely sacred by four different religions (representing billions of people) but each religion is the same in the way it refers to its most ancient (giant) deities as having once lived there.


There are even giant pyramid structures on the Moon & Mars if we are to believe the photos.

The Ryder Crater pyramid, photographed by Lunar Orbiter 3
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 23.59.40.png

Elysium pyramid, photographed by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
mars-pyramids (1).jpg

It has been proposed in recent years that a secret space program is actively researching these numerous anomalies on the Moon & Mars.

Zecharia Sitchin was one of the first people to translate the Sumerian tablets and is unsurprised by the structures found there, claiming the Anunnaki had way stations as "stopover places between Nibiru and Earth".source

Some of you may be rolling your eyes now but please consider this:

If you can believe that the Kailasa Temple in India which was cut from the rock as a single piece with precision accuracy, supposedly in the 8th century using basic tools...


...then you can very well believe that giant hybrid humans fashioned the largest peaks on Earth into pyramid shapes!

Looking closely at the many symbols and codes at the Kailasa Temple, their origin point to an unknown past, though the sculptures of the deities, celestials, pillars, pots and animals seem to have been done in AD times source

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How long have you been here? Always.

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

If we can conceive an infinite space, an infinite time-line should be conceivable too.

This is an important topic for several reasons.

There are pyramids all over the world built by different civilisations at different times, separated by vast distances, completely unknown to each other

My main comment here relates to this as it is not exactly accurate. There is plenty of evidence that the builders of these structures either knew of each other or indeed were literally one and the same. I suggest reviewing the code for more detail on this.

Thanks for pointing this one out. In fact, this sentence is missing the word 'apparently' (which I will add now) because yes indeed they must have been connected in some way to all use the same design, built on ley lines orientated to the North. Conventional history tells us they were completely unknown to each other but clearly this can't be the case.

Part 2 can be found HERE ;)

I've been waiting on this write up from you. I live learning the possible truth of our history. You do such a great job of working through it all and making it easily understandable. I'm right here with you in the belief our truth history and source of creation has been hidden from us. I look forward to your second part. I simply can't wait!

Thank you for your enthusiasm. It is much appreciated after so much work to get all this info together in bite sized chunks. I have been completely hooked on this story for a few years now ;)

I believe a lot of this to be truth, and the rest of it to be probably closer to the truth then anything taught in our schools or churches. I actually am starting to believe the new religions(last1- 4,000 years) may be one of the biggest hoaxes ever. Sure seems to me they cause an awful lost of death and destruction and devision. They all also seem to do a great job of explaining just enough to tell a story that kind of makes sense concerning history, all while saying, "don't look outside of our religion for any answers. Just stick to what we've taught(indoctrinated) you, and anything that doesn't agree with our views is from the devil." And if people can't figure out we can't trust ANYTHING any government is telling us, we will be held enslaved for a while to come. Keep spreading the truth as best you know how dear brother. I send you and yours my love.
Whatever became of your feathered friend?

haha! The feathered friend suddenly wasn't there any more, so it can only be assumed he flew off ;)

Most new religions seem to feed off the same info (from the much older religions) which are in fact more about numerology then the stories being recounted. Have you seen Zeitgeist? Amongst other things it goes in to this subject in detail.

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

Very impressive and beautifully articulated post! I am aware of everything you have mentioned and talked-about in your article. You're doing a great job in spreading information/truth about the ancient history of Earth. 👍

It's an amazing subject to get lost in for a month! Really enjoyed myself ;)

I am also planning to work on similar niche, but I'm thinking to co-author posts with my sister @starangel. Stay tuned, coz, we are going to nail it with jaw-dropping content. 😉

I just need to measure how much depth of it people can take it without FLAGGING those posts ~ just coz they wouldn't agree with it.

Send me a message on steemit.chat or facebook when you are done ;)

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

Great post, my friend, the eternal quest for answers is well worth pursuing! Here is a conundrum for you ... there are 10 religions (at least) which predate Christianity, all of which include immaculate conception, death via peers and rising to the Father deity after three days ... numerology has been alive and kicking for a fair while. Namaste!

Hi Ed! How's it going?

It's crazy how this subject gripped me for a month. Felt a lot more exciting than a Bradfield history lesson!

And yes, I remember learning about the similarity of all these early religion stories in the documentary Zeitgeist, with numerology at their core. What amazes me is how so few people seem able to connect the dots.

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

why would The Anunnaki come to earth to get gold when
Eros, the asteroid NASA investigated contains more gold than ever extracted on Earth.
a super dooper advanced technical civilization that lives on an invisible planet that today's astronomers have been unable to locate would likely be beyond using biological creatures as a slave workforce.

The almost godlike Anunnaki would undoubtedly have automation, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Replicators, elemental transmutaiton and technology that we don't know about.

I do see your point. But why would the Sumerians make up such an elaborate fictional tale to describe their early history, while the later part of their history can be confirmed as accurate?

And how can NASA know how much gold was on Earth 300,000 years ago? If the Anunnaki really did spend a few hundred thousand years mining it, one might imagine that what we have left is just the scraps.

you missed the point.
ALL recent gold on earth is extra terrestrial.
by recent I'm speak geologically.
why mine it on earth when it's floating around in space?

But why would the Sumerians make up such an elaborate fictional tale to describe their early history, while the later part of their history can be confirmed as accurate?

Who knows? I suspect none of it is accurate.

If you feel like a little bit more healthy speculation... the concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

your definition of 'healthy speculation' and mine differ.

why mine it on earth when it's floating around in space?

Perhaps Earth is considered to be a more enjoyable place to hang out than other mining destinations? ;)

Very good read thanks and i have heard that things like big valleys and canyons may have been giant quarry's.

Yep, I have heard this too. And looking at areas like the Grand Canyon I would say why not? Compared to modern quarries the similarity is evident. And then there is the story of trees and how big they used to be. At least we still have the stumps ;)


Yes i have seen some stuff on the huge trees as you mention. Seems the more we look the more hidden things become seen.

You're not wrong there. The rabbit hole goes deep.

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

Great thanks.

I'm really not sure about this theory. It still is an interesting theory but I feel like there's little evidence.

After attending a Graham Hancock lecture in Bali a few years ago where he presented his evidence for ancient civilisations I became fascinated by this subject. He was in town to meet with the lead archeologist at Gunung Padang. The second part of this article focuses on three structures currently under excavation and to me it feels like there is plenty of evidence.

In the end the important thing is that we keep on questioning and pushing for answers.

You mentioned you are coming to France in July? I would love to meet up!

Are you coming to the South? We are near Perpignan.

We'll be in Paris in from the 11th or something.

Maybe we could go to the south of France too. I'll check this out with @karensuestudios.

amazing post that is a cumulation of hours of hard work. excellent research into the human history and the origins of the pyramids. I hope you read more from you!

Thanks. Next part will be posted in 3 days ;)

The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

Very interesting article love history when it's put in a simply format just glad humans don't grow that big anymore..lol :)

Thanks for reading! The concluding part of this article can be found HERE ;)

Thank you @samstonehill i will check it out. ....cheers :)

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