Mind Strengthening Techniques to Control Your Mind

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Hello Friends,

Here I am Lucia again trying to find a good and virtuous topic to inscribe and share at the same time to learn about.

So the topic for today is "MIND STRENGTHENING".

Maybe many people don't know that our brain is our body's main controlling organ and the brain itself is same as our muscles too. And when we talk about muscles, we make sure that in order to keep a muscle healthy we need to keep it well-fit. Just like the muscles in our arms and abdomen we also need to use it more often rather than to lose it. And it also same as keeping one's brain healthy through a certain and appropriate mental stimulation, so that you will be able to give enough reinforcement for a well-fit mental cognition, well-fit mental functioning and most of all a highly operative memory all throughout. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt changes appropriately and that is why the brain of a human being is capable of a constant adaptation of life's certain innovations. And this scope of capability allows an individual to learn and commemorate things in everyday routine.


And in order to keep one's mental status fully advantageous, anyone can improve one's cognitive abilities and strengthen one's mind through taking appropriate measures in exercising brain's neuroplasticity in a full gear. And one other way in challenging one's mental status is by keeping the body healthy in a well-flexed condition which includes the mental muscles as well.


Here are some tips on how to strengthen one's mental state to its fullest functional being:

1. Addressing yourself to new learning


Uncommon activities allow your brain to produce a something new neural pathways that may strengthen the ability of an individual to clear up unresolved stuff, formulate ideas, comprehension processing and also to recollect facts. And starting new skills and routine is one way of promoting a new mental exercise for your brain. One best example of exercising your brain is by learning a new skill or hobby.

2. Take your skills to the next level of advancement


Continual mental stimulation is best for an individual's mental development as long as the individual itself seek for another level of advancement in order to expand the basic skills and knowledge. A more complex method will eventually increase the level of skills an individually possessed because when an individual pushes herself or himself to keep going for a much better standard the individual is also keeping the said state of mind in a healthy and strong status.

3. Formulate a well-organized list


If you think that listing those grocery lists is just an ordinary thing to do, then you are talking a little bit nonsense, because when you list down the things you need for the week or a couple of days can also be a quick brain exercise. Organizing, prioritizing and querying the things needed to be done is one firm task that provides such mental stimulation. Just like when you categorized the items in your list and do some calculation or even remembering the required tasks needs to be done for the day.

4. Have time to ponder things out. MEDITATE.


When you offer the sense of peace and calmness in your brain you are also giving your brain the chance to focus and settle in a state of being stress-free. Meditation contributes such positive impact both physical and on our mental status. When you want to do proper meditation, you can start meditating by closing your eyes in a place that is quiet and try to push away the thoughts lures around in your head and just continue counting exclusively.

5. Rerouting yourself away from stress

We are still humans and humans as we are we may also feel a weary and tired of the stressors that surround us every day. And even chronic stress can also affect the ability of the brain to focus properly and even to recall the things that are needed to be remembered. And one way of reducing stress or keeping one's self away from being stressed out is through seeking some time out; instead of aiming to do all the things simultaneously which leads to a worn out brain cells,

6. Feed your brain appropriately


With this one, I am talking literally, like feeding your brain with a food that gives it the energy to work the day out easily. The foods that I am talking about those complex carbs that can boost up your brain cells and this complex carb can be seen in whole wheat bread, oatmeals, cereals and other foods that full of fibers.

7. A good sleep for a good mind


Adults need to have an average of seven to nine hours of sleep to make sure that the mental state of an individual is getting enough rest to get another hop for the next day. When you rest your brain by providing it with plenty of sleep you are also enhancing the other important aspects of your brain a good reason to function such as a good memory and much more skills and potential for another creative task to do. And most of all avoid to a routine wherein you are more on a screen background than paper or books, watching tv too much may also be an unhealthy routine.

8. Do some exercise


Doing an everyday exercise can improve neuroplasticity and will surely reduce tensions like stress. And doing your favorite and easy routine every now and then will also get your blood pumping that will surely promote circulation and oxygenation for the brain to function well. If you are too busy for a walk on a gym, well, you can try some walking outside your backyard or a short stretching and some jumping jacks, in this way you are having the best warm up for a good day ahead of you.

9. Learn to love books


There's nothing wrong with getting hook on every classical literature books in the library than wasting your time scrolling some social media updates. Reading books helps you to improve your skills in comprehension and imagination and most of all it let your brain exercise through emotional comprehension interaction.

10. Do not forget to laugh


We all know that laughing can reduce stress and tension in everyday pressures and most of all, a laughing mouth is a happy brain. Moreover, when you laugh and you feel at ease so then you will be able to think smartly too.

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In the words "health is the root of all happiness" and to keep this health in mind, it is important to have good heart. Nice post, it is very good to read. Thank you


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Very comprehensive and useful post!! Especially the aspects exercise, enough sleep, healthy food and laughing are mostly not considered as relevant for a strong mind - thank you for remembering us of these 😉 They will go right onto my to do list for today!

thanks for the good work

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