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Maintenance Program

58 years old, 5'6 in height

August 23 2018=145lbs

Mid June

May 1st 2018=165lbs


Warning -- Every Person Is Different. This Is My Personal Ever Evolving Journey

I've read many articles that claim diet is a four letter word, it is nasty and causes people to gain weight, eating disorders, etc. Words are empty of any meaning until we give them meaning, how we react to words depends on our conditioning. Losing weight for me is mandatory if I start gaining weight, my health and chronic immune system illness called fibromyalgia demand I keep my weight down or I will become ill, ending up with chronic infections, joint problems, and debilitating fatigue.

Because of the medications I had to take throughout my childhood because of infections and asthma I have always gained weight easily. The medication I took as an adult from antibiotics, asthma medication, anti-depressants for panic attacks all have been shown to cause people to gain weight for variety of reasons Prescription Drugs That Cause Weight Gain, Antibiotics And Weight Gain

I weigh around 140lbs give or take 5 pounds, I can put on weight and lose it through the week, so I don't weigh myself more than once a week. I've gone off my restricted 800 calorie diet and have upped my calorie count to 1200 calories per day. I eat two meals a day with a light fruit or vegetable snack around 4 pm. I don't eat for 16 hours straight, I practice intermittent fasting. I will start my endurance program next month which will consist of short sprinting to build up endurance and to jog a mile several times a week for the first month. I will build up to five mile runs within a couple of months. I can't wait to see if my old body can handle running. I haven't run long distance since my 30s; I used to run 5 to 10 miles every other day.

I was sad when I hurt my back in my early 40s, and I had to stop running. Now that my back has healed and I no longer have pain from my sciatic nerve damage, and I feel more energy, lost a few pounds I will try running again.

Intermittent fasting helps my body heal itself and relieves my chronic inflammation issues that are the main symptoms of fibromyalgia. I also eat simple whole organic foods. I avoid high lectin content foods,like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, wheat, legumes, dairy, and certain types of nuts and seeds. I can eat all of these foods but only sparingly and not every day. I don't eat the nightshade family of foods at all.

I had thought that wheat was the cause of my rash, small red bumps that don't itch on the back of my arms and my thighs. The rash comes and goes in intensity, and the rash isn't noticeable the bumps don't itch, but my skin feels rough and dry. After removing high lectin foods, including wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers my rash is completely gone, and my skin is no longer rough and dry. Also, weight-loss has been easier. I read that high lectin foods can cause weight gain, immune system disorders for people who have damaged gut lining. People who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia have GI problems along with chronic inflammation, and one or more organs are prone to infections like the bladder, kidneys, lungs, along with irritable bowel issues.

One issue I have not brought up in my previous posts is the habit of being sick vs. suffering in the midst of an illness. Now that I am no longer fatigued I have to establish new habit patterns that are active and healthy. I no longer need to sit or take a nap several times a day. My concentration is returning along with my memory, so I don't have to sit feeling fatigued feeling sorry for myself.

Feeling sorry for myself is a hard habit to break. However I found improving my health, mind, and relationships through healthy activities like service work, study, and hobbies pop me out of my old negative habits and victim mode.

I found changing "one" little habit shifts the ground I stand on and it's easier to change more prominent habits. The easiest way for me to break old habits is getting up early and taking a long walk. During the winter here in Oklahoma, it is cold and painful to take walks in the ice, wind, and snow. Since I started up my yoga program again when I can't walk, I will have yoga to fall back on to keep my body in shape and help regulate my moods. Walking and other forms of exercise have been the best and cheapest happy pill I've found. Plus the side effects are positive, my body feels tighter, when I walk I feel healthy and centered, my balance is back too!

Now that I am finished with the low-calorie part of my weight-loss program I am working on establishing new exercise routines I can change out once a month. Summer is almost over, and my husband can start walking in the evening instead of the early morning. We plan to start walking 4 miles morning and evening. I will be adding new moves to my yoga program once a month as well. I read that the body settles into a routine and you have to keep shaking the body out of it's routine to stay in shape, plus it makes exercise interesting!

Some of the important habits I've established to maintain my weight-loss and health:

  • Establishing a solid 8 hour sleep pattern
  • Drinking at least 3 quarts of filtered water in a 24 hour period that removes chlorine and fluoride
  • Eating whole organic foods, spending time in the sunlight and fresh air through walking and gardening
  • Developing new skill sets, hobbies, avoiding gossip and negative speech, avoiding negative people and relationships
  • Avoiding negative entertainment
  • Avoiding the CORPORATE NEWS
  • If I want to know what is (really) going on in this world really, I can talk to my friends who live all over the world here on Steemit...hahaha <3

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1993 and tried the traditional protocols my doctors prescribed me, nothing has helped reduce the symptoms except diet, exercise, and meditation. When I was going through pre-menopause symptoms, I had a difficult time figuring out what was fibro symptoms and what was menopause. When I look back through my 50s, my knowledge gained from working with my fibro symptoms have helped me figure out what my older body needs to stay healthy and fit.

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    To be honest you sure are doing a great job maintaining the fitness of your body and the things you have been through is indeed very hard and harsh. but yeah this are the things that makes us more aware and lets us know that how valuable our life is :)

    You sure are getting in good shape and improving your life style significantly as seen in the images of yours and I do always wish that you be well and keep sharing your valuable and experienced words with us all

    Those words really drives me as a matter of fact :)


    @rehan I’ve had over 30years of practice....hahaha thank you❤️


    hehehe that is sure a lot of time :)

    Great advice! It is all a lifestyle change for the better! If only we could peal back age like we can weight, think what it would be like! Thanks my dear friend @reddust.


    @enjoywithtroy, I don’t want to be younger, I don’t want to live forever dragging this body around. I want to live a healthy life right now and just let life happen without blowing me around like a leaf in the wind. Thank you for being my friend ❤️

    Hi i have asthma, fibro, chronic pain and other problems. I started the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet just over 3 wks ago, I've lost 21 lbs. I can't exercise much with having so much pain. Good luck with your plan, I'll be following for tips :)


    Hi @karen54, I understand your pain and sympathize! When I first started walking after hurting my back in 2003 my right leg had lost its reflex and I could only lift the leg with my hip muscles. My sciatic nerve was damaged from a buldging disc in from my L5 vertebrae I hurt while doing my palates moves on my back, my instructor wasn’t paying attention.

    I had been taught walking meditation by my Theravada meditation teacher and my Zen teacher. I walked slowly, let my breath come evenly and naturaly. I paid attention to the sensations of my feet contacting the ground and focused on just the sensations of pressure on the soles of my feet. I tried to let the pain go and started out walking a half block walking slowly and through the months increasing the distance. The constant intense pain lasted for 2 years but I was able to walk through the fire using the meditation lessons I learned from my teachers.

    If your doctor gives you permission you should find a gentle form of exercise because the body needs exercise to clean itself through your glandular system that lines your muscle structure. This will help mitigate pain, regulate sleep and mood cycles, and remove toxins from the body during your detox cycle from weight-loss you are going through with your new diet program and will help you establish a healthy maintence program.

    Detoxing can make you sensitive to toxins so don’t get discouraged if you go through feelings of fatigue, mood swings, pain, and old injuries. Detoxing May cause old injuries flare up and if you eat or drink something you might trigger a inflammatory response that can last up to a month.

    I no longer have asthma symptoms, my back s tender but not a big issue, night terrors, or panic attacks and my pain is around 2 after all these years of work. However, as I age I have to change my diet, exercise and social life to fit the aging body needs. This will become a path to knowing yourself if you can stick to it, even if you can’t walk away from all your pain you will learn how to work with it and live a good life.

    My weight is the biggest issue for me right now, I have to learn how to eat quality foods instead of quantity yummy treats😒😝😜➖(🍪)➕🥦=🏃🏻‍♀️

    I wish you all the best❤️


    Hi thank you for your reply, I am half way through a MINDFULNESS MEDITATION course referred by my Doctors for my pain and depression. I do find it is helping. We are just learning the walking one, which i find hard as can't walk more than a few steps. I will try and do some sort of exercise to get me moving again, i used too do a lot before things got to bad.
    My Weight is coming off, i have a few more stones to lose, i will get there this year.

    Take care
    Karen x


    If you can go two steps at a time that is better than none @karen54😁


    I'm pushing myself to do more with my arms too. :)

    @reddust You look wonderful. The article is very informative. In my opinion Protecting your heart, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, taking care of your nutrition and doing sports are important but not enough for a healthy body.


    I am finally feeling strong @turkishcrew. I felt as if I was alone in a desert this summer, everyone else gets to eat icecream and cookies while I’m eating broccoli 🥦😝😂😂😂

    I learned a lot though, the adventure was worth the loneliness and pain😇

    No drinking for me, I get headaches and I need a clear head to hear the songs of the divine🌞


    Yes it is a difficult situation. I understand you. Health is always ahead.@reddust

    Wonderful evaluation, it seems that you are born again. I love that you raise those habits to keep you, really are very good recommendations, especially begin to exercise the body that will free you from many bad energies that try to harm your mind. Stay focused 😉👍


    I die a little death when I go to sleep and I am reborn when I wake up in the morning. Every day gives me a new start🌀 thank you.

    Wish you are in good health! You've worked hard. It is very useful to reduce body weight. Everything is possible if you want to see me, I learned it. You look very nice..So much more need, exercise and control of food @reddust


    I think humans have unlimited potential @itzzzsumon, we limit ourselves through negative views, lack of discipline/morals, and negative habit patterns. Thank you for your kindness💫


    You are most welcome.

    Beautiful lady


    Thank you kind friend


    You are always welcome

    Oo. Really good.i like it.my friend


    I can't believe your 58! You are absolutely blessed! Congratulations!


    @eurogee you are always kind, thank you.🌀

    You looks really amazing and smart with your body, it needs discipline and persistence to become fit and lively


    Disciplining my mind is like trying to teach a monkey algebra....haha🐵🙊🙈 I need lots of patience☺️ Thank you @obest.

    Seeing all your progress is great. You are really wonderful, I am so proud of you.


    Thank you my friend, I am so happy for your success in school too...👩🏻‍🎓


    The pastry classes make me so happy!😊 I have improved so much decorating cakes...🎂 Now I am trying to gather to take my gastronomy classes and be able to complement my education... I hope the price of the steem goes up to be able to pay for these classes.🙏


    Steem will go up it has value, it’s the markets, they are all crazy because of economic and political turmoil and earth/space movements. Keep your seat as the horse continues its run😘


    I know it will go up. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it very much and above all I am so happy that even in such a distance I have good friends who help me so much in Steemit. Good night! Blessings💕😘

    Que evolución has hecho @reddust, impresionante como has cambiado tu aspecto fisico en tan corto tiempo. Te ves esplendida amiga

    Good to see that you are doing great @reddust.

    Obviously a guy like me who has not control over his eating habits, has no business saying that he understand the diet regimen. But I can personally attest to the advantages of intermittent fasting.

    It is also great to see your progress on all fronts. Particularly about you thinking of going from walking to running. I am not saying that you should do one way or otherwise. Its just that if the body feels that it can handle more physical challenge, then that seems to me like a sign of progress :-)

    Hi dear @reddust this photo talks about you work and commitment to yourself, great job :). Regards

    I appreciate the example that you have given to many. We all can take control of our health (and weight) but we most be willing to take those steps. I know there are steps I should take, now I need to go for it.

    The following line is a great reminder for mental health.

    Feeling sorry for myself is a hard habit to break.

    Wow I'm amazed at your change in body as time is passing.
    Really great work, it's important to maintain you body and health too.
    It's great to see such a hot figure at this age.
    You look lovely dear. Keep working out

    now I am too busy so I don't have time to update on steemit, yes, I'm waiting for the birth of our son, according to the doctor on 28th, hopefully you will be happy to hear my friend,

    Wonderful advice...you are very hard working lady....your age is 58...i can't believe this beacause your fitness is so perfact....your looks not old lady...your looks so young and healthy.....really your looks so beautiful...very Amazing fitness of your body....very very good efford....very informative post......Everybody learn from your health tips....thanks for sharing this fabulous post dear reddust....

    You are Very well maintaining your health . Results is showing in our body .

    It is critical to highlight what you said: "Everybody is different" What works for one person, doe not necessarily work for the other one.
    Not only avoid corporate news (mainstream media). Avoid anyone who tells you what to do or what to think. The "elites" think they are better than us. Thanks for sharing, @reddust.