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Let me start by saying this is a bit of a long read, but it's something I am truly passionate about so bare with me. Also this post is to introduce my idea, gain awareness and earn credibility. For these reasons I am offering free programming to those who want it while this post is active. - thanks

Products and Services on Steemit

The idea of bringing mainstream products to Steemit is something that has intrigued me for a while now. Having actual products and services available to the Steemit community through the platform, and available for purchase with STEEM and SBD is something that I would love to see more of.

The benefit of operating a business on Steemit is that we can create our own economy around product value and easily complete transactions though the use of cryptocurrency without having to worry about signing up for unwanted fees or giving out personal details.

With that being said,

I have decided to make one of the most widely disseminated products on the internet available for exchange here, for all you Steemians - online fitness training programs. I have no idea whether there is a viable market for programs on Steemit and if anyone would even use them, but I believe I can offer something of value for minimal cost.

Training Programs

The fitness industry has to be one of the fastest growing industries in many parts of the western world. People are becoming more and more conscious about their health, fitness, and the way they look. Everyday dozens of new "fitness personalities" are popping up on youtube and instagram promising the "real truths" to getting in shape and having a ripped set of abs. My concern is, that they are deceiving their audience with image filters and video editing, and cashing in on people's inexperience and insecurities.

The simple business model used to sell training programs currently looks like this:

  1. Build an online following centred around your perfect model physique.
  2. Suggest that anyone can look like you if they follow your "expert advice".
  3. Omit the truth about steroids, lighting, filters, godlike genetics, and the fact you workout for a living.
  4. Create and sell poor quality/overpriced workout plans that promise unobtainable results, to your naive fan base.

I use to be confused as to why anyone would purchase an online training program. I for one, started working out in my mid-teens, played sport my entire childhood and have a degree in health science so it feels like I never had to learn how to train, it has just always been something i've known how to do.

However.. after observing people online and in public gyms, and having had numerous people approach me about working out when i'm at work, university, or in the gym itself; I have come to realise that a little bit of guidance can go a long way in helping people learn how to train properly.

The Secret About Training!!!!

Here it is people.
In reality just about every training program or style of training works. Of course training optimisation and nuances in technique and intensity exist, but for 99% of gym goers who train 3-5 times a week and who aren't elite athletes, the benefit of these things is negligible. Time and time again it has been proven that adherence to training is far more important than the content of a training program.

Less important is what you do, and more important is that you do it consistently.

I have seen countless personal trainers who think they are experts in training after a 6 week course, focus too much on the minor details of training and the implementation of various tips and tricks. They are no different than any gym bro teaching their protégé how to get jacked, without being jacked themselves.

These minor details such as; rep duration, grip variation, technique tweaks, supplementation, exercise order etc. are hardly transferrable anyway since they vary in effectiveness from person to person.

Focus on the Big Picture

The best training design is one you have taught yourself. If you want to see long term beneficial results in the gym and actually enjoy your training, then you must educate yourself on the different types of training. Reading things online and observing others in the gym and then experimenting with these ideas is the best way to find out what you like doing and what works best for you.

Paying attention to major details such as: Intensity, training volume, frequency, progressive overload, calories etc. will better equip you to teach yourself and others how to train more effectively.

So if you're better off teaching yourself what is this whole post about???

What I Offer to You

It pains me to see newbies at the gym train week in week out with little to show for it, when I know I could set them straight with less than an hour of tutelage. It is, however, not my place to interject as I know a younger version of myself wouldn't take kindly to the advice.

While I told you that just about every training program or style of training works, this is only the case if the fundamentals or the major details of training are applied first.

You can't teach yourself to read unless you've learnt the alphabet first.

Here is where my Training Programs can be of use to you.

PVT Program - Periodic Variation Training Program

I'm not saying this is the best program on the market and I can't promise you results... It is damn good though. What makes this program good? Instead of relying on one style of training, PVT incorporates power/strength training, sheer volume hypertrophy training and good old fashioned gym training. By training with such variation you'll learn how your body responds to different styles of training and equip yourself with a broad range of techniques to enhance your future training. All while improving multiple facets of your physique and performance. PVT can be completed by people of all abilities but is better suited to those with some training experience.

  • 12 week PVT Program
  • Learn and Experience multiple quality training variations
  • Help bring your training to a new level

Individual Assessment & Personalised Training Program

This package is tailored to beginners as it will help you get started and develop the foundations of training needed for long term success and basic knowledge to be able to start teaching yourself. This package is suited to anyone with a specific goal in mind, be it building muscle, getting stronger, or losing weight.

  • Fill out a survey to gage your; goals, fitness level; training schedule; injury inhibitions etc
  • I will then create a personalised 8 week program for you to follow
  • This program doesn't promise you'll hit all your goals, it is after all only 8 weeks. It will however establish your beginning training direction and provide insight into focus points for life long training.

The Business

My plan is to retail these programs here on steemit. As I mentioned in at the beginning of this post, I am offering the Individual Assessment & Personalised Training Program free to those who ask for the duration of this post. This is to build a community and prove credibility. The PVT program is also available but at regular cost. I think my prices are fair and reasonable, considering similar products often cost over $100. The normal prices of my programs are listed below.

PVT Program10 SBD
Individual Assessment & Personalised Training Program15 SBD

How Transactions will Work

To request a program send an email to:

[email protected]

Make sure you outline which program you want and your steemit username.

I will then respond with a transaction code. Simply send the program cost in SBD to my account with the transaction code as the memo.

Note: I only need your email as a place to send the program, it will not be added to any list. If you prefer you can contact me on discord. If you are able I am open to accepting an Upvote to the value of the programs cost as payment, simply outline this in your email.

Free Benefits

As stated you can send me an email or message me on discord and I will design you a Individual Assessment & Personalised Training Program for free this week.

If you're not up for buying a program then feel free to join my discord: Invite Link

The Discord can be used to ask any questions about diet, exercise, supplements or programs. I will be there to answer questions and you can discuss them with other members. The discord can also be used to share health related posts with people in the community.

Additionally make sure you give me @healthiest a follow as I will post regularly about health, nutrition, and training.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


Steemit: @healthiest

Personal Steemit Account: @benzene

~ Thanks ~


This is really how blockchains should work, stepping away from mainsteam ways of doing business and fiat currency as we decentralise and splinter off into our own communities. Great idea.

Thanks for the support mate. I hope many idea like mine take off

welcome to steemit community @healthiest

thanks ringku

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Interesting Post! You are totally right, there are many training programs out there and the usual person looking for a training plan will benefit from most programs. In other words, consistency is key! However, my biggest concern with online training programs has always been the assessment. In my opinion, it is important to check for possible asymmetries and dysbalances before you design a suitable program. Doing such assessments online is quite challenging. That's why I believe high-quality​ personal training and coaching is better done offline.