October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month. A story for each day of the month. Installments 1 through 7.

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October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month. I'm going to be doing a series for this by reporting some of the vaccine injuries I've personally been involved in reversing. 

October 1 report:A beautiful African America Infant with a beautiful full head of hair lost EVERY. SINGLE. HAIR. off her head in the 2 weeks following a polio booster. 

She suddenly had autoimmune alopecia. Healed over 6 months with autoimmune paleo diet, high doses of anti- inflammatories like turmeric, resveratrol, dpa fish oil as well as immune system modulation with immuno prp spray and some gut healing supplements like bone broth, l glutamine, zinc. She will be prone to autoimmune conditions for the REST OF HER LIFE.

October 2nd- Vaccine Injury Awareness Month. A very healthy African American boy develops SEVERE eczema across his forehead and down his cheeks directly after his 2 month boosters. This is a big concern on many levels but even more so with dark skin because of the potential for life long pigment loss and scarring to his face. Brought mom in and did a ZYTO scan to test for food intolerances. Figured out mom was a little bit of a sugar gal. Got her on a whole foods diet with the help of her mother. No wheat, corn, dairy, soy, peanuts in diet whatsoever. Probiotics for both. All toxins removed from home/ detergents/ personal care products. 

As anticipated the baby flared from mom's offloading of proteins, yeast, etc down his trunk and extremities. Changed probiotics for both to sacchromyces boulardii. Asked mom to hang in there for the turn around. Sent mom to get supplies to mud the injection sites with medi- clay from Premier. Baby comes back at 4 month well check with completely clear skin. That was an excellent turn around thanks to this mother's diligence, hard work, and self control. Usually the turn around isn't the fast but likely was due to only one round of shots and reacting well to mudding!

October 3rd Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:One year old boy found in the corner of the living room in the middle of the night rocking and staring blankly at the corner wall the night after his 1 year booster shots. Immediately non- verbal, lost eye contact, and spent his days spinning, stimming, and absently darting around rooms. All he would eat is wheat and dairy. Slept only about 4 hours a night. After lab review around age 2, completely changed diet to gluten and dairy free (baby steps to gluten free and dairy free processed stuff to break the addictive cycle and his palette opened up in about a month), replace antioxidants, B vitamins, and glutathione, started prebiotic and probiotic foods, digestive enzymes, added lots of high quality fats and fish oil to diet. 

8 weeks later he's saying some words, not stimming, spinning or darting around the room, sits in mom's lap and hugs and kisses, sleeping 10 hours a night, making fair eye contact. To this day, around age 3, he's very pleasant but still very verbally delayed. In ABA therapy finally (cause you know- it's expensive and insurance doesn't want to pay for that) as well as OT and PT for some motor and sensory issues. Not sure if he will ever full recover but mom is still extremely happy with the progress made. Labs redrawn for follow up/ trending, stool study sent, if detoxing will have hair analysis yet for metals etc. This will likely be a lifelong battle for this child and his family.

October 4th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:3 year old boy receives MMR shot. 4 days later admitted to Children's hospital for sudden onset of seizures. Their entire work up reveals nothing as cause for frequent seizures noted on 24 hour EEG, and child is sent home to be on Keppra for 2 years before consideration of weaning. Nobody ever asks if he's had any vaccines recently and the parents have completely forgotten about it. Child loses most of his speech and potty training two weeks following this event. 

Putting two and two together within a couple of weeks of this incident, child is given full work up which takes 3 to 4 weeks to come back. Mom comes in crying during blood draw that child is having accidents all over the place and everyone around her is telling her not to put him back in diapers because "it will ruin his potty training for years". Encouraged mom to place child back in diapers, that he literally doesn't have the neuro capacity to deal with this right now, that it's not fair to place this kind of high expectation and constant negativity on him at this time, and that he will come back around once we get him healed. In the meantime child is started on neuromethylation cream and oxycell cream for glutathione as well as detox baths, charcoal orally for reactions, and mudding of vaccine site. 1 month later child comes back for lab review talking and back in underwear. Labs show complete depletion of all anti- oxidants including alpha lipoid acid, coq10, vitamins A, E, C and plant based antioxidants as well as complete depletion of all B vitamins and cofactors and glutathione. Child also has rubella antibody titer 3,000 times a normal positive titer. Essentially the child had drained all nutrients trying to deal with this toxic shot and had a case of rubella encephalitis.Continued two creams above as they had all ready helped tremendously, added a liquid ubiquional (active CoQ10 supplement), Intrakid Liquid supplement and drastically changed diet to Whole Foods based diet that was more Mediterranean/ paleo based for the time being. No processed/ junk/ fast foods, no sugar, dyes, or preservatives.8 week follow up, child is completely back to his old ways and has tolerated slow weaning of keppra. Keppra weaned off slowly without another seizure incident.

October 5th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:16 year old girl, constant loud verbal tics following HPV vaccine within 48 hours. Worse at school but can be set off at home particularly after meals. Asked to leave school to be homeschooled because her verbal tics/ throat clearing were extremely loud and disruptive to her classes. Detox protocol given. Food allergy/ sensitivity labs drawn. Patient with extremely high sensitivity to soy. Mother immediately realizes increase in tics following meals containing overt soy like soy sauce, etc. Soy completely removed from diet, including soy lecithin along with 4 weeks of nutrition replacement, high doses of anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and resveratrol, and detox activities. Asked to be gluten and dairy free as well. Tics decreased to about 5% of her day, however, as anyone could imagine, child nervous to return to school until completely gone. Child with history of scoliosis surgery as young child. Referred to chiropractor to insure proper alignment as subluxations in certain thoracic vertebrae and ribs can cause repeat coughing type response. After 3 adjustments, tics and coughing completely gone. After 2 weeks of being in the clear, child returned to school. Within 2 weeks, tics returned. Questioned regarding environment at school. Child reports being extremely happy and excited to be back at school with friends, not being bullied/ harassed for previous symptoms, not feeling nervous at school, not eating school food. Mom reports extensive construction happening at school over summer. Requested mold testing of school. Plates ordered and placed in locker of child. Although no toxic mold grew, certain strains of mold did grow in a short period of time. NAET treatments performed for mold. Child returned to school without reactivation of symptoms. 

Child in the clear for about 6 months before irregular periods start as well as other hormonal symptoms. Discussed high correlation of ovarian failure and HPV vaccine. Saliva hormone study sent. Herbal, adaptogenic and protomorphogen supplementation plan made. Patient asked to go gluten and dairy free again, insured that soy was still out of diet. In three months, cycles regulated and symptoms abated.Very much impressed upon mom and child that child will have a lifetime of needing to be very careful with lifestyle given type of vaccine injury and subsequent symptoms.

October 6th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:2 year old patient from another state. Had been unvaccinated until mom bullied into DTAP shot by only local pediatrician saying she would deny care if it wasn't done. Patient immediately started with constant and severe diarrhea that continued despite multiple tests, workups, and treatments for the previous 1 year plus. Eventually child started to have dry skin, dry and brittle hair and nails, and now was starting to drop off the growth chart with failure to thrive. 

Functional comprehensive stool study sent showing pathogenic klebsiella bacteria and extremely inflamed intestinal lining as well as food IGG/IGE testing showing allergy to dairy. (DTAP is grown on dairy!) Patient put on grain and dairy free diet, bone broth twice a day, fermented foods twice a day, l-glutamine and zinc supplement for gut healing. Started on biocidin 1 drop per 10 pounds body weight twice a a day and high powered multi strained probiotic before bed. Activated charcoal used for die off symptoms. In 8 weeks patient grew 3 inches, gained 2.5 pounds, needed a new haircut, had a nail trimming that didn't involve cracking and splitting nails, and had stopped diarrhea. Biocidin weaned to once a day for 1 month then stopped. After 4 months, gut supplements weaned and all food reintroduced to diet except wheat and dairy. Discussed with parents that at 6 month mark could reintroduce those foods 2 weeks apart, high quality, without overloading to watch for intolerance. Speech greatly took off after the 3 month mark. Parents decided to discontinue traveling out of state for care as patient was thriving. Haven't heard from him since, so assume he continues to do well.

October 7th Vaccine Injury Awareness Month:15 month old boy with history of eczema receives DTAP shot. Next day has dairy and immediately breaks out in to severe head to toe hives with facial and airway swelling requiring an ambulance ride to the hospital as well as a dose of epinephrine. (DTAP is grown on dairy. It is well known that researchers who are studying how to handle food allergies and anaphylaxis in humans purposefully inject mice with the food proteins they want to study with aluminum attached to create allergy. All vaccines are high in aluminum and they all contain foreign proteins from either foods, humans, or other animal species.)

Labs drawn show extremely high IGE antibody response to dairy as well as some antibodies to eggs and a few other things. Clearly patient is on strict dairy free diet. Other allergens removed as well. Gut healing program started. Eczema which had mostly cleared is now moderate to severe since severe reaction to dairy and subsequent medications given at hospital. Patient started on Immune PRP spray which is a pure bovine colostrum from fancy grass fed cows of New Zealand shown in research to modulate the immune system much in the same way you expect human colostrum to set the immune system in a human newborn. The casein proteins in this supplement are no longer present. We were obviously concerned for tolerance regardless, but patient muscle tested well and parents wanted to make the attempt. Skin patch test was passed and patient tolerated supplement well. (Did you know that nobody ever in the history of ever has been able to figure out how to turn on and set up the immune system of a newborn WITHOUT human colostrum? Colostrum is SO important. Even if you aren't going to breastfeed and even if you have micro supply, it's worth the effort to at least get THAT into the infant.). Within 1 week of the colostrum supplement, eczema clears 85%. Residual puffiness from previous allergy attack resolved. At this time patient continues on special diet until 2 years of age when more comprehensive tests can be ordered. He is much healthier than he was, but will have a journey ahead to completely heal and will likely have to be careful with diet and lifestyle for the rest of his life.

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Wow....that's a month full of action...what are the national statistics like? this is quite alarming, what labs are these vaccines originating from? the company behind them? the demographics affected? We have the HPV vaccine drive happening in the Caribbean now, so I certainly look into it but data gathering is so poor, that you would never really get the story unless you personally know the patient...once again thanks for sharing the story and bringing the awareness

Unfortunately we do not know what the national statistics are. There is the VAERS.gov system- national adverse event reporting system- to report injuries however it is well accepted that only 1 to 10% of adverse events will ever be reported. In a country such as ours, we should have better data on this. Of course, that would also require physicians to be open about what they are seeing.

Great post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight, thanks for sharing these sad stories of the true victims, thanks for spreading awareness! It is greatly appreciated.