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Corruption, inflation, deficient law and order, maladministration, poor governance, these are not the tragedy. The tragedy is, the victim of an accident or a rape or of any kind on the road suffering from grievous injury and severe pain, begging for their life but despite the fact that the victim was encircled by dozens of spectator who witness their deteriorating health, discuss over it and the most mortifying act they do these days is clicking their photograph and upload it on social networking sites without providing any assistance to them (in many cases we have seen that people even do not bother to cover-up the body of the rape victims). At last in the absence of timely medical assistance in most of the cases they succumb to death and fall victim of inhumanity.

Perhaps, we are not human beings, we are spectators. We are outcrying and vociferate for the people who are there across the ocean, we did protest for asafa, Nirbhaya etc we do condemn rape, we do objurgate crimes against women and we do candle light march from India gate to gate way of India. We do protest on road against govt. to provide such victims with justice but we never provide a helping hand to such victims when they need it the most.
They(victims) do not want our protest, our objurgation and our candle light march, they just want our timely support and help when they are in need of it. We can stop crimes, we can save lives, come forward, give help on time and Raise the standard of HUMANITY.


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We are now machines, technology has taken this world to next level. Great article.

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yes we are machine,latest technology have taken human place.machine is made very easy and fast.

great article man, this is how human race i going through.

Brother i appreciate your thinking but when well make change in ourself we cannot change the society. we had to start from ourself then our home, relatives , neighbours and then in our surroundings to change the society. if every one will think like this and start it we can change the whole country or world.

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we are now no more human beings we have become a machine . Every one is busy in their life style and no one interested to help other

I do agree with you bro.

bro you are right but we are the ones who only talk about it on social network but do nothing practically. May be we are use to of seeing all this. I appreciate your effort here lets just make group practically in our society for this conversation.

I do agree with you bro. I have encountered with alike situation but I didn’t run away. I was there since inception to the end. I’ll post it on steemit. The true story.

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We will bring the change.

if we think it is difficult to bring change we can never ever do it.

be positive & hope for the best.

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Great article man, I agree that the one who is the victim of all this can only understand how they feel. I will tell youy a short story. I live in Noida and am a teenager. My friendhangout a lot and yesterday 2 of my friend's phone were taken away. We were forced to give the phones.
There is hardly humanity left on this planet, I hope everything turns back to how it was. Thanks for this wonderful article!

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The people running the government or the policemen protecting law of land comes from the very community where the dark mindset thrives...it is the duty of each and every respected citizen to make sure that the change first comes within us...
As quoted by M.K GANDHI "Be the change you want to see in others"
CHEERS steemit community ☺☺😎👍👍

yaa bro ,,, in todays world everybody is becoming selfish day by day