Don't Blame The Fat For What The Sugar Did

in health •  2 months ago

You can find a growing number of health and wellness experts around today who have been working on perpetuating the idea that we've been misinformed about fat for decades.

The high-fat, low carb diet is one of the fastest growing trends right now, it's considered to be one of, if not the most popular diet at the moment, followed by the interval eating diet (intermittent fasting), and others.

You can also find a number of doctors today who also claim to be following this diet themselves, who've also asserted that it's a lifestyle they recommend to their patients too.

Those who follow the high-fat diet will often consume a variety of healthy fats such as coconut oil, nuts, grass-fed dairy products, olive oil, avocados, and fish. Why do they consume so much fat? Because it's their fuel.

Eating fat to burn fat?

You might be surprised to find out that someone who is consuming a high-fat, low-carb diet, might be capable of shedding the pounds, but there have been many success stories that have circulated telling such a tale.

More recently, a new report suggests that sugar might be more likely to influence weight gain than high-fat foods.

The evidence is growing which continues to suggest that we should be more concerned with sugar than we are with fat.

Previously, researchers have discovered, after looking at people with low-fat vs low-carb diets, that those with low-fat diets were more likely to die because the high-carb consumption was seen to be linked to a higher risk of mortality.

Surprisingly, they saw that total fat and individual types of fat were linked with a lower mortality rate. They also didn't observe total fats or types of fat to be associated with cardiovascular disease either, which is a common concern when it comes to consuming either healthy or unhealthy fats.

Based on the results from the recent study, researchers have even suggested that global dietary guidelines be revised. And this isn't the first time that doctors have sought to try and influence formal food guidelines that are still perpetuating outdated misinformation about carbs and fats.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Sugar is a drug;)
When I stopped to eat it, I could enjoy the real taste of all products.


And we can see the result also from your avatar photo.


I hope it's not sarcasm?
and no, I never was fat.


No, I mean it.

fat is the hardest thing for the body to turn into fat
sugars are the easiest thing for the body to turn into fat.

Unfortunately, we also seem to put toxins into fat cells... and so, strict, meat, veg, fats, sugars aren't the whole story.

But, what i have seen is that really obese people do not eat enough. Oh they eat lots of popcorn, chips and diet sodas, but the only real food they have in a day is two corn dogs.


This is why I'm super skeptical about nutrition research. I've heard about these diet guidelines before and they seem plausible especially in comparison to the standard protein, carb, and fat guidelines touted by your local government bureaucrat, but nutrition is still something that heavily varies depending on the individual. It seems to me that it's probably gonna take awhile before we can get any definitive verdict on optimal nutrition from the scientific community. If we ever can.

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The good fats also help reduce your cholesterol. Everyone you mentioned up above is recommended for people that have cholestol issues. Over the past few years bad eating mixed with bad genetics, I get recommended eating more of those almost every 6 months to a year when I get a check up.


Cholesterol is just another myth.


Then what numbers are they giving me after I get a blood test for cholesterol and fast 12 hours before ><. LOL big pharma just stealing more of my money I guess.


Cholesterol level in blood is not connected with the one you get with food. It's more of an indicator of some kind of inflammation in the body.
When your cars engine light turns on you need to check the engine. You don't solve the problem by taking the warning bulb out.
But don't listen to me please, I'm not the doctor. You can do your own research and you'll find a lot of interesting stuff.
The only thing which is 100% true is about the big pharma.
They want your money for sure!

I can vouch for this, I was on a high fat high protein low carb diet and I shreeded fat like there was no tomorrow! I felt really healthy. I would only recommend someone to eat carbs after workout, after workout everyone can go crazy on good carbs without feeling any worries.

Fats aren't responsible for people being fat or unhealthy, carbs and insulin are!




are you still following that approach?


Atm I'm taking a rest from working out but as soon as I get back to it I'll go back to my high fat high protein and carb backloading after working out with intermittent fasting in the mix, I tried all the diets and this is the only one that I saw results day after day

360 Degree U-turn. Right?
Maybe one day even flat earth will become reality, hehe.

It's not easy to quit sugar as some research indicate that they were more potent and addictive compared to morphine. Nevertheless, a low carb diet has been prescribed as treatment by lots of doctors in the early 18 and 19 century for people. I'm not sure why our nutritional recommendation nowadays suggested a different approach to this sugar issue.