Steemit Weekly Health Challenge #10 Announcements

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Good morning Steemit!

This week was the last week in the 'classic' weekly Steemit Health Challenge. Next week we're going to start trying some new challenges out. Are there any health challenges that you think would be really fun to join in with? Let me know in the comments below!

This is still one of my favourite challenges because it gives such flexibility for different activities and creativity. It's a great way to become inspired about different activities to keep you fit and healthy!

The Winners this week!

Once again, our panel of judges and myself have looked through all of the entries and taken time to try and work out our favourites. Here you'll find the winners and also some honourable mentions! Without further ado, let's look at which entries came 1st, 2nd and 3rd this week.

1st Place wins 30 Steem

@glennoloa gets out on his bikes!


@glennolua shows us some amazing scenery that he saw on his road bike and on his mountain bike. The thing we loved about this post was the mix of beautiful natural scenery that inspires us all to go out and explore in nature on the bike, but also some of the technical data from the bike rides which show how you can enjoy activity by competing against yourself to become fitter and better. A great example!

2nd Place wins 10 Steem goes hiking and yoga in the woods is back again and posting some beautiful blogs for the challenge. The thing we loved was the additional videos that he provides to show the yoga practice that he enjoys to keep him active and shows you can do it anytime, anywhere. Here, in the beauty of nature, the practice of yoga looks so peaceful and relaxing - great entry once more!

3rd Place wins 5 Steem

@roselyn26 runs and gyms and yogas!


A lovely entry from @roselyn26 gives us lots of different ideas about staying active and healthy. This is a post about overcoming challenges and difficulties in life and staying active to help overcome those physical and mental challenges of stress and loss. The mix of photos, gifs and different activities was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing such personal stories with us all!

Honourable mentions

There were some great entries this week so I wanted to do a few shout outs to some of the other entries who also came close to winning.

It's very important that you go and support the honourable mentions each week. They could be you and your vote and your comments are very important to the content creators. You'll be massively inspired by their posts and can help build health in this community. @felixrodriguez has won more honourable mentions than anyone else in this challenge, he is a pure inspiration to all family men and I am always happy to see him making time to keep his family active. @kutrulaju presents us with a number of different activities that they enjoy to keep healthy and happy and I loved the inspiration for many different activities! Last but not least, @jacksartori tells us about how he used to stay fit and active before he got sick. I loved this post for its diversity and I hope you get well soon my friend!

Thank you to everyone who entered the challenge this week. Look out for next week's challenge that will be released tomorrow morning! Remember, every single week the challenge will be released on Monday and you'll have until 8am GMT on Sunday to submit your entries. Good luck Steemians!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben

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Thank you for choosing my post. I really appreciated it.

Thank you very much for the nomination for 1st place! Keep up the great job on inspiring people to become more health conscious with their eating habits and motivation to workout.

Congrats to all the winners!

Thank you for the second price guys! The scenery in @glennoloa’s post is just breathtaking. Santacruz California is such a beautiful place, how would I love to be there! Cruising through the dessert with the bike seems just perfect.

For the next challenge, how about introducing some regular practice? You know, nothing fancy, maybe a short plankhold on three different days with some proof of the day to encourage the habit of consistency?

Great initiative to get people move. I just started Steemit but my blog will have a lot of posts related to outdoor activities, mostly trail running and hiking - you can check my latest post.

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