Dozens of Doctors Pen Letter Over Misinformation Relating To High-Fat Diets

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There has been a growing trend over the last several years that has seen more people turn toward looking to consume a low-carb, high-fat diet.

This low-carb, high-fat diet is also commonly referred to as the ketogenic diet or the keto diet.

Along with the increase in interest surrounding this diet there has also been an uptick in warnings from nutritionists and other healthcare professionals who have warned that consuming such a diet would be vastly detrimental to your health.


Not every healthcare professional agrees however and recently dozens of them took to signing a letter that issues warning over the misinformation that we might be hearing in regards to consuming a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Dozens of the doctors who signed the letter not only advocate for such a diet but many allege that they themselves live by such a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle.

They insist that the high-fat diet isn't any sort of fad but it's a diet that has been consumed for thousands of years by humans around the world. It's only for the past few decades that we have been consuming a lot more carbohydrates in our diets. And might it be any coincidence that we now see an epidemic of digestive-related illnesses in many countries? Perhaps...

Physicians admit that not only do they consume this sort of high-fat diet lifestyle for themselves but they admit that they have also recommended it to patients. Many might turn to this diet for weight-loss purposes but doctors insist that there is other benefits that can come from this sort of diet as well.

It's alleged that this lifestyle/way of eating can help to improve hypertension, reduce chronic pain symptoms, reverse chronic disease, and more.

After they have put their patients on these sorts of high-fat, low-carb diets, they have allegedly seen their IBS symptoms improve, sleep improve, weight decrease, inflammation improve, energy increase, and more.

They suggest that natural fats like olives, butter, coconut etc, are more optimal for consumption. Not only that but they also allege that they are able to successfully perform and feel at their optimal and healthiest level when consuming only 20 to 50 grams of carbs daily.

Not only do they argue that people can perform efficiently on this diet but they also allege that this low-carb diet doesn't create any sort of nutritional deficiency but rather they have seen the exact opposite of that.

In their recently released letter, they affirm that they hope to work with nutritionists and dieticians to collectively educate the public on trying to reduce carbs in the lives of many. They also think that by making the decision to drastically reduce carbs, that many people might also be able to eliminate a great deal of their medications.


The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at age 40 and was not able to get it under control by following the "standard of care" pushed by most doctors, which is, of course, prescribing drugs and treating it as a "progressive" illness.

I hated the drugs they gave me, the diet they wanted me to follow sucked, and I was slowly getting worse instead of better.

I adopted an LCHF diet along with a green juicing and rigorous exercise plan and within 2 weeks my blood sugar levels returned to normal and I began feeling better.

Two years on I feel better than I have in 10 years and I am the healthiest I've been since I was in my twenties.

The bottom line - the pharmaceutical companies want to keep you on drugs and keep you sick. DON'T LET THEM! Take control of your illness and don't listen to somebody just because they have the letters "MD" after their name!

I had similar great results even when my dr. was not on board I went full steam ahead and now am feeling 15 years younger!!!!

Most doctors won't be on board. They follow the recommended course of treatment which is to prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms instead of proactively changing your lifestyle to reverse the syndrome. I call it a "syndrome" because I'm convinced it's not a disease. A disease usually can't be cured. Diabetes has a cure but the pharmaceutical companies don't want you knowing about it because they make HUGE money from diabetes drugs and all of the complications that go along with staying diabetic.

I don't consider myself to be diabetic anymore since my A1C levels have been below 5.0 for the last two years.

That is actually better than most people who are not diabetic.

The whole reason for the diabetes epidemic comes from how we are told we should eat, which is completely wrong.

If people knew what to eat and how to eat, along with how to get the proper amount of exercise and sleep, hardly anyone would have the diabetic condition.

Thank You DiV 4 sharing this information...

This diet actually works and am living proof that it works.

Am 6'1", weigh about 165 lbs. and get relatively little excercise and in my 60's.

My preferred way to eat a high fat diet is in the form of raw eggs.

BEFORE everyone says Eck !!, "I could never eat raw eggs"... be open enough to try it some time.

You'll find out it actually tastes great in a large glass mixed in with your favorite juice AND you will actually feel the rush of protein & fat going directly into your bloodstream because raw eggs are very quickly assimulated...

Body Builders, Olympians and professional athletes have been eating raw eggs for many decades with excellent results.

In my non-professional opinion, the reason there are so many Fat & Obese people, especially in the USA is because there are so many processed foods now that are "Reduced Fat"...

THIS is Why People are gaining & storing FAT... because the Body NEEDS FAT and if it doesn't get natural fats, then it starts storing fat in the body.

Other sources of Natural Fat I use are natural, real butter, coconut oil and occassionaly half & half milk when I notice too much weight accumulating around my stomach.

Thanks Again DiV 4 sharing Your knownledge AND wisdom...

Cheers !!

Great post my friend !! Im not a dieting type of person my but I do try to eat good home cooked meals instead of going out ! This way of eating sounds good to me , I mean each person has their own issues ! If it works , go for it !! Upped and resteemed into my @momskitchen blog for add some variety in my all food and drinks blog !! Great job @doitvoluntarily ! 👍👍👍✌💕

thank you for your feedback @momskitchen ! :) always apprec you taking the time to stop by and check out my posts!

Your very welcome ! I try as best as I can , haha just been very busy since returning to work , at least I can blog in between my hourly patrols there when the internet is coming in good !! Thanks as well for your awesome support !👍✌💕

Awesome post buddy
I followed you and now resteemed and upvoted
Plz support me bro!!!

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As with all diets, find out if it works for you.
Me, personally, I die on this diet. But, I am seemingly rare body type.

What I have learned from watching friends on this diet is that it works really well. The number one important thing is consuming good fats. McDs fats will kill you.

Your kidneys are made up almost entirely of fat. And your body cannot tell if it is a good fat or a bad fat. Your kidney gets slowly replaced by the fats you consume. So, bad fat equals bad blood cleansing and leads to poor health.

Also, on a high fat, low carb diet, do not forget that you are going to be eating lots of vegetables.

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Nice post mate. Youre way of writing is inspiring

Have a fat died? DOne and Done. Best Idea I have hard all week thanks!

I'm on a high fat, high carb diet. It makes me fat but it's so delicious

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I started the keto diet and after a couple of weeks felt a lot better in every way, however...after eating lots of cheese and various red meats, my cholesterol shot up to a very high level (apparently high cholesterol is inherent in my family from my mother's side).
So, I slightly altered the diet to that of keto-vegan which still embraces the low to no carbs.
I remain a very healthy weight, have lots of energy, have far better focus, my skin looks so clear.....but best of all is that whereas I suffered 24/7 constant pain from rheumatism, arthritis, the inflammation that goes with that, and bloating often with stomach pain......all has almost gone!
I also use cbd oil for pain, but the inflammation has mostly gone due to my keto-vegan diet.
Cutting the carbs to almost zero changed everything, no more bloating, cramps, no more nausea. No more lethargy.
I genuinely feel far healthier. It is difficult at first as the body adjusts to losing the sugars etc and for a while I felt hungry a lot, but now I have no cravings whatsoever.
I am appalled at the amount of sugar and carbs that are in the majority of prepared foods. So another big plus is that my food is all fresh and natural.

My husband and I quit smoking, and as the pounds began to add up, we tried the keto diet. We no longer consider it "a diet" but just the way we eat.

I always envied people who can sit on a diet. I don't have enough willpower. Important not to overdo it. Quite informative article. Good luck to everyone

I have been on the low-carb diet for a long time - limited to fruits and dairy - and I've never felt better. In fact, my blood work is even better as EVERYTHING improved (LDL, triglycerides, cholesterol). And whenever I eat too much carb, I feel lethargic.

This is a great blog to help me keep up with some heath tips! its awesome. Health is wealth.


Certainly fats are also necessary. Avoiding them totally is not a great idea.

I used to be 19.5 Stone (273 lbs, 124kg). I switched to LCHF and 9 months later I was 12.5 Stone (175 lbs, 79kg). I've kept to it and have kept the weight off for 4 years so far.

What said above is true. They did a study where a few people ate 5000 calories of fat only per day and managed to lose weight. If you ate 5000 calories of carbs a day, you'd be obese.

Well written and informative. I to follow this lifestyle and wish more people would too.

Thanks for a great post !


Generally better for most of us brought up on standard Western diets, and for those of us that use a lot more brain-energy than body-energy.

I’m still always going to treat every person on a case-by-case basis when it comes to advising dietary measures or changes.

From a Taoist Medicine perspective, climate also plays a factor as well as individual constitution.

Great article mate!

Thanks for your post. I follow the recommendations of the Weston Price foundation.
My diet is very high in fat and my cholesterol is benefiting from it.

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