Want to lose your weight?

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If you are reading my article, I am sure that you have lost weight at least once in your life. It is quite a nautural phenomenon for a human being. It is not an issue how much weight you lose or gain, be it 2 or 15 pounds.

When a human being takes more calories than he/she is required to take, the weight a human body increases. The reverse is for weight reduction.

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A healthy adult woman between 31-50 years old need at least 1,800 calories everyday, whereas a man needs 2200 for the same age. If they do exercise, it will require around 10% of the total calorie intake. Also, the more heavier a person is , the more calories are required for that person.

In the next part, I will be talking about certain ways by which you can lose weight. The methods I will discuss are often used by celebrities or other famous personalities to reduce their weight. Stay tuned!


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Weight gain/loss is a lot more complicated than caloric intake vs. metabolic output. The quality of the food is much more important to measure than the quantity, or caloric value, of it when calculating your dietary goals and needs.
Also the time of day you choose to eat, your sleep, and how often you eat have more to do with your weight than the number of calories on the label does.

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