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#teamaustralia is running a fundraising drive to gather at least $2,500 worth of STEEM to sponsor a truck in the next Burrumbuttok Hay Run. There have been a few posts about what is happening around Australia, but basically our farmers are doing it tough, with large parts of the country in severe drought. The #hayrunners is a farmer organised drive where farmers that can donate Hay for feed to farmers in affected areas. The fundraising is to provide fuel and a sponsorship banner for the truck (or trucks if we can raise more)

website for more info

hayrunners banner.png

As part of this effort I am Launching with this post a raffle to raise some STEEM for the cause.

Tickets in the raffle will cost 0.20 STEEM each. Please mention in your memo #hayrunners or raffle tickets or something to identify the transaction. You can buy as many tickets as you like. All funds sent to me for raffle tickets will be put into savings here for visibility. Liquid payouts from all Posts about this raffle and my posts with the Hayrunners hashtag will be added to the account. Once the competition is over, all funds raised will be transferred to @teamaustralia.


Thank you to these fantastic sponsors. If anyone else would like to sponsor more prizes, please let me know. Whether it be SBI shares, meaningful upvotes, SP delegations, Steemmonsters or whatever you have to offer, more prizes would help the cause greatly.

To enter simply send 0.20 STEEM to me for your tickets. I will maintain an up to date list of entries on this post through regular edits.

If you would like to support the cause without buying tickets, donations will also be accepted. If you are sending a donation, please mention in the memo.

Liquid payouts from this post will go to @teamaustralia for the #hayrunners appeal.

Banner thanks to @bearone. If you see this banner, your vote will support the cause.

Thank You for Supporting a worthy cause.


Ticket Sales

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What a great idea @jk6276 and thank you for organising this.

Huge hugs to you G & Q! What an amazing team effort.



Thanks for your support and encouragement. Happy to help a most worthy cause.

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Nice going mate!! Put me down for 10 ticket. 2 Steem has been sent.

Thanks to everyone who donated towards this one!


I appreciate the support and thank you for kicking of the ticket sales.

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Have resteemed and sent you 1 STEEM for the raffle! :D


Thanks heaps for your support.

Way to go. Sending you one Steem for the raffle in a sec

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Oh, wow sorry! My brain didn't quite process the STEEM vs SBD difference.


Yes there is a bit of a gap. I rounded it up after converting to steem. If you would prefer i can refund the difference instead. Up to you.

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nah, just sent you a little extra to compensate for the 6 tickets. keep the change so to speak!


Thanks heaps for your support.

Upvoted, resteemed and entered. Excellent work. I'm sure it's very much appreciated


Thanks for helping out with a ticket and resteem. Much appreciated.