#HAYRUNNERS Fundraiser - Almost Half Way to Our Goal of Sponsoring a Burrumbuttock Truck - We Need Your Help to Get There!

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This is a #hayrunners post. All liquid post rewards for this post will be donated to the @teamaustralia #hayrunners fundraising drive.

We're about 2 weeks into our #hayrunners fundraising appeal here on the STEEM blockchain, and almost half way to sponsoring our first truck in the next Burrumbuttock Hey Runners run, deep into drought affected areas of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. Support so far has been great, but we need even more community involvement if we are to reach our goal of 2000 STEEM (approx. $2500 AUD) with STEEM at its current price of about $1 USD. That is what is will cost to sponsor fuel for a truck load of donated hay to reach an area in need of drought relief assistance.


The next run takes place in January 2019, and our target is one truck. But why stop there! Let's see how well the community can get behind this project, and help us do somehthing good in the real world. We need your help to do this, and get as many trucks sponsored as possible, with a big STEEM banner draped across each of them to demonstrate the power of the STEEM community in action. Together we can do this!

So, how can you get involved: It's really easy. Here are some ideas...


@jk6276 is running a raffle for 0.2 STEEM per ticket, with some nice prizes to be won. Check it out here, and grab yourselves a couple of tickets.
Here are the prizes for @jk6276's raffle:


It would be great to get a few more sponsors on board to donate prizes, or even run a few raffles over the next few weeks to help with the fundraising efforts.

Supporting #hayrunners Posts

As part of the #hayrunners fundraiser, one of the easiest ways to support the project is to support posts which will have their liquid rewards donated. Every little bit of support adds up, and no contribution is too small. A small upvote, direct donation to @teamaustralia, or a resteem helps to get us to where we need to be.

Here are a few current posts which you can support if you like:

@kaelci - Supporting #HAYRUNNERS + A Cute Kid

@quochuy - ULOG 071 - Relaxing at The Entrance & Hayrunners Fundraiser to help Australian farmers via ULOG

Donate Rewards From One of Your Own Posts

If you like, you could jump on board and donate the liquid rewards from one of your own posts. It doesn't have to be #hayrunners specific. You could post about almost anything, but just use the #hayrunners tag so we can find your post and support it. Every little bit of support adds up, and no contribution is too small. A small upvote, direct donation to @teamaustralia, or a resteem helps to get us to where we need to be.

Help us make a difference to the lives of those in the drought affected farming communities of Australia. Support the #hayrunners drought relief appeal.

Thanks to all those who have supported the #hayrunners fundraiser so far. Your support is greatly appreciated.

This is a #hayrunners post

All liquid post rewards for posts I publish using the #hayrunners tag, including this one will be donated to the @teamaustralia #hayrunners fundraising drive.

#hayrunners banner dsigned by @bearone

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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Cant believe were halfway there! I gotta transfer some funds over today so thats a little bit in the kitty.


There was quite a good savings balance before we started, but we're doing alright. It would be nice to get the truck sponsored, and still have some savings for the next project we get behind :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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