30-Day No Alcohol Challenge!

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No Drinking For 30 Days!



Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and many Americans and Irish descendants around the world will be heavily consuming alcohol. Last year around this time, I was intoxicated walking around the streets of my city with my drinking “friends” who weren’t my true friends. Over this past year I have been committed to my fitness and health and have decided to heavily cut back on alcohol. However, every once in a while when I travel I will have a few too many drinks. This heavily throws me off of my lifting routine and hurts my progress. I have decided to embark on a 30 Day-No Alcohol Challenge off of alcohol. In the past month I have half a glass of red wine and 1 glass of beer a week ago when I was in San Francisco. Even drinking that little amount made me feel sluggish and a little lightheaded. I encourage you all to join the challenge with me after I share the benefits!

Healthy Skin:

Alcohol has a negative effect on one’s skin. It makes your face more red and bloated. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin, water is sucked out of your skin to deal with detoxifying the alcohol you put in your body. You’ll be more susceptible to having dark circles under your eyes and having acne breakouts – ewww gross nobody likes those! When you get off of alcohol, your body and face will be hydrated again – giving your skin that healthy glow that is so attractive!

The girl in this picture underwent a 30 day alcohol free challenge. This picture shows the before on the right, and after on the left. You can see the drastic difference in her glow!

Before and After Drinking.PNG


Alcohol and Sleep:

Alcohol is a depressant and has been known to interfere with your sleep patterns. Alcohol makes you drowsy and allows you to fall asleep quickly. This is due to adenosine (a sleep inducing chemical in the brain) that is released before you fall asleep, but it is soon reduced and can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. In addition to waking up, your bladder will be trying to excrete the toxins from alcohol and can cause nightly restroom runs. By doing so this is interfering with your natural circadian rhythm (natural sleep patterns every night).

The most noteworthy cause is by waking you up in the middle night you are destroying your REM sleep. This is the most important part of your sleep cycle where your body and mind does a majority of its healing. This is why after you wake up after a night of drinking you feel groggy and very weak. It is critical in order to have healthy sleep you must have REM sleep!



No More Hangovers – Be More Productive!:

We all know that dreaded feeling of waking up and just feeling like garbage! You lay in bed all day on Saturday dehydrated with a major headache. You consume as much water as you can and take ibuprofen. You read hangover cures on google – but they never work. Your hangover lasts until Saturday night. Then some people go out drinking and destroy their bodies all over again on Saturday night! Gross – you’re setting your health up for disaster!
Give up alcohol and you will be springing out of bed with a positive attitude and full of energy to tackle the next day. Before I had no energy, I would just lay in bed all day. Now on a typical Saturday get a great breakfast in. I go workout. I go over to my local college track and run a mile. I get several errands done and am able to meet up my friends for a nice dinner in the evening.



Extra Money In Your Bank Account:

We all know when we go out with friends we can certainty rack up a tab. I had a new friend who moved to my city a couple months ago and he was a big spend thrift. I never go out, but I gave in because he just moved here. He ended up matching me round for round when we went out. I ended up spending $80!! That’s a week or two of groceries! If you go out only once a weekend for an entire year and spend this much, you’re spending about $4,000! That’s incredible over 10 years that could be $40,000. If you go out 2 nights a weekend that could be $80,000 over 10 years! That could be a down payment on a house. Not only do you make poor financial decisions when you buy alcohol, you also spend money on expensive surge charge Ubers and crappy late night fast food loaded with bad carbohydrates that make you fat.

Stop spending this money on alcohol and invest in yourself – whether that be healthier food, a fitness membership, your stock and retirement account, or for a down payment for a house are all great options! You want to plan for your financial freedom.



Alcohol and Gym Gains:

In my previous article, Do Alcohol and Fitness Mix, I talk about alcohol and its negative effects on bodybuilding. To put it simply alcohol greatly hinders bodybuilding. It decreases your testosterone and increases your estrogen levels. You need testosterone for building muscle. It causes dehydration which impedes cellular repair and protein metabolism – the process for which your body converts amino acids into building muscle.

Alcohol makes you fat! Alcohol is full of “empty calories”, specifically 7 calories per gram. Alcohol is broken down into acetate in the body and since alcohol is a toxin, it is processed first before any thing else you eat. That is why the pancakes you eat after drinking or the dinner you had before will likely be stored as fat, due to the additional calories you in took from drinking. Only when you have a severe caloric deficit can you get away with drinking.

I suggest not drinking at all for the optimal body! I noticed when I drank in my past and was eating a lot of food to bulk up, a lot of that food was converted to fat because my body was breaking down alcohol.

Me in the gym getting a great workout in - I had great energy that day!


My Anecdotal Story:

Just because you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t hang out socially with people! I always order water with a lime in it, and I feel comfortable drinking that and that only. Most people will assume you are drinking an alcoholic beverage so you don’t have to tell them. Occasionally if people ask why you are drinking water you could tell a white lie that you are on a medication and you can’t drink. Or you can simply tell the truth and just say I am not drinking right now. The situation may feel awkward, but it’s the other people who always feel awkward. They question themselves and why they drink. Since I’ve mostly quit drinking over this past year, it has a had a positive effect on my friends! A few of them have quit or they don’t drink at all when they’re around me.


There are loads of people who don’t drink out there – you’d be surprised. Generally they don’t hang out at bars though! However one of my friends, let’s call him Jeff has never even had alcohol! He is in a fraternity as well and in college. He goes out to bars all the time with his friends and is sober, so he is able to look out for his friends! I’ve never seen him drink alcohol and one day I asked him why he doesn’t drink. I was curious if he didn’t do it because it was health related or his family had a history of alcohol abuse. Jeff told me he has never tried alcohol in his life and has no intention of it, even though plenty of his friends have. He asked me if I had ever tried a cigarette, I said “No.” Jeff replied, “See plenty of people smoke cigarettes, but you never have.” Jeff had a point, even if everyone does something it’s still relatively easy to choose not to do something. You just have to think for yourself and make the best choices for your life!


Now that I’ve explained the harm of drinking and the benefits that go with giving up alcohol I encourage you to go on a 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge! I have done it many times before. It really brings more energy, health, happiness, and wealth to your life! Humans don’t need to live with alcohol, and we are better off without it! I encourage you all to share your personal story with alcohol and what your current relationship is with it! Please comment and interact, let me know how your progress goes!

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Until Next Time...Best Regards

Fitness Guy


I stopped drinking almost entirely a few years back, for several reasons:

  1. Alcohol tends to give me migraines, which is SO the opposite feeling of what you want to get in the end...
  2. When I tried getting pregnant I gave up alcohol, and that took longer than expected - and then pregnancy, and then there's a baby... In short, my alcohol tolerance crashed to zero, I currently get "happy-drunk" from a half glass of wine.
  3. I realized that alcohol makes me less productive in my work, and as I'm a freelancer who work from home, I have no regular hours and shifts, and I tend to work in bits from morning to midnight. Drinking didn't help there.
  4. Apparently, when you hit 30, you lose some of your edge, and things you eat and drink affect you much more seriously, and never for the better, so it appears.

However, I won't accept the challenge, for the sole reason that my birthday is coming up, and I've earned that champagne glass (plus, I haven't drank alcohol in over a month now, so did I automatically win?). But I wish best of luck to all of you who do choose to take this challenge!

You're welcome to take a look at my profile, and follow if you like what you see :-)

I used to drink like most in my teens and early 20s but stopped completely about 4 -5 years ago. I got funny looks at first - Im from New Zealand where most people drink to some degree!

I feel so much more healthy - I cant imagine having a hangover now and wasting the whole day. I go to the gym also and I agree that it must make you sluggish and harder to have a productive workout.

After a couple of months I found I didnt even miss alcohol at all - like a long lost friend.

Thank you very much for sharing your story! Glad you stopped for 4-5 years, that's a real feat. Yes I can't either! Giving up alcohol enchances your willingness to workout. Alcohol is like a long lost friend - I like that. It's so true.

I still dont drink to this day - I see it as a 'fun thing I did' when I was younger - lots of great memories but thats all they are now. I look forward to seeing what you share on here. The main problem of mine is getting in enough calories - im the classic 'hard gainer'. Im not big on eating alot of food but it seems like you have to eat alot to grow.

Thanks for this post. Myself I didn't do alcohol until I was 18, seeing drunk teenagers is kind of sad sometimes. Now I am drinking occasionaly, during matches, weddings, bigger parties.

I don't need alcohol to have fun and what is more, that you pointed, not drinking have so much more advantages than disadvanteges! Feeling productive is for me the biggest of them.

Me neither didn't drink until I was 18! I feel we drink at weddings and parties because everyone else is doing it..Yes we had so much fun as kids and didn't drink. That means we don't need it!

consumption of alcohol is full of danger, smoke marijuana instead it has 114% more benefits than alcohol... Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety, Evidence to date suggests that marijuana could help to treat some mental health conditions... stay fit, stay healthy.... 😂😂😂

Yes I agree! There is a great argument for marijuana over alcohol. Personally neither is for me. To each their own. Depression and social anxiety are what I received from alcohol. Best to stay away from it! Thanks for the comment.

stay alcohol free, i haven't had any in my life, well said best to stay away... 😊👍

Good stuff. Me and my wife are about 2 weeks in alcohol free. Our attitudes and bank account are in a much better place.

I'm very happy to hear that! That's great you and your wife are both enjoying on this challenge together. I bet you are already feeling better. Set small goals. Yes, your bank account is probably looking a lot better!

Wow !!! Alcohol challenge !!!!!!!
Very interesting challenge....Alcohol gives us refreshment but anything extra is not good our health @jfitmisc

Yes it is an interesting challenge. If I get enough people on board, I may form a contest! I appreciate your support.

It is really a great initiative , it can save many lives. Even i can say if everyone on this world or i can day on this steem platform do this....it can be a life changing mantra for everyone...
It will help alot ..
Alcohol grades our lives ,health , wealth 😌, sleep & even affects our brain stem cells...
I support this post...

If we can help just a few people that could spread through the world or on this Steemit platform! Yes, it affects all of those. It pops brain cells. We need to inform and educate people of the damage they are doing to themselves!

People do understand but they have become more like ignorant ...more educated humans are more ignorant they have become....

jfitmisc, Great ideas and content. I am a social drinker so occasional glasses of wine or beer once a month. Though before kids, we were the party house and couple for weekend blasts. Upvoted followed and resteemed..

We people don't have the concept of alcohol. Our society doesn't approve of this and nor does my religion. So I'm alcohol free. Never ever tasted alcohol

never ever tasted alcohol

Seriously yes, never not even a single drop.

Well alcohol has very adverse effects, it should be stopped as soon as possible to remain fit

I've never had alcohol in my life.

Wow incredible, do you mind sharing your story?

There's nothing incredible ...
I just live in a place where it's not a norm to drink alcohol.

Ha wow. So interesting. In my society it is normal. Must be nice. I'm sure people are generally pretty healthy and productive?

Wow !!! Alcohol challenge !!!!!!!
Very interesting challenge. carry on.

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I think you could overcome this challenge! Too much drinking of Alcohol is not good for our body. Its side effects are not good and it's harmful to our health. Doing a healthy lifestyle gives us anew life.

Good luck with your detox. Great post.
Also depends on what you are drinking.
Red wine in moderation is great. Beer is terrible especially for men and their endocrine system!

Yes I agree beer is very bad for the endocrine system. Red wine apparently has some health benefits, but my mantra is nothing in moderation! I refuse to drink. Yes this has had a very detoxifying effect on me.

I quit drinking for Lent, but then I only drink one liter of beer a week so it is not the earth shaking life altering event that it is for some people.

I drank quite a lot at uni but for years now I rarely drink maybe 3 glasses of wine a month max. It really doesn't suit me at all to stay and feel healthy and I just don't feel any desire to drink or feel drunk anymore. The longer you do it the less you want to go back to old ways I think. My skin is probably better now than it was in my 20s we definitely can speed up ageing big time with bad lifestyle.

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There are a lot of benefits to cutting alcohol. Lets hope people take your advice.

Thanks for curating, and yes there are. I hope people will take my advice to improve their lives!

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