A Vaccine Injury Story for Every Day of October Has Come To An End. A case for every day of the month!

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October 31st Installment: The month is over and I have written a story about a vaccine injury case for every single day this month that I was personally involved with in some way, even if just to be there for the parents. Today I want to make sure that everyone knows this is just the tip of the iceberg. You would be shocked to know that as the month wore on it only became harder for me to post because the stories eventually start running together in my memory. There are some specific lists that I have running in my computer and specific stories where I jot down salient points to refer to later, but the truth of the matter is that there are SO many of them, that I actually have a very hard time separating them after a certain period of time. A good example would be the Hepatitis B injury to the 1 month old infant that eventually ended in death. I have three of those listed in my computer. Doing this at times allows me to see trends later such as- why did each of these infants finally pass around the 30 day mark after the initial injury? What is it about the process of injury that culminates in 30 days? Another good example would be the severe eczema cases. Folks, there are SO many of those that if I could separate each one out in my brain, I could easily have just posted a different story about eczema as a vaccine injury for every day of the month.

While I focused on recounting cases of vaccine injuries that were obvious because the changes happened pretty much immediately, there are even MORE injury cases that I have dealt with that are nowhere near that cut and dried. Having posted cases with immediate injuries to children this month, I STILL had people try to use the old tired statement of- correlation doesn't equal causation- which I refused to debate. Despite the obvious, people don't want to believe. Cognitive dissonance can be SO GREAT for some people in order to maintain order and "rightness" in their world. The current of what is happening in "normal proceedings of life" rules over their ability to have an open mind or use their brains in a critical manner. For this reason I steered away from the stories where vaccines were clearly part of the eventual outcome for the child, but were not "immediate" for this reason. If you add THOSE cases to the list, I could go on endlessly every day of the year and never run out of cases.

Of course I want the take away to be- vaccines are inherently dangerous- as tagged by the Federal government- and DO IN FACT CAUSE DAMAGE, INJURY, AND EVEN DEATH. This IS reality, whether people want to believe it or not. However I want everyone to also realize by reading the more intricate stories, that these children are CONSTANTLY TRYING TO TELL US THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG and WE ARE IGNORING THEM.

Time and time again you get the same kind of history in these cases involving history markers such as:

Infant with moderate to severe colic (Food intolerance!!)
Eczema (Food intolerance, immune system dysfunction, and gut dysbiosis!)
Keratosis Pilaris, otherwise known as chicken skin (dairy and/ or wheat sensitivity and/or essential fatty acid deficiency)
Repeat ear infections or strep throat treated with antibiotics (Destroys the gut)
Placement of ear tubes or removal of tonsils/ adenoids (exposure to anesthesia which drains B vitamins and Glutathione- the biggest detox agents in the body!)
Frequent treatment with Tylenol (drains glutathione)
Prolonged crying/ high pitched crying/ lethargy/ vomiting/ fever/ extreme swelling or encapsulation at injection sites/loss of personality or milestones following vaccination (that should be obvious, however doctors have normalized all of this!)
Growth Failure- dropping to below the 10th percentile on growth chart when that is not where you started or were maintaining (Malabsorption)
Constipation or diarrhea or frequent stomach aches
Very picky eaters (Typically driven by food sensitivities or sensory issues)
Sensory disorders- intolerant of water drops on your clothes/ loud noises/ clothes fitting or snug- sensory seeking as well- inability to tolerate change or transition well
Hyper/ impulsive- Now tagged as "normal" especially in boys
Development delay in speech or motor skills

ALL of these things are now considered "normal". I want to challenge everyone that these are "COMMON" however they are not "NORMAL". MOST of the kids injured have given one or more of the signals above that they are not tolerating their care plans, and they are being ignored. There are the few as well who really don't give any signals and then have a sudden decline in health following vaccines.

As a community we need to be more open about vaccine injury. We need to openly talk about it, share our personal stories, and share the stories of our family and friends. Most of all- WE HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO WHAT THE PARENTS ARE SAYING. THEY are the parents. THEY are the ones standing there with their children day in and day out. THEY are the ones who witnessed every second leading to their child's injury. Until the community, and most certainly the medical profession, decides to openly listen to what parents are saying, we will get nowhere. There are all ready SO many parents out there with their heads in the sand, it's the ones who openly see and openly share what has happened before their eyes with their community that are going to save the future of our children. It's YOUR job to help them.

My favorite case of the month was the story of Myles. You can read about him here.

All other stories were shared in installments:

Cases 1 to 7

Cases 7 to 14

Cases 15 to 22

Cases 23 to 30

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