Daily Vaccine Injury Reports for October: Vaccine Injury Awareness Month. Week 2. Days 7 through 14.

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October 7th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:15 month old boy with history of eczema receives DTAP shot. Next day has dairy and immediately breaks out in to severe head to toe hives with facial and airway swelling requiring an ambulance ride to the hospital as well as a dose of epinephrine. (DTAP is grown on dairy. It is well known that researchers who are studying how to handle food allergies and anaphylaxis in humans purposefully inject mice with the food proteins they want to study with aluminum attached to create allergy. All vaccines are high in aluminum and they all contain foreign proteins from either foods, humans, or other animal species.)

Labs drawn show extremely high IGE antibody response to dairy as well as some antibodies to eggs and a few other things. Clearly patient is on strict dairy free diet. Other allergens removed as well. Gut healing program started. Eczema which had mostly cleared is now moderate to severe since severe reaction to dairy and subsequent medications given at hospital. Patient started on Immune PRP spray which is a pure bovine colostrum from fancy grass fed cows of New Zealand shown in research to modulate the immune system much in the same way you expect human colostrum to set the immune system in a human newborn. The casein proteins in this supplement are no longer present. We were obviously concerned for tolerance regardless, but patient muscle tested well and parents wanted to make the attempt. Skin patch test was passed and patient tolerated supplement well. (Did you know that nobody ever in the history of ever has been able to figure out how to turn on and set up the immune system of a newborn WITHOUT human colostrum? Colostrum is SO important. Even if you aren't going to breastfeed and even if you have micro supply, it's worth the effort to at least get THAT into the infant.). Within 1 week of the colostrum supplement, eczema clears 85%. Residual puffiness from previous allergy attack resolved. At this time patient continues on special diet until 2 years of age when more comprehensive tests can be ordered. He is much healthier than he was, but will have a journey ahead to completely heal and will likely have to be careful with diet and lifestyle for the rest of his life.

October 8th: https://steemit.com/steemit-health/@michellerowton/vaccine-injury-awareness-month-the-story-of-myles

October 9th- Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:4 year old girl receives her 4 year old boosters for DTAP, Polio, MMR, and Chicken pox. Severe swelling started immediately that night extending down one leg. Child refused to walk by the next morning. Mom called pediatrician and was told this was "normal". Mom made appointment with the pediatrician as symptoms in leg worsened. By this time the child had developed large purple blisters along gum line that would burst and bleed profusely down the child's face, neck, and chest when touched and popped. Pediatrician again assured mom that none of this was related to the vaccines given the day these symptoms started. Referred to dentist who could not figure out what was going on with child's gums so decided that it must be viral and that is why there was no explanation. Dentist did contact pediatrician with concerns for patient suggesting some simple labs be drawn. Pediatrician drew labs and reported to mom that all labs were "normal" but has yet to hand over records so that they can be reviewed by someone else. Within 2 weeks the blood blisters in the mouth had subsided and within 3 weeks the child started walking again with a limp (that's right! The 4 year old literally didn't walk for 3 weeks, which is considered normal by the pediatrician!). Child now acts very "grumpy" and "negative" with frequent outbursts. At this time mom believes child is traumatized from vaccines and would like to wait on testing. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out. Likely child has drained B vitamins and glutathione as well as having the high possibility of going in to Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura which is an autoimmune disease. 

Although there is no conclusion to this injury, this is a classic example of how pediatricians will literally refuse to accept what is right in front of their faces. When I was working in the hospital setting it was frequent to hear the attending saying something like: "True, True, Unrelated". Meaning- I hear you- X happened, then Y happened, then Z happened buuuuut I'm going to go ahead and say my funny fancy phrase and move on with my life so I don't have to deal with the fact that things are not as I expected or not as I was taught. Western Medicine at it's finest!

October 10th: https://steemit.com/steemit-health/@michellerowton/october-10th-vaccine-injury-reportinstallment-for-vaccine-injury-awareness-month

October 11 Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:A lot of my stories have good endings. But let's not discount that there are quite a few parents out there who just really live in a world of cognitive dissonance when it comes to vaccines, and don't exactly catch on as I would hope.There is a 1 year old girl out there that I know. When she had her dtap vaccine at 4 months of age, she had a seizure later that day and one the next day. Mom reported it to their pediatrician office rather matter of factly. You see, her niece has a seizure disorder so she's apparently become a little numb to the seriousness of a seizure. She DID decide to hold vaccines for a period of time but when the child turned 1 and had been developing and progressing normally, she decided it was safer to go ahead and continue. That child received a DTAP booster and is now diagnosed with "infantile spasms". Mom was told this is a common variant in childhood and is really considered quite normal and manageable these days. Mom thinks seizures must be genetic in her family and plans to continue vaccinating.

🤷‍♀️ What do you do? Besides tell them you're here when they decide they want help... or to do things a different way... or to decide that you don't have to settle that your child must continue life with a chronic condition?As a side note, we can agree that there is likely something genetic at play in this situation. LIKELY the family is carrying genetic mutations affecting the detox pathway like MTHFR, MTRR, etc. I can agree with that. How about we stop throwing a hornets nest at it??

October 12th Vaccine Injury Installment:Couple comes to me with newborn, very somber, acting nervous. Newborn baby is doing well, didn't receive hepatitis B vaccine at birth, eye ointment, or vitamin K shot. Breastfeeding going well, weight gain appropriate, exam perfect. Really having a hard time deciphering a read on the parents so finally ask: Ok! Is there something that you need to discuss with me??Parents: We had a baby boy 18 months ago who was perfectly normal, growing, developing normally, never been sick, and we took him to the pediatrician for his 6 month well check where he received the usual shots, we took him home and put him down for a nap that afternoon, and he died. We found him dead in his crib less than an hour later. The pediatrician refused to acknowledge it was the vaccines, and refused to report it to the reporting system VAERS. The coroner refused to put that vaccines were given the day of the death and ruled it as simple SIDS. We can't live through that again.

THAT my friends, happens more than you realize. How many deaths REALLY happen that we don't know about because they aren't charted, aren't reported, and aren't appropriately marked for cause of death?!?! HOW MANY? Also- you can repeat this report from parents to me more than a simple handful of times. This isn't an isolated case. HOW MANY OTHER PROVIDERS ARE HEARING THIS AND IGNORE IT AS THE TRUTH?

October 13th Vaccine Injury Report:Mom brings 8 month old infant to see me. States she had another infant 2 years ago that died. I gently ask for the story of what happened. Initially mom tells me- "he died from the flu....well that's what it was marked as". Mom nervously changes the subject. At the end of the appointment I lead us back to the conversation about her first son and ask her if I can have more details. Turns out that this child was vaccinated on schedule, including receiving the flu vaccine. He didn't tolerate the flu vaccine well at the age of 6 months. He was very sick with high fevers, lethargy, glassy eyes, runny nose, etc for no less than 14 days following the vaccine with a noticeable loss of babbling, coordination, and leg strength. Mom states that it was an exhausting time while the pediatrician refused to acknowledge the timing of this event as well as refused to offer any insight or acknowledge to mom that something bigger might be going on. Fast forward to when the child is 8 months old. Child once again starts with fever however it never gets above 100 degrees, runny eyes and nose, however eating well and in generally good spirits. Mom takes infant back to the doctor and requests that maybe they should perform some blood work to make sure everything was ok given that child just had a severe illness in the last 6 weeks. The pediatrician refuses and runs a flu test which comes up positive. Physician prescribes Tamiflu and sends mother on her way.

Mom fills prescription on way home and gives to infant in parking lot. Takes infant home and puts him down for a nap. Checks on him 1.5 hours later and he is dead.Now- did this child die of the flu? Likely not. He likely died from an adverse event to Tamiflu. Would he have died while sick with the flu if not given the flu shot with such a large reaction? No idea. Would he have died if he hadn't been given tamiflu? I can't tell you that as I have no crystal ball, but my gut says likely not. This is the kind of death that gets reported in the news that an infant died of the flu and therefor everyone should run out and get the flu shot. In fact mom reported that happening regarding the death of her infant, and she was furious about it, because she KNEW that this wasn't actually the real story, nor likely the real cause of his death.Just think on that. Don't trust what you hear on the media. It's all pomp, and splash, and bullshit to gain ratings. The media's favorite trick is causing mass hysteria. Because hysteria sells.

October 13th Vaccine Injury Story #2-Can I just say that my flu shot post has created a giant shit storm? While so many people love it, SO many people are just down right pissed at the post. I guess it really challenges their comfy status of cognitive dissonance. I've had many people comment that they only respect peer reviewed research and not some "biased anti vaxxer with her random links all over the place". Well- I guess they didn't actually READ the post or CLICK on the links, because ALL of the studies included were peer reviewed in respected journals. 

What DID come from that post was 4 messages in my box just this afternoon of Vaccine Injury stories from the flu shot- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS A MOM REPORTING MISCARRIAGE FOLLOWING THE FLU SHOT IN PREGNANCY!Let THAT sink in for a moment. Enough said.

October 14th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:13 year old boy has vaccinations for TDAP and Meningococcal B. Parents refuse HPV vaccine on the basis that child does not own a cervix, much to the dismay of the pediatrician who spent quite a bit of time trying to convince mom to start the series.Child spent the following two weeks with general fatigue and malaise that mom chalked up to "normal" after a call to the pediatrician. About the time the child started feeling better, child told mom that his shower was clogged and felt like a lot of hair was coming out. Not thinking much of it, mom sent dad to the bathroom to clean out the drain. Dad came out in complete disbelief at the chunks of hair he was pulling out of the drain. Both decided it had been several years of build up. Two weeks following, child says something about drain being slow in the bathroom. Dad once again goes to check things out. This time Dad is quite concerned so mom asks child to come over to inspect his head. It is at this time that she finds several bald spots on child's head.Mom takes child to pediatrician who runs only a TSH and T4 to check for thyroid activity as well as a ferritin for iron stores and CBC. Tells mom all looks normal and refers to dermatologist. Dermatologist tells mom that child must be "stressed" and that is why his hair is falling out. Suggests seeing someone about going on psych medications. By the time the child switches care, he has had so little hair on his head, that he is shaving his head bald and has had special permission by the school to wear baseball caps in class. ANA autoimmune panel sent in extensive blood work as well as full thyroid panel with antibodies. ANA titer extremely high showing patient in autoimmune state as well as high thyroid antibodies meaning child is now attacking his own thyroid as well as suboptimal T3 levels- which is the active hormone of thyroid. Child put on autoimmune paleo diet immediately, nutrients replaced, high doses of anti- inflammatory supplements such as turmeric, resveratrol, and DPA fish oil, Immune PRP spray started twice a day, as well as a protocol for autoimmune alopecia by Standard Process.8 weeks later child states he is feeling better, not realizing he had not been feeling well for the past 6+ months, and has had some hair regrowth but is very discouraged, especially with the restricted diet. Discussed with child and mom if they would be willing to do a 1 month detox together with gut healing support and then have the opportunity to add restricted foods back one at a time while watching for reaction other than dairy and wheat. Both agreed.6 weeks later patient states he is feeling even better (as mom states she feels amazing as well), hair has regrown and he thinks he will be able to move from hats to a buzz cut soon. Foods reintroduced one at a time without incident other than tomatoes. Hair continues to grow...HOWEVER, this child does tend to lose hair easily to this day if he catches a virus or other illness or becomes too run down from a busy schedule despite normal thyroid hormone levels. Now 16 and unwilling to do further work, which can be understood at this age and activity level of high school. Requested child at least stay gluten free and stay off the high school junk lunch as well as team meals. Time will tell....

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I've written 2 good size replies to this @michellerowton and have lost them both. So will just say, keep on keepin' on. Too many simply do not realize the dangers they face. Steem On! @vickiebarker

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