Is YOUR pediatrician blatantly ignoring these things too?? October Injury Awareness Month Days 15 to 22 Installments

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I've been making daily posts on social media regarding vaccine injuries I have either been involved with or contacted about directly.  I've compiled that last week or so of posts here for easy perusing. Is YOUR doctor ignoring blatant reactions and calling them normal? Is YOUR doctor turning their backs on these poor children and kicking them out of their offices?? 

October 15th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

Little boy receives 1 year vaccinations. Within 48 hours goes into status epilepticus requiring ambulance ride to a local children's hospital. Child put on 3 different medications to stop seizures, is now completely unresponsive and in severe respiratory distress. Child spends several months in the hospital at this time. Child is finally discharged on oxygen with a surgically placed feeding tube as he is no longer walking, talking, making eye contact, eating, drinking, or doing much of anything. Child spends the next 8 out of 12 months in and out of the hospital for seizure episodes, inadequate oxygenation, infections, etc. Child during times of discharge from the hospital sees two different MDs now doing alternative medicine without any improvement. Both parents are in the medical field and are totally isolated at this time. Any time either of them try to mention that their child is vaccine injured, their coworkers and colleagues literally laugh at them and roll their eyes.

Labs drawn show that child is not even showing antibodies to any of the vaccines administered that day including MMR and chicken pox. Original pediatrician would like to repeat vaccinations because of this!!!

Parents have moved child to whole foods nutrition via G-tube and have completely done away with all medical food. Feeding tweaked per IGG/IGE labs, supplements tweaked per nutritional testing. Only thing that keeps seizures truly at bay is CBD oil. Parents now under investigation by CPS.

Outlook very uncertain. Parents may not be able to create any change for this child.

 October 16th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month 

End of last week,  healthcare worker breastfeeding a 4 month old infant takes "mandatory"  flu vaccine at work. Today mom reports that since then child has started  having mucous and bloody stools which is progressively worsening. Child  is screaming. Rash starting as well. Instructed mom to take dairy and  egg out of her diet asap, mud injection site with mediclay by premier,  use DPT-TOX three times a day, and start probiotic for infant.  Epsom salt baths for both.  

To be continued as to how this pans out. Healthcare workers: For the love of all that is holy would you PLEASE stand up for yourselves?? This is criminal!!…/it-makes-me-so-steamed-to-be-asked-to… /

 October 17th Vaccine Injury post 

Today I want to talk about a trend:  Teenage girls being diagnosed with POTS (postural tachycardia syndrome)  and fibromyalgia over and over again following HPV vaccine. I've  counted 7 I've dealt with now in the last couple of years. SEVEN. Those  are the ones just realizing that there has to be a better answer than  taking salt tabs all day to raise blood pressure and psych meds for  fibromyalgia. How many others are there? And are the boys doing  the same thing out there now that they are targeted for a shot  regarding cervical cancer, even though they don't have a cervix? The  WEIRD THING is that even though they seek alternative help, they are SO  MARRIED TO THE DIAGNOSIS. Like- no way! I can't stop the salt tabs! It's  for "my pots". Western medicine is like a machine with their constant  need to diagnose but not actually fix anything and the public's  indoctrination to the system. Name it so you can medicate it. Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat. 

POTS is a  crap diagnosis. It doesn't actually tell you anything. Ok- so you stand  up and you have dizziness/ headache/ nausea/ rapid heartbeat... so? What  is ACTUALLY wrong with you? It's not THAT. THAT is simply naming your  symptoms.  They actually have POTS clinics with psych people  there to hand out meds for the fibromyalgia/ POTS combo patients. Get  that?! Psychiatric meds. Nobody actually fixes the problem.  All  of these girls have extremely high inflammation, heavy metal toxicity,  antioxidant deficiencies, etc that once fixed, relieve their symptoms.   So just stick this pattern in your brain. You'll hear about a teenage  girl with this issue and you'll remember to ask: when was her last  vaccination and when did this start? And was it Gardasil??

 October 18th Vaccine Injury Awareness month

 Teenage boy started with severe tics after 12 year old vaccines. Multiple neurologists and medications later without resolve.   Turns out he has extremely high strep titers, and as usual: no detox  agents, antioxidants, or B vitamins with high toxin load and heavy  metals as well as food sensitivities. 

 Diet change, nutrition replaced, homeopathic strep series by Des Bio  and he's 90% better. Several hiccups because mom continued to be  confused that on vials three to five of series, symptoms tend to flair,  she'd take to him to urgent care, he'd swab positive for strep, they'd  prescribe antibiotics.  Well of COURSE he swabs positive- he's a  carrier. Recommendation is to not swab for strep if classic symptoms not  present such as high fever. He just felt puny. This situation  highlights the issue with rampant strep, resistant strep, pans and  pandas. This has all been created by excessive antibiotic use!!  Kids these days are up against SO MUCH: very poor diet, ruined  microbiome from repeat antibiotics, toxic exposure from personal care  products, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning agents, pollution, etc. You  finally throw a hornets nest at their immune system with a load of  metals, chemicals, bacteria or viruses, foreign DNA proteins and WHAMMO!! A kid who ticks so severely all day that he's suddenly isolated at home. ALL OF THESE THINGS NEED TO BE ADDRESSED. THIS IS NOT OK.  70 vaccines by 18 years old is the nail in the coffin, the rest of American lifestyle sets the stage.

 October 19th October Vaccine Injury 

1 month old infant  receives hepatitis b vaccine- you know- in case he has sex or needle  shares in the next 7 to 12 years- goes home. Later that afternoon has a  seizure lasting through ambulance arrival, ambulance ride, and on into  the ER. 30 minutes after arrived to ER, infant codes. Infant spends next  30 days in hospital with frequent seizures and several episodes of  cardiac arrest. The last episode, infant can not be revived and dies.  I  got contacted in the middle of this for help because the parents were  extremely upset that the hospital staff refused to believe this was  related to the vaccine. Unfortunately in an acute hospital setting like  this, there isn't much I can do to help. The unfortunate thing is that  the further we get away from the truth about what happened, the further  we get away from actually helping that patient. 

 True. True. Unrelated. Doctors LOVE to throw this around. In three  words they can ignore whatever they want and move on unscathed and  unbothered. And it's total bullshit.

 October 20th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month 

Know why I feel  confident that one day the vaccine era will crumble? Because they feel  too confident. They just keep adding and adding to the schedule with  disregard to everything. The dollar signs have blinded their vision to  paying attention to the paradigm they have so carefully constructed.   Too many injuries. Too many injuries that spread like wildfire. It's  getting to where everyone knows someone or is related to someone injured.  Too many famous people with a big platform with stories to share. Too  many healthcare professionals injured themselves or with injured family  members. Too many people, like myself, driven with an intense need to  spread the truth. 

Crumble crumble crumble.   The devil ALWAYS plays his cards too soon, he ALWAYS gets too  confident, and he ALWAYS discounts the power of God's people praying in  groups. ALWAYS.

Please see this video of Del Bigtree interviewing MMA fighter Nick Catone about the death of his son.  

 October 21st Vaccine Injury Awareness 

9 month old infant with  profuse vomiting following Polio vaccine. This continues for several  days.  Pediatrician states child must have gotten a stomach bug around  the same time as well check.  Child then falls into chronic condition of  diarrhea, bloody stool, and falls off the growth chart by 1 year well  check.  Physician discusses that child is behind on vaccines and would  like child to receive 6 vaccines that day.  Parents decline.   Parents  contact alternative provider in order to help patient.  Patient put on  simple whole foods diet: Meats, veggies, fruits, beans, lentils.  Dairy  and Grain removed from diet.  Gut healing supplements started: Homemade  bone broth 2 ounces twice a day, l glutamine, zinc, slippery elm  combination given twice a day.  Patient tolerates well and symptoms  resolve.  

Parents return  to pediatrician who requires parents to "catch up" on vaccination to  continue at office.  Patient receives MMR, Varicella, DTAP, Prevnar, HIB  as well as another polio booster.  Child immediately starts with  profuse vomiting on arrival of home.  Child spends several days being  very lethargic, refusing to eat, and drinking little.  Child continued  to urinate every 6 to 8 hours so pediatrician stated child must have had  another stomach bug.  Following this appointment, child once again with  bloody loose stools and does not quite regain energy level.  Child also  starts waking in the middle of the night, screaming and hitting  randomly throughout the day, and walking to the wall or door to stand  against it and bang head.  Parents once again resume simple diet  and supplements as above.  Stool does not return to normal as expected  and child begins to loose weight.  Parents once again contact  alternative provider for help.  Epsom salt baths 3 times a week, castor  oil packs to kidneys and liver 3 times a week, and glutathione started  slowly along with previous recommendation.  Stool improves as do  outbursts, however child continuing with abnormal outbursts and head  banging.  Slowly started B vitamins which made child more agitated, so  stopped.  NAET treatments began with good results.  B Minus started by  Seeking Health with good results as well (Has b cofactors but no  Folate).  Eventually small doses of b12/ folate introduced by cutting  sublingual tabs with good results. At this time child is  developing and growing normally.  Parents extremely careful with diet,  exposure to pesticides/ chemicals/ etc. Vaccinations ceased.  Child  kicked out of pediatrician's office and is in a new office. Previous  pediatrician continues to state that vaccines and chronic illnesses as  well as acute symptoms unrelated.

   October 22nd Vaccine Injury Awareness 

6 month old infant has "routine vaccinations" at 6 month well check  and within 2 to 3 days has new onset eye asymmetry with significant  amblyopia (lazy eye) on the right. Pediatrician called who stated this  was a normal variant for this age and will revisit this at the 9 month  well check. Pediatrician states maybe child has just had bad eye site  and suddenly there is a symptom. Following this call, child has  occasional episodes of head shaking for  the next two weeks which resolve on their own. Realizing something  serious was happening and wanting to be as proactive as possible, the  parents contact me for help. Child referred to a neuro- chiropractor  with excellent results with eyes following treatment. Child had very  good results with treatments and parents decide to discontinue  vaccinations based on exam reported by this doctor who has concern for  mini stroke as cause. 

 There is a good body of reports for stroke and facial asymmetry  following vaccination in infants and children. Some of this has been  well documented by Dr. Moulden. I know a doctor in California who states  she tells all parents who plan to vaccinate to take a good quality  close up picture of the child's face right before vaccination and every  day for two weeks following. She states all of them cease vaccination.   It's interesting with people so closely documenting their lives on FB. I  actually have two or three profiles I can go to right this moment and  pull up before and after pictures of other people's children and see an  obvious difference.  Keep an eye out. You'll be surprised at what you see.

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If people would actually read these cases, it should piss them off. The idiocy is alarming.

So sad :(. Thanks for sharing

What is sad is that towards the end of the month I start having a hard time culling out a story with specific facts to that one story BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY AND THEY ALL RUN TOGETHER! People have NO idea.