A Cup of Coffee and ME πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

in health β€’Β  6 months ago

A cup of Coffee is one of my favorite drink πŸ’–πŸ’–, but in the last few years I developed some sort of Allergy and was just not able to have Coffee and I missed one of my favorite drink so much. I noticed my system was intolerant towards Lactose content. In between I used to try at times having a cup to see the reactions and I would later repent of trying it out.

Today morning a friend of mine invited me over Coffee, I once again got tempted and thought let me take a chance no matter what the result is so again after a very long time got into Starbucks for my favorite Cappuccino. Though I was enjoying my coffee at the back of my mind I was worried about the consequences it would bring in. But luckily today after many years I did not have any reaction to the drink. Does this mean I am no more allergic to Coffee? Well I am not sure of that but I am happy that I am just perfectly fine after the drink which means I can have my favorite Cappuccino more often. @c0ff33a I thought of you while I was sipping my coffee and I was thinking that I need to share this with you for sure as I am sure this will bring a smile on your face. 😍😍

What could possibly be the reason to this? Lately I have made some changes in my diet and cut off Gluten to a very large extent and turned to more of green leafy vegetables and organic food. Could this be one of the reason, to develop my internal systems. Also this shows that our body has a miraculous healing ability and can also alter some stubborn rigid patterns if we take care of it.

I am only fond of Cappuccino and not other Coffees. Though I am not going to make it a regular habit, and would not like too much of Lactose content in my diet. But I am glad that once in a while I can have it and enjoy sipping my favorite Coffee without any tension. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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β˜• Coffe is my favorite drink to πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
And as I don't like tea or other hot drinks coffe is the only thing... Lol
Only bad habit is that I drink coffe to late at night... Might be why I barley sleep πŸ™ˆ lol
Great reading my friend as always.
Have a wonderful week and much love β€οΈπŸ€—β€οΈ


Ohh my dear, yes for sure it is because of that. If I would have a cup of coffee even in the evening time my night would be sleepless, so now I avoid completely. If I need to have it then its only in the morning time.
Wish you too a wonderful week and the weekend ahead :-)

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Coffee solves everything, so I am very pleased to see you can finally enjoy it again β˜•οΈ To be honest I struggle nowadays with cappuccino, latte or flat white - I can drink cold milk and have it on cereal but some how heated milk does not agree with me.

The majority of coffee I drink is aeropress brewed and black, for my roasting I have to cup my coffee’s To ensure they have developed the flavours I wish when I roasted them - this is a different way of tasting coffee where a set weight of grounds and hot water are mixed in a bowl - then left to brew for a set time, after which you break the crust of grounds - smell the Aromas’s and then slurp using a spoon the liquid to fill your pallette with all the flavours the coffee has developed.

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I can feel the love you have for Coffee, I dont think I can ever get so deep into exploring it :-). My allergy is also is with the Lactose but I do not like to have it without milk. Somehow the taste does not tingle me.

A lot can happen over a coffee. πŸ‘ glad you get your favourite taste after long..might be due to change in diet...with some strict diet schedule we can improve our imune system..which avoid all kind of allergy

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So true a healthy diet can change the body mechanisms and I can feel the difference

Coffee my favorite

Coffee is my fav as well... I know I should drink dress but well I don't have any other vices... so give me my foamy cup of coffee in the mornings (sometimes afernoons and evenings hahaha)


True sometimes vices are ok, as far as they do not become a habit ;-)

Coffee is a favourite drink of many but if you are lactose intolerant and want to enjoy creamy coffee, there is an option of vegan coffee as I make my coffee black, with soy milk, coconut milk or cashew/almond milk all taste great.


Ohhhh...I am only a Cappuccino lover so may be other alternatives will not work for me. In general on day to day basis I prefer my home made green tea which is very refreshing for me.

I used to have a lot of problems with coffee and was not allowed to drink it for several years. I found substitutions like chicory and guarana. Luckily, I am fine now and can enjoy it freely, my system just needed a reboot :D Good luck with your coffee intake darling πŸ’š


I got my substitute with my home made green tea which I thoroughly enjoy every morning and very healthy also. But once in a way this is also refreshing :-D

Watch out for starbucks it is very acidic.


Ohh yes, I know and I avoid it but then sometimes it just gets too tempting and I slip in :-)

I'm glad to know you take care of your nutrition and choose healthy diets:)
people often don't realize that food isn't just food, it's our health, direct connection
if food isn't our medicine, then medicine will be our food;)


Yes my dear so true our Food defines us so it is very important to take care of what goes inside us.

So great to hear @nainaztengra. I know little things like that can be a big deal as far as making Life more enriching. Iam so happy you can have it every once in awhile without the reaction. :)


Thank you @robertandrew. You bet sometimes some vices are also good once in a way...hehehe

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