SELF-CARE: Avoiding Burnout and Caring for Each Other.

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I went to sleep at 9pm last night. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay up and party with @sircork on the @steemstarnetwork, and play with friends from #thealliance, #isleofwrite, and #steemsugars.

I wanted to get a post or two out yesterday, as well. I couldn’t do it.

I had to lay down. (Not on a rock in an ocean, but this is a nice photo, isn’t it?)


Take care of yourself so you don’t burn out.

Yesterday @meanmommy33 put up a post saying she might need to take a break. She’s been going hard on Steemit (and life in general) for 9 months, heading the Steemsugars discord as well.

I’ve only been at it for a month and a half, and I’m feeling the fatigue. (Then again, I’m a mom of young children, so I’m always tired.)

I’m also feeling the love, big-time! I’ve made such incredible friends, I don’t want to stop playing on discord or reading your posts. Y’all are amazing!

At the same time, it’s important to have “me” time, which is already scarce considering I have twin toddlers. It’s important to get out into nature, to spend quality time with family. Maybe even hang out with “real-life” friends.

Another friend, @sykochica, was the first person I chatted with on Discord, a few days into my Steemit adventure. Hearing her voice made everything more real for me. In fact, she gave me some EXCELLENT wisdom that has helped me a lot: she said there’s so much to read, you miss stuff. And basically, she made me feel okay about missing things. I stress a lot less about it, accepting that you seriously cannot get to everyone’s posts, even the people I adore.

@sykochica recently took a couple weeks off, and I was starting to wonder if she was okay. Lo and behold, she did a post just when I was about to DM her and check in, and when I saw her in the LGBT server, she said she periodically takes a week or two away from Steemit. For sanity. For self-care.

This is smart. I think everyone needs to step back from time to time, even if just for an evening, or a day.

A few ideas to avoid burnout:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat nourishing food.
  • Exercise.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Did I mention getting enough sleep? Oh yes. I did. ;)

image source

Rest up, my friends!

Like I said, I was out around 9pm last night. I couldn’t function any longer.

Often, I see friends on Discord at all hours, wherever you are in the world, and I care about you! I know some of you don’t get enough sleep, or enough nourishing food.

I think about you and hope you’re okay.

Yes, you’re adults. You make your own decisions. I know many of you are working on super important things (@sircork, @youarehope, and many others), and serving your families worldwide (@topkpop, @saffisara, @enginewitty, @battleaxe, and so many more).

Maybe I’m being too much of a mom, but I wish y’all would sleep more.

Sometimes we need to say, “No,” to put up boundaries. @battleaxe wrote a great post about not always saying “Yes.” This is so worth a read!

Saying "No" is hard for me. I want to say YES to so much, but I have to say NO often these days, otherwise I’ll fall down, go boom.

There are no days off as a mother, so I am forced to take care of myself. It’s a good thing. We all run into a wall, sometimes. Try to rest before you do.

Restorative yoga is a great thing, too… Maybe I’ll do a post about that one of these weeks.

photo: Nat Anfield

Taking care of each other.

All of this said, it’s also important to take care of each other.

@youarehope is doing A LOT to serve people in the world. Please, if you care about human beings in poverty, if you care about orphans, please go to @youarehope and give as large of an upvote as you can, or send a donation.

You Are HOPE

Listen to a replay of the latest You are H.O.P.E. town hall to learn more about the work this charity is doing.

If you see someone struggling personally — sad, tired, depressed, whatever — reaching out can make a big difference. Feeling alone is so hard! It compounds any other issues that are happening.

Exercise self-care for yourself so you can also care for others. This is a simple concept, but how many of us follow it?

Whatever you need to do for yourself, be sure to make it a priority.

Take care of yourself. You are a gift!

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel

#teamcanada #steemusa #steemsugars #thealliance

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the alliance


The Alliance and SteemUSA Banners by @bearone

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I love knowing you already, new kid :D


Thank you for the kind words, advice, and mothering. I need all of them!

Love this!

Likewise. 💖 I'm so glad you're okay with the mothering thing. I always feel a little bad saying "Hey, did you sleep yet?" to you and others, 'cause you can take care of yourself, but I can't help it. lol! And, anyway, I need self-care reminders, too. I think we all do. ((hugs))

He lies, @kattrina-ariel! He does not sleep and does not know how to care for himself. He needs all the mothering he can get. :)

lol! I know he doesn't sleep, @dswigle, and I believe he ate a pizza sometime this weekend, which might have been it for food. I'll do my best to mother him from the other side of the continent without being a pest. ;-)

I'm sure he will love it. He is tired of my overmothering. ;)

ladies ladies please. One at a time. There's plenty of me to go around. I can use a bunch of moms just to be clear I am not waving my rights so you can't ground me though

lol! I felt bad talking about you like you weren't there, actually. Gentle mothering, perhaps? No grounding. I don't even want to have to ground my own kids... I have twin boys who are already a lot of work at age 3 (they're really good kids, but still). Imagine when they're teenagers?! I am in so much trouble. ;-)

So much love and caring in this post. I was also down before 9 PM yesterday, I know what you are talking about here.
We need to talk about this, so many people today gets overwhelmed by all the opportunities in life and I think that we interact with so many people that we feels like we have to do things for everyone as well.

Some chilling and downtime is necessary to survive. Thanks for caring and I hope you take care of you as well <3

Im stuck in that interacted, yer my friend, now i gotta do all the things, rut. And it compounds like interest on a credit card, one leads to two leads to four... it's overwhelming at times. But I love em all anyway.

Yes, that is the great part of it. All the love and joy :-)

YES to love and joy! And a big YES to sleep, too. You make some good points, @kerlund74, and I think we do need to keep the discussion rolling, to remind each other it's okay to take a step back, to not always be "on." Glad you got some sleep! And, you're welcome. I do care. A lot! ((hugs))

Good for you for taking a breather. It's important to look after yourself first. That said....I partied with @sircork :)

It was fun partying with you for a while, too! I meant to come back after I put my kids to bed. lol! Didn't happen. Glad you had fun! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

you are right @jfolkmann

I was on the steemstar network I think it was sunday really enjoyed it my favourite show is Cabinet of curiosities. cant wait for the next show.
Its really interesting what you said about resting up because today I had no option due to bad snow, no internet and no tv. So I discovered some adult colouring books I had bought and forgotten about. Which took me on a route of researching about art therapy.
I recieved a lovely comment on my post yesterday from @sykochica who I have messaged but I think she might be sleeping now. I have also joined the LGBT community looking forward to getting to know you.

Sometimes life makes us rest, eh? When I was having bandwidth issues, I took that as a hint that I should go do something else for a while. lol! Good to meet you! :)

By the way, thanks for mentioning the Cabinet of Curiosities! I forgot to give a shout out to the amazing @lenadr, who hosts that show and was co-hosting the party I missed 'cause I hit the bed early. I haven't heard her show yet but I need to, for sure!

Oh you ae welcome, if you are into the weird and wonderful, then I would recommend listening to it for sure. Plus @lenadr is an awesome kind host, the show on Sunday is about Ghosts.

Yer makin' me blush. :) This Sunday's show is going to be SCARY!! MUAHAHA

Thank you so much! There's another party going on tonight. Hope to see you there!!

Thank you so much! There's another party going on tonight. Hope to see you there!!

Encouragement on self care seems to be something I practically always need! Thanks :)

Me too, Lily. I need these reminders constantly! :)

All. of. this. What a lovely, well-written reminder. Doing freelance I think it can especially be hard to remember self-care because you never really leave “the office” (i.e. there is no distinction between your work phone and your personal phone)! Needed to read this today in the midst of a busy day. :)

OMG this! It's why I burnt out as a yoga instructor. I always felt like I should be doing promo, or putting out content. Freelancing is hard. You gotta set boundaries. Take care of you. ;)

I’ve noticed a couple of people as of late have been talking about or dealing with burn out. Many of them seem to be daily bloggers sometimes putting out two or more a day.

For the average users on Steemit it should be about fun and not heavy focused on generate a revenue source. It’s ok to take days off or not get that “important” blog up out this moment.

I don't focus on trying get a blog out 7 days a week and i try and make weekends more about other things focusing on shorter to create content.
Oddly enough my goals for steemit are to only get 3 blogs out a week and i comfortably meet those goals.

Realistic goals are great. I'm an overachiever, so I set myself up for it, but I've dealt with burnout so many times in different arenas that I don't stress too much if I don't get a post up every day. Sometimes I don't have to focus for it, so I work on curation, or just enjoy community on Discord. But I tend to stay up too late. Sleep is good. Thanks for your comment!

I am going to be off for the next few weeks taking a much-needed vacation. Burn out is so easy to do when you don't give yourself a break.

I always hate missing the fun, but, what good am I to others when I can't help my own self?

Take good care of yourself. You are too fun to forget! :)

Aw, thank you! I try to put self-care first. Or at least third. ;) Burn out is too easy. I'm glad to hear you're taking a vacation. Have a wonderful break. You deserve it!

Thanks for sharing your self-care experience. What I love about Steemit is that the blogging... at least for me is more free and organic. I get inspired in those spaces where I'm out for a walk or taking time for myself, and can't help but share the inspiration. So maybe it's those spaces of self-care that can really be fuel for progress on Steemit.

I totally agree! I used to blog about a narrow range of subjects, but now I feel so free to write about anything. It's wonderful! :)

This is just what I needed to hear. It's impossible to be everywhere at once. I love Steemit so much that I'm neglecting my housework haha! So today I'm making it a cleaning day only (except for right now at 5:30 am, who cleans then?) Not burning my candle at both ends though. Besides, Steemit and discord are always there when we come back, they aren't going to disappear on us. 🤗 Hope you got the rest you needed!! 🙂

Wise words. "They're not going to disappear on us." I have this problem with always wanting to do things NOW. lol! Taking a step back is something I'm still working on. ;)

I totally understand, I'm still working on it too haha! :)

Great post, thank you!! I’ve seen so much burn out lately. It’s sooo important to focus on what’s important. YOU!

Truth. I think you do a good job of self-care... from what I know, anyway. Kudos to you!

I have to work at it, but yes I am fairly good at it now. But...I want in on these parties!!

Yes! Come party with us! So much fun. :)

I love your mother mentality. Being a dad myself kind of carries over into my allied family. You know when I first had my boys, I wouldn't sleep until I heard the birds singing the next morning, I knew then that they would see another day.

lol! Did you center this just because I said I prefer left justified? 😂

But seriously, that is so sweet. You're such a dedicated father (in more ways than one.) I don't miss the days when my boys were super little, and I kept checking to make sure they were breathing. Glad they're past that stage. But I am grateful to be a mom, and for those instincts to carry over to mothering my friends, at least a little. I think we all need more nurturing than we get. Thanks for being you, Engine. 💖💖💖

Shameless plug:

Steemit LGBT+ Discord

YES! Anytime. This is such a great place to hang out! Thank goodness for all the colourful people. :)

If you don’t take the time to help yourself then you can’t be able to help those around you


Choosing to make any given action a choice for self care, even just taking a breath with the intention of self care makes a difference.

So true. Even a deep breath with intention can be the shift we need. Thank you!

It is the best place to rest with the sound of waves and hard rock. Thanks for sharing...

The sound of waves is so nice, I agree! Thanks for reading! :)

This post came in the right time!
We all need a voice of wisdom
maybe a very annoying and persistant one 😅
Can you do it ? lol

lol! I hate nagging. Hated it when my mom did it, and now I have to tell my kids 17 times, "Please pick up your toys... please get in the bath... please get dressed..." Oye! ;-)

there's a reason why they call it the hardest Job in the world remember ? 😉
By the way I wished I could upvote you twice, once for the post and once for this photo that I really loved!

so here comes my first Tip! ever on steemit
just for you 😍

You're so sweet, Hazem. Thank you!

Hi @katrina-ariel! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @hazem91!

@hazem91 wrote lately about: How Was Your Weekend Hazem ?. Feel free to follow @hazem91 if you like it :)

Thank you @katrina-ariel. Even though Iam a man and dad I understand where you're coming from. But Mom's no matter what still have a different dynamic within the Family structure. And it can wear them down because of the uniqueness of this dynamic.

So definitely get that rest.

I know that feeling like you're 'missing out' or' falling behind' by not Posting for a few days . At least for me that goes through my mind
Just remember Steemit we still be here for you to come jump right back in with no problem :)

But as you say sleep is paramount

Thanks for the encouragement, Robert. I need to practice what I preach. Stayed up too late again last night. Doh!

Same here. Well past 3am... ughh. Got to get my hours where Iam falling asleep by midnight !!

I agree that it's more sustainable to take short breaks every once in a while and oh, sleep! YES! There's nothing as recharging as sleeping 😊


lol! Yes, short breaks (or longer ones if needed) are key. Thanks for reading! Hope you get a good night's rest. :)

Thanks for this reminder! I'm super guilty. I got a few jobs here and there plus steemit. It can make me groggy and dizzy at times. ^^

I bet it can! Take care of you. So important. Hope you get some good rest tonight. :)

Yes, I will. Thankies ^^

YES Buddy. Take good care of yourself. If we want others to lean on us, we must be strong. Blessed reminders. I'm just learning YouAreHope, and a very nice momentum.

Yes, we must be strong for ourselves in order to be strong for others. And YES! You are HOPE is a fantastic initiative. Good to meet you! :)

Awww.... I loooove you my friend you care so very much and it goes both ways trust me 😘
I know I have a wheel that is turning and keeps turning in the wrong direction, lack of sleep, takes on to much on my day job to help others but forget myself in the process.
Never hesitate to help my friends and family but lately I have been like...... I can't do another...
But always ends up doing it again.
There it is again like battle said..... Say No 😉
I will kick myself in the right direction and change things cause it is well needed.
Home with a cold and fever now so time to start taking care of myself without feeling like a ego 😜 lol
Mabye yoga is something to try again... Lol
Have a wonderful day my amazing friend and stay as you are. Loves you 🤗💕💕

Take good care of yourself, sweet Sass! More sleep for starters. Yoga is also good. And, yes, sometimes we just have to say no, even when we want to say yes. ;) ((hugs))

Gotta take care of yourself. To many around or family never sleep! Lol

Yep. Easy to stay up with everyone on different time zones. Sleeeeeeep... It's a must! ;)

I enjoyed this. I found this from PYPT over on the Steemit Ramble.

Getting sleep is one of the things that my wife and I have tried to prioritize since she is an elementary school teacher. It's so important to get sleep. It's like there's a stigma against going to bed early among other people our age, but it's worth it when we feel great throughout the day.

Thanks for sharing these tips!

Making sleep a priority is so smart! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to respond. :)

You're welcome! I enjoyed hearing about this post on PYPT, so I'll be looking forward to more great blogs from you.

WOW. What an achievement Katrina. To be asleep by 9 pm is like a huge daydream for me. But one that I'd love to be a reality. You must have felt absolutely wonderful when you woke. Hense the wonderful uplifting energy you can feel in this article.

Fabulous reminder that we DO need to take care of ourselves in order to keep doing all the things that we love to do ~ Including but not exclusively connecting and sharing at Steemit.

I try to take regular breaks throughout the day but have to admit to staying up TOO late so that I can complete writing something. Getting better at acknowledging that 'I'm not going to finish this in 30 minutes so I may as well call it a day.'

Bye for now. Away to do some restorative yoga. Love all those supports. Will try. Usually just use the one bolster. 🦋

9pm bedtime is a rare thing for me. ;) You make some good points here. And, honestly, I don't do nearly enough restorative yoga. One bolster is lovely. Use what you've got!

So well said. Easy to get caught up in everything and before you know it, from the moment you're up in the morning until you fall asleep at night you're not paying attention to you.

Glad I caught this post off of one of @snook's posts :) I'm going to try and take some of your advice tonight and go to bed early.

Be well!

Hope you got some good sleep! Yes, you're so right, it's easy to get caught up all day long and forget about other, more important things. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Hey girl, thanks for the boost on some points to keep in mind, that pic looks super refreshing to be right in the waves of the ocean just being free...

be well

Thanks for reading! That photo shoot was amazing. But I tell you, it was a challenge trying to relax as the waves were coming in, the tide rising, and sometimes I'd get soaked! lol! So worth it. :)

It took me a while but I read and upvoted your post as promised and here's my comment! :D
First of all thanks for the mention !!!
I smiled at the part you're saying that you're always tired 'cause you're a mom hahaha!
Well written...we often forget the important stuff in life...
Ok, with sleep I never had problems :P
Nutrition....meh, ok in general. I hate exercise but I do my best as it is. I love yoga ! (oh that first photo, I wish I were there!!!)
And most importantly, self-care ...we forget that waaay to often, unfortunately... Thanks for the lovely reminder girl... Hugs :*

Thank you for taking the time to come by and comment! You're an inspiration, doing as much as you do to bring community together and encourage more women to come to Steemit. Keep being you! :)

Thank you for the kind words girl !
New things are coming for steemsugars soon.......stay tuned ;)))
And of course... Steem On!!! :D